crank up the old vitrola
david badgerow
david badgerow
Oct 27, 2011

crank up the old vitrola
and play me something ancient
let the static sing
us to sleep
let patti smith
kill us slowly with her blues

crank up the old vitrola
we can cram love poems
into empty wine jugs
and roll them down the street

crank up the old vitrola
as all hope dies and
the chorus repeats

crank up the old vitrola
i've got time to kill
and a lover to love

crank up the old vitrola
we've got nine more bottles
to drink
before sunrise
nine more poems
to write
before we close our eyes

We crank bones, we strip
Shayla V
Jul 10, 2012

We crank bones, we strip
strips of skin,
running meter sprints in the tracks
of our veins,
powering our fuel to fuck.
We do the generation shuffle.
We sing.
Our bare feet make blood brother bonds
with the linoleum, the carpet unraveling.
There's lockjaw in our spine,
each squirming vertebrae kissing the next,
stiff and bothered,
tonguing for freedom.
No better words exist beyond these
hollowed trunks, we say.
We say the journey isn't enough until our
toes are weathered stubs.
I've got a spare skeleton for you too,
We do the Saint Michael march.

[12th grade? 2007]
Kate Lion
Kate Lion
Jun 8, 2015

i wanted to troll you
rummage through that closed mouth and find the feelings you forgot to floss from between your teeth

how was i to know
it "wasn't serious"?

you told me that you ached to call me yours--
and then you hung up.

Sep 30, 2015

Am I the only one?
To yearn for the thrill.
To want the buzz.
To feel the need to soar,
Up so high,
Landing higher then cloud 9.
To want to be surrounded,
Snowy powder,
Smoky rooms,
Liquid courage,
Loud music bumping in my ears.
People become a sea,
Morals gone.
Happiness found.

#alcohol   #drugs   #dancing   #smoke   #weed   #meth   #crank  

yet the older I get
the younger I feel.
I peel away time because
I feel that it's mine to do with
as I wish.

If I close my eyes real tight and imagine
the night is as young as I feel,
and this day is as real as it can possibly get,
older yet
set in my ways and only as young as the
length of my days.
I go on
getting older.

Infamous one
Infamous one
Mar 11, 2013

Why do ppl want who they can't have
And reject the ones whom want them
human behavior amazes the eyes by others actions
Shocks the ears by the words utter by the mysterious
Most say one thing but do oppose
Or contradict themselves by saying
"I would never"
Sometimes you want to say something but it's never anyone's job but the persons to be responsible or do the right thing
Questions bubble in the mind
Why or how come that person is given more opportunity after man screw up.
Others walk eggshells and follow rules still come up short

Irene S
Feb 23, 2010

You may be the subject
You be the cause of the effect

"What do you read, my lord?"
"Words, words, words."

They sound together,
fall trippingly [off] the tongue
but not for you
When I my laptop collapse,
when I this file save
you are not required.
Dear muse,
she'll tease you and haunt you
and fill your bed a while
Don't think I'd leave my muse for you
Don't think a single poet would
Don't think these words haven't been played,written, written
written to Death
And they'll be wrote
(again, again)
till He is our

Break me, break me
Tear me down
Hurt me, hurt me
Rip me up good
Just like I knew
You always would
Cut me, cut me
Watch me bleed
Pour salt in my wounds
Pretty please
Make it sting
Don't stop, don't stop
Get in there deep
Rub it in
Watch me bleed
Slice me, slice me
Split my heart open wide
You know all the painful ways
Most of which
You've already tried
No use in begging
I've tried to plead
No use, no use
Might as well
Just watch me bleed
Break this mirror
If you must
Use the glass shards
To cut me more
Crack me, crack me
If you please
But without the mirror
How could you
Watch me bleed?

Jul 25, 2013

&last; night was the first time i had faith
in anybody in a long time (maybe because it's easy to breathe
when you're speeding down back streets
and i only just then realized that i'd been
held under too long)

(maybe it had something to do with the way
your hands glided over the wheel like you could care less
about where we were going or when we would come back)

(maybe it was the way you promised that there would be a
next time)

(maybe it was just you)

last night my friend rescued me and two other of us from sitting outside a church for an hour and he took us around town in his truck and we blasted the music and when the chorus hit we all chanted 'have faith in me' and it was really funny because it was like for that hour i realized that i'd been feeling suffocated for a ridiculously long time. and it's like when i used to swim, and at meets in the long events that one little breath was like the weight of the world being lifted off your shoulders, even if just for a second, but that was all you needed to reassure you that you weren't actually gonna die and even if the end of the race seemed really far away you had enough in you to keep going because just imagine finishing strong, even if it hurts, and the way that first breath feels at the end is like the best feeling in the world.
Scot Powers
Scot Powers
Jan 29, 2013

stumbling blind
through the hallways of my years
wasting time,grinding my gears
got to suffer
seems it's the only way
to make the effort
seem worth the pain

Stand back
take a look at what you see
drives you crazy,your so naive
all your troubles
you can add them to my list
my plate is full ,but I'll get another dish

You know who speaks the truth
don't forsake your entire youth
stand up by yourself and you will find the way
as the shepherd
leads the fools away

Barren wastelands
are the landscape of your mind
no more goals
no mountains to climb
treading water in a sea of misery
keep your head out of the endless waves

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