In a world amongst the untrue, the wrongful, the two-faced; pseudo reality is taunting at humankind insolently.

To have faith, to be hopeful, to believe; only for them to trash and scatter what you've been believing in.

The betrayed, the deceived, the deceitful; carelessly and mercilessly succumbed upon their sins. Arrogantly looming upon all, unknowing and forgetful of those who sang prayers at dawn for them.

The smiles, the tears, the two-faced; o' the mighty entities everyone praised, not even Judas would have the nerve. It's a shame humankind is a fool; easily played and toyed with.

The denial, the anger, the bargaining, the depression, the acceptance; five stages of grief that I learned, only to know that I could never master.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. The body is hollow, and the soul is in sorrow.

Why did you do that?
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dixie krause
dixie krause
19 hours ago

“sweet, you can’t ignore this fact.
there isn’t an enough amount for us to tell you how much of the truth exists.”
“but i still have hope.
i have hope for someone who i know will never be mine —
but i have hope.”
for your heart will shatter.
he is here.
he will not break your heart.
do not deny his love for you.”

2 days ago

I'm in denial of my days death
the day in your eyes,
now all I see are your whites
but no light, there's no light

- Kaya

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ecstatic emotions overflow within,
raging intense waves of various colors,
invalidate my dull world and chagrin.
never have I felt such horrors!

like prickly throns of a rose,
your name gives me a tingly sensation.
like a deadly flatline motion,
expressed within a heart rate monitor.

realizations shower me like the arctic glaciers,
obliterating my body, crushed beneath the ice.
myopically, my vision blurs as you move farther,
asphyxiation sets in within my cold jealousy.

I don't know how to feel. Sometimes I'm as chill as ice, yet sometimes I seem to be frozen in place with a dying heart.

Jesus told me
That I don't need to think for myself.
Jesus told me
That What happens to the Earth
Is immaterial
Jesus told me
That my own experiences and perceptions
Mean NOTHING.....
There is an Absolute Reality
More significant
Than the reality
We witness in life
Only Christ is
Is real.
Jesus told me
And all who do not believe in Him
Are going to Hell.

This evening I blew up at an White, Christian Fundamentalist, Trump Supporter on Denver's !6 Street Mall.|
It was a one-man riot.
However, I think in between my bouts of screaming, I think I understood his perspective pretty well

I succeeded very well
At blotting out everything I didn't want to see.
I succeeded very well
At ignoring everything I didn't want to hear.
I succeeded very well
At denying all the ominous signs
That stared me in the face.
People tell me I'm stupid....
That I don't know anything.
Why aren't things working out for me?

Someone put an elephant
In the middle of my room
To capture conversations
And often predicting doom
Or bragging about something
That it has never done.
This pachydermal pestilence
Certainly is not much fun.

I try to keep things secret
And pretend that they’re not there
Then all of a sudden, poof,
An elephant from somewhere.
I try to deny its existence
Laugh and talk around it all
But the thing is an elephant
Is really not that small.

Then once someone visits
They find it difficult to pretend
That the elephant is not there.
So much for helpful friends.
So, I make up stories to try
To deftly explain things away
But some things are too obvious
No matter what words I say.

Some just give up and leave me
To be the same fool as I act.
But, others get up in my face
And try to deliver some fact.
So, I can’t really be upset
With those who are in my group
But that doesn’t help me clean up
The disgusting elephant poop.

When you stare long enough in the mirror
You start to think
the light doesn't fall quite right
You start to see the ugly things
You wonder if you are loved
In spite of or because of
It's not just lines or curves or surfaces
It's thoughts and memories and feelings
The things you let go
But they never went far..

Medusa's eyes your own
Turning you into stone
As you try to look away

You develop an aversion
To being alone
A penchant for tinted bottles
And an affinity to poetry

You say "you're finding yourself"
But you're really running away
From the things you let go
But they never went far.

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Feb 2

The sun climbs over the horizon, casting me into the shadows.
I'm cold and so lonely, my heart aches for you. My heart is so full it breaks for you.
If I buried myself further still into the earth, could I be swallowed whole.
Will i be born anew?
With no recollection of you?
What am I without your warmth, your laugh?
A bundle of self hate and personal anguish.
In the prettiest little package

Nope, not gonna do it
follow you, for all eternity

Or maybe, it just seems like eternity Haha!
Yes I know, I'm bad... :D
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