Mar 21

i come from a long line of muses.
beauty contests won by bribery
and bravery. i was taught that the
way to a man’s heart is through
the ribcage. there is no time
to play house. the daughter of dimitra,
i’ll take a pomegranate martini and
6 months in hell. you said you had a
nightmare that i would kill you in your
sleep. my darling, i only want to make
your dreams come true.

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Mar 1, 2013

You are like a star;
brilliant and bright,
and out of my reach.

Feb 22, 2013

I want to leave this place and travel far, far away
I want to see places I've only ever seen in photographs
For the shortest of moments, I'd like to escape my life here, and be an anonymous person in a new foreign place
I'll go to the mountains and the forests, where the nature will completely surround me, letting myself forget all the problems back home that are too heavy for my heart to carry along
I'll go to the deserts and the beaches, where there will be hundreds of never ending miles for me to finally think straight
I'll stand underneath the cool, crisp, droplets of rain, letting all my stress melt into the grass at my feet

I want an adventure, I want fresh air, new souls to meet and love, new lessons to learn, and new places to see

Mar 5, 2013      Mar 6, 2013

the three of us got in your car
you let me sit shotgun
which made me sort of happy
though i can't really say why

you drove while we rode
and you didn't have your seat belt on
"it's stupid rebellious things like that,"
I had said,
"that will end up getting you pulled over"

you told me to shut up
or you'd make me get out of the car
and so i smirked
because only I could ever make
a reaction like that happen
so I simply said "No"

and this time you seemed to smirk
and so you continued
to argue with me
you tried to keep up
but my skill was superior
and I told you that myself

you ignored me
and we violently conversed
even when the car had stopped
it was time for us to get out,
and for him to stay
but my legs refused to move me

after you had left
I asked of my friend
"what just happened back there?"
and she smirked.

"Flirting, my dear," was all she had to say.

This is stupid, I know, but have you ever been in a situation where you're so inexplicably happy, and you don't even know exactly why, and completely unexpectedly, like it just hit you? This car ride was sort of something like that for me. :)
Sep 29, 2013

Eyes drooping due to lack of sleep,
sad songs in your ears that make you weep
You thought socializing brought contentment
but you are filled with so much resentment.
Why can't you be with the friends in those tales
Instead you're all alone, with a heart that wails
Silently in the night, it's no different than morning
Every regret is another warning

Mar 18, 2013

Summer showers that glisten with gold
Envelope me in a warm embrace
The tiny droplets that fall uncontrolled
Gently drip on my smiling face

The altered world through this golden mist
Is strangely new in a silly way
Divine are the things that the rain has kissed
Dull was the world before this gold day

Rocky shores off in the distance
Lush green meadows all around
This is such a peaceful pleasance
Reclusive life size playground

Such an enchanting wonderland
Golden specks in the clouds of cream
Summer showers fall as I stand
Even if only in my dreams

My goal was to "paint" a picturesque image with this poem. I had fun writing it, hoped you liked it!
Mar 12, 2013

secrets, so many secrets
things you'll never guess
secrets so secret, I dare not confess.

secrets that pull me
far down to the ground,
secrets that take me
away to be drowned.

these secrets, so secret
are such a heavy burden
I'm choking, suffocating,
inside my custom prison

as much as I wish, these secrets
must never be spilled
or else how could I feel
anything but killed

how could I tell you
that I'm too afraid to eat
how can I tell you
when I can hardly speak

what will you think
when you know that I self harm
what will you do?
simply stare at my arms

I don't deserve your help, I confess
it is I and only I who is a part of this mess
go, you are free from troubles
enjoy now or it won't last
enjoy it now so in your future

... I was a bit nervous about publishing this poem to be honest... but in a way it felt like I was lifting a weight off my shoulders. Feel grateful in every passing moment and never take advantage of people and things around you <3 xoxo
Feb 15, 2013

Like the sea my emotions are.
Unpredicatable, and always changing
I may be peaceful and calm, or wild and always raging
Albeit the similarities, I am envious of the sea
How it frustrates me so-
That I can never tame the violent storms
That brew in the depths inside of me.
The sea is the lucky one, she has learnt control
And here I am, helpess and defenceless
In the way I always deform.
The everlasting pools of tears in my eyes are no match against the sea,
I should be glad.
Yet, why do I hate everything inside of me?

My first work on this site. I don't expect anybody to read it or understand it because it is very personal on a level that I'm not sure even makes sense to anybody but myself. It's also late and I'm really tired, but being in my sleepy-state I ended up sort of satisfied with this.
Mar 1, 2013

you don't really know someone
till you've been where they've gone
have known what they've done
and know what they're gonna do

you don't really know someone
till you've read what they've read
seen what they've wrote
and know what they're gonna write about

you don't really know someone
till you live how they live
dream what they dream
and know what they're gonna dream about

you don't really know someone
till they realize you've done all of that for them.
and maybe when they do
they will
know you
better, too

If you liked it please tell me what you think :)
Feb 22, 2013

I was dreaming about you again. Just thought that you should know
I had all of your undivided attention and I knew then and there that I was in love with this moment.
Even if it didn't really happen.

Your lips were so tender and soft, your hands were so gentle and warm, and your eyes were so clear and beautiful, it's hard to imagine that it was all in my head.
I tried to hold on to the dream for as long as possible, even when I was on the brink of consciousness, I held on to your wavering image like a life rope, like it was all I had, and all I could depend on.
And your expression was so sweet when it was time to say good-bye, it was almost as if you were trying to speak to me, but I awoke before you had a chance.

Perhaps tonight I'll see you again. Hopefully.
Then maybe, before I wake up, you'll tell me what you've been intending to tell me before.

That's why waking up is the happiest and saddest part...
I know you're finally just about to speak, but then the illusion is shattered as the morning sunshine hits my eyes.

But there's always the next night, and the night after that.
Maybe one day, I'll finally get to speak to you, too.
And maybe, just maybe, if that day ever comes, we'll both be awake.

This is about someone. *sigh* I'm so hopeless.
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