Jan 30

A boy who can't feel and a girl who refuses.
Her heart is just lost while his is plain useless.

Like a vacuum, it sucks,
Pressure, produced by people,
Who'v'nt given two fucks.

Under pressure

They expect this, and ask for that.
Unknowing, undying in nature,
I sit around, treated like a domestic cat.

Under pressure

No time to think, no time to act.
People, poignant, persistently pushing.
Why does this all, feel like an attack?

Under pressure

"I've been feeling under pressure" - Logic
Jan 11

Heart was once a flame
Roaring fire turned to ash
No embers remain

#broken   #heart   #fire   #haiku   #emotionless   #sigh  
Alison Latres
Alison Latres
Dec 14, 2016

There was a brief moment of happiness.
There was a time when she would laugh.

Her soul is dead, she is  broken, her body is numbed to pain,
She shan't feel her emotion, her tears shan't hold meaning, she's insane.

With lackluster tones, her voice is heard of as a horror.
People who get to know her are disgusted over time.

She can barely maintain herself, she can't hold herself for long.
Her eyes are hollowed out as she remembers all she'd done wrong.

There was a brief moment of happiness.
There was a time when she would laugh.

Now she misbehaves with her occasional smiles of half.

Your fingers were digging for gold
Right between my legs
My eyes were looking for a feeling
Right upon your face
But I didn't need your to tell me
I knew I was already a gold mine
And you an emotionless digger

#love   #gold   #poetry   #him   #fingers   #digging   #feeling   #core   #legs   #emotionless  
Dec 6, 2016

Tiny wool mittens
Roughly sculpted my frame
From a flat land of snow
To a girl with no name
2 frosty green peas
Became blurry eyes
Then 10 little craisins
Made a smile so wide
My arms were uneven
One thin and one thick
Many shades of brown
But of the same stick
A mildewed blue hat was
Placed right on my head
Plus a scarf round my neck
That was cardinal red
All my wonderful features
Yet I don't think I'm real
'Cause I'm a girl with no name
Who can not seem to feel

#feelings   #ice   #winter   #snow   #cold   #frozen   #heartless   #emotionless   #snowman  

Living with a numbing
lack of feeling has me wondering
where the sensations have gone
what door I left the feelings behind
and what key in my mind
could possibly unlock it

#lost   #numb   #emotionless   #keyless  
Spike Harper
Spike Harper
Nov 1, 2016

Change has a strange way of happening all at.
There was a tale that believed to be never ending.
Built on pillars that boasted victory from the sands of time.
Only the stormss onslaught continued.
battering any life daring enough to venture out.
An incessant cycle of death.
One that only grew more ravenous with every meal.
Only to discover that the beast turned machine some time ago.
Just as the landscape did.
Leaving the inside as vacant as yesterday's tears.
And so the tale concluded.
Not with bang.
Or A crash.  
But a whisper.
No grand exit.
And no goodbye.
For its only a chapter in this ever growing novel of disappointment.
And with welcoming arms does the darkness insist.
The right choice was always so obvious.
And now perspective is all that's left.
So one must ask.
Has hells chains ever been removed.
Or has the minds eye been shut all this time..

*sigh* how many times am I going to complete this circle..
Mohamed Adel
Mohamed Adel
Oct 23, 2016

So long I’ve waited
For a moment when I feel something
Void and emptiness inside
Take a look, you’ll find nothing

All colours are pale and grey
Everything tastes the same
Sometimes I forget why I’m here
Sometimes I even forget my name

Each moment is like the one before
I can’t see any difference
It’s like the world has come to a halt
Dear god, I ask for deliverance

I sit down and look at the sky
It’s like even the clouds have stopped moving
A never changing world, the one I’m living in
Never was it bright, never was it soothing

Now I can’t feel the passing second
Can’t feel the wind on my face
I feel like I’ve already died
No future left to chase

My eyes see only the darkest black
I can’t see any glistening white
My world has come to an end
What’s sad is that it feels so right.

You have hurt me,
far more than I have ever deserved
and what's worse is,
I've allowed it for far too long,
that you wouldn't even be able to tell it apart from my happiness...

You have neglected me,
to a point where I've questioned
why I even matter in your life,
meanwhile that should be a constant reminder
that I should never have to be squeezing out of you...

And you know what you might have really done to actually be on the receiving end of this???

You have made me believe,
on multiple instances
that you truly love me
and that I actually mattered to you,
when it seemed to me like those words were mere utterances
to soften me up
so I would never question your deceit and manipulation.

and you wanna know why you are receiving all of this from me now?

Maybe I realised too late
that I am giving myself to someone
who cannot even give me a part of them self

When the heart has given up on trying to love someone who fails to love it equally the same, let it be.

Don't force things, don't 'hang in there', just LET GO!
#love   #broken   #heart   #pain   #sadness   #hurt   #tired   #done   #emotionless   #drained  
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