2 days ago

You've said "it can't happen here" for so long
Yet even you know that's just wrong
For no matter the place
The time, or the race
If unchecked, it can always come along

Joanne Heraghty
Joanne Heraghty
3 days ago

This time, when I say it,
I want you to know it will not just be for attention.
The world has finally shut its doors,
And I stand outside, alone in the darkness, yearning for affection.

The gatekeepers snarl and snigger each time I get close,
And my mind races, it's roaring above my heart.
Instead of attempting to regain entry, it spits out hatred,
And pulls itself apart..

"I can do this on my own", it speaks out,
"Who needs love, care.... hope?"
"I don't need your pity, your crummy hands to hold me.
I can do this, I don't need anyone .. I can cope!"

And when my minds' voice bounces into the airy silence,
My heart grabs an opportunity to say:
"Hear me instead of these lies that my mind's feeding!
I've never truly wanted to be out here all alone.. I want to go home where loving arms take the darkness away.."

22 - March - 2017

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Joanne Heraghty
#truth   #heart   #alone   #hope   #denial   #care  
4 days ago

I heard the door bell
But ignored the ring
I went about my day
I thought I could enjoy the little things
My dogs basking in the sun
I played my favorite games
The door bell kept ringing
Yeah it was a little annoying
But I ignored it for the most part
Slept through the night
And did it over again

The rings turned into knocks
I played my games but was a little distracted
My dogs were still adorable and I hugged them tight
I laid in bed, took me awhile to sleep because there were still knocks at my door

A year goes by
And I've tuned out the knocks for the most part
I was still enjoying my games for the most part
My dogs energy was still entrancing me..for the most part

One day the knocks became bangs
was all I could hear at my door
My games weren't fun anymore
My dogs whined at my feet
Sleeping at first was hard
But eventually became easy
For it was the only way to escape the noise

Ron Gavalik
Ron Gavalik
5 days ago

My thoughts
never dwell on you
not even when I see tree branches
reach for the sun
like your arms
when the doctor said
the cancer
was gone

Hit it HARD:
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7 days ago

No, I'm not queer,
I just sometimes crush on girls.
No, I'm not a Feminist,
I just think that women deserve more rights than they do now.
No, I'm not depressed,
The blues just never seem to end, lately.
No, I'm not suicidal,
I just wish that the passing car had hit me.
No, I'm not in love with him,
I'm tough as nails: a fighter not a lover.
No, I'm not anxious,
Sometimes my nerves feel more jittery than usual.
No, I'm not anorexic,
I'm just on a diet that never seems to end.

Mar 16

It was a sucker punch.
One that leaves you winded and frozen.
And you struggle to get out of this malfunction...
Trying to find that foothold that would take you to the next breath.

Quickening of the heartbeat...
Almost instantaneous.
Thumps so loud and hard you could hear them in your ears.

You never saw it coming.
You weren't ready.
You replay it again and again.
Like a bad movie stuck on repeat.

It never happened.
Nothing happened.

Anything I don't want to believe in.....
Anything I don't like
The Palestinians are NOT being oppressed by Israel.
That "Separation Wall" was set up by Artists!
Black People IMMIGRATED to the United States
For a better life.
No Black People were ever dragged to North America in Chains!
Jewish People have been having the biggest PITY PARTY
Over the FAKE Holocaust since 1945.
It didn't happen!
It was all just made up by the Jewish People so they'd gain
"Global Warming"...."Melting Ice Caps".....
It's all a Fraud.
Famine.......Refugee Crisis.....
It's all a LIE!
The Mexicans and Muslims
Just want to enter the United States illegally
To take the White Man's stuff!

She tattooed her arms with everything she wished to be, hoping one day they will sink into her veins. Despite the truth, she waits for the one day she will wake up being all she wished to be.

#truth   #hope   #tattoo   #denial  

In a world amongst the untrue, the wrongful, the two-faced; pseudo reality is taunting at humankind insolently.

To have faith, to be hopeful, to believe; only for them to trash and scatter what you've been believing in.

The betrayed, the deceived, the deceitful; carelessly and mercilessly succumbed upon their sins. Arrogantly looming upon all, unknowing and forgetful of those who sang prayers at dawn for them.

The smiles, the tears, the two-faced; o' the mighty entities everyone praised, not even Judas would have the nerve. It's a shame humankind is a fool; easily played and toyed with.

The denial, the anger, the bargaining, the depression, the acceptance; five stages of grief that I learned, only to know that I could never master.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. The body is hollow, for the soul is in sorrow.

#sad   #anger   #sadness   #betrayal   #lost   #hurt   #lie   #denial   #adultery   #betrayed  

“sweet, you can’t ignore this fact.
there isn’t an enough amount for us to tell you how much of the truth exists.”
“but i still have hope.
i have hope for someone who i know will never be mine —
but i have hope.”
for your heart will shatter.
he is here.
he will not break your heart.
do not deny his love for you.”

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