Me Myself and I

do you see me
or has my time in the underworld turned me invisible?
i am stuck with this man
you would think
taking me from my mother would be enough
But no, i had to marry this cold dark man

i guess its my fault though
i had to eat the seeds
but the fruit was so sweet looking
the seeds so inviting

why am i rambling
you humans don't really know me
only as "Hade's wife"  
i'm so minasual
that Zeus let me be kidnapped

mother was furious
everything grew cold
just like me

remember it for me
in case i forget it


Mar 21, 2014

i come from a long line of muses.
beauty contests won by bribery
and bravery. i was taught that the
way to a man’s heart is through
the fucking ribcage. there is no time
to play house. the daughter of dimitra,
i’ll take a pomegranate martini and
6 months in hell. you said you had a
nightmare that i would kill you in your
sleep. my darling, i only want to make
your dreams come true.

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I hear the song Persephone
Richard D Remler
Richard D Remler
Nov 18, 2014


I hear the song Persephone
Sings into the night.
Reaching out to touch
The shaded heavens
With her light.

Her shores, a calm
And waking sigh
That echo softly
In the sky.

Her ancient battlements
Still stand,
Remnants of a
Broken memory,
When men of war
Laid claim her land,
And that sweet ambrosia
Of her sea.

Her silvered wine
And lofty peaks,
Where the bitterweed
And beebread grew.
Where carved in stone
The angels guard
A Persephone
So old,
So new.

The Autumn breeze
Still visits here,
With Winter close behind.
And Springs is
Always happy
When she peeks about
To find
A green that breathes
In every teardrop
Drifting through
The morning dew,
To bring the
Shades of Summertime,
And skies
Of wild blue.

I hear the song Persephone
Sings softly to this sky,
A simple sigh,
A smile,
To the clouds that drift
On by.
And there is peace again
Under my tree,
And quiet in the air.
My rivers overflow
With ever gentle wonder fair.

Come rest your heart
And soul a spell
Under my Willow tree.
"Tis here, where hearts
In wonder soar
In sweet Persephone."

Copyright © 2013 Richard D. Remler

"A heart that loves is always young."
~Greek Proverb
gently retweaked and reposted
#peace   #nature   #solitude   #beauty   #quiet   #tale   #persephone  
When I looked upon Persephone
Feb 28

When I looked upon Persephone
Lying next to the Styx,
My heart crumbled into pomegranate seeds.
I dug them out,
Smuggled them past the spaces
Of my ribcage,
And handed them over.
She swallowed them whole.
They took root in the pit of her stomach
And a branch grew out of her stained mouth,
A fat pomegranate at the end of it.
She plucked it before I could,
Pressed her fingernails into the skin
And squeezed.
The juices ran red like the Nile down her wrists
And I felt the twist of a knife
In the center of my chest.
She smiled.
Spring blooming from her throat.
She had left
Before I could wrap my fingers around her sunshine.
In her place
She left only three
Pomegranate seeds.

Jan 21

She never spoke of sanity
Normal never lost her lips
She thought not much of clarity
Preferring to speak with hips.

She never thought to tell me
How memory was in her hair
It curled and fell like weeping willows
But never felt so fair.

She never wanted to explain
How her footprints left the ground
How she walked the clouds and drank the rain
Why she still looked at me when the sun was with her.

Though she left quietly I still recall
She told me why in her hands
She held me like she was about to fall
And fall she did to lower lands.

In the dream, I am Persephone
Phoebe Seraphine

In the dream, I am Persephone
in the badlands. A cinnamon girl
standing where the Zephyr sways
sage and coral gullies gasp
for one more drop to drink.

I am plucking pizzicato
with saguaro needles
and prick my fingertips.
Ten split figs
bleeding seeds
thicker than sap.

In the dream, you are with me
as Hades wearing a Zeppelin tee.
Your mouth opens
lips surround my slick fingers

sliding through the hollow of your breath.
My blood. A nightshade, a moon flower,
Toloache. You drink until you reach
the bedrock of my bones.

I crumble.

The desert is lonesome
now that I am gone
and you are delirium
with blood in your gums.

In the dream, the universe cracks
open like yolk from Cronus’ head.
Night spreads her dark cape
across the sky. Hades among the stars,
thin-hipped muses glittering like Aladdin Sane.

It is night and you are alone
in the badlands. Nothing to soothe
you but sonorous yips by coyotes
howling like Johnny Cash.

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Persephone always said,
11 hours ago

Aphrodite always said,
"Love is weak and fleeting."
Persephone always said,
"Don't you dare eat."

Your name
in my mouth
is absinthe
and ambrosia,

My stomach revolts at
the rumble of breath
in your chest yet again.
A sweet death,
bitter nonetheless.

I cannot fathom falling
for another mortal man.

Mar 1, 2013

You are like a star;
brilliant and bright,
and out of my reach.

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