you sure are bitchy for
Dec 24, 2014

i cannot hate you,
the way i hate your opinions,
but god damn,
you sure are bitchy for
someone so emotionless

for a friend.
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for being bitchy
Jul 25, 2015

It's high time some people realise
That putting others down
Doesn't elevate you in any way,
shape or form

So before you take issue with me
How about you take issue
with your own insecurity?

Cause it's not a justification
for being bitchy

We all bitch from time to time but some people take it to another level. I've never quite understood the need for the hate or bitchy comments some make about others, particularly those they don't know or even worse they're own supposed friends! I don't like being around that bad vibe, I don't like how you can be dragged into it. To say it makes me feel uncomfortable would be an understatement. For a long time I have learnt to extend patience and consideration when I understand that others "bad vibes" are coming from a place of either hurt or a low in themselves but I don't think it's always good to pander to people's low self esteem especially if they're in the wrong. In fact being blunt can do them some favours
*Being bitchy isn´t easy*
Feb 20, 2015


Tell me
how you want to survive in a world like that
when you´re not even just slightly bad?

You think it´s easy?

You just dream
before you scream.

You cry
before you even try.

Do you remember what you promised?
I thought you were honest.

You accused me of shallowness
but you never thught about my emptiness.

Being bitchy isn´t easy
But it´s better than feeling crazy.

Jul 14, 2014

More recently
I have become a better person.

I have been nicer
And more accepting.

And now I notice
More people walking out of my life.

People that I care deeply about.

So what am I left to do?

Guess I just have to say fuck you.

Ariana Robinson
Ariana Robinson
Jun 7, 2016

When said to the average woman, it's an insult
When said to me, I tilt my head back and grin
I fix my imaginary crown before it slips and say,

"Yes, I wear that crown proudly. Want to know how big of a bitch I can be?"

I know I'm a bitch, but only when necessary.
Joe Cole
Joe Cole
Aug 1, 2015

B Bitter words are spilled across the page
I  Inciting an equally bitter response
T Taking us to places we don't want to be
C Causing animosity amongst once close friends
H Hate and vitriol spreading like a foul pestilence
I  Ignorance taking the place of understanding
N No more the poetic repartee of friends
G Gone now are the beautiful days

Yep bitchiness is becoming the norm
She may be bitchy.
Emily Tyler
Emily Tyler
May 9, 2013

She may be bitchy.
And she may check my fingers-
Slam her hard metal pole down on them-
Each time we practice lacrosse.
And she may roll her eyes

But I don't hate her.
I feel sorry for her.
Because I think I'm the only one
Who pays attention
Through the laughter and fun
He touches her.

And she makes a joke out of it
So her minions snap out of their dazed state and
Chuckle a little bit.
But his crawling fingers are greedy
And her words are scarce.

All of the brain-dead minions
Laugh when she jokingly screams,

Except me.

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Dec 27, 2014

Hey babe,
I've heard once,
some words coming out
your sexy mouth,
you were telling me,
and all the others,
how I've been everything to you.
So tell me now,
when you don't have me
does that mean:
you have

yeah,I like being bitch sometimes
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