Beyond redemption
Beyond salvation
Beyond emancipation
Beyond recognition
Beyond hope
Beyond imagination
Beyond contemplation
Beyond designation
Beyond conception
Beyond understanding
Beyond comprehension
Beyond transmission
Beyond all illusions
Beyond confusion
Beyond categorization
Beyond separation
Beyond integration
Beyond recognition
Beyond transmission
Beyond intellectualization
Beyond any manifestation
Beyond any origination
Beyond sanctification
Beyond condemnation
It's All
Beyond Me!

I don't think I'll ever get sick of Tumblr
'Cause Tumblr is the Underground.
The Erotic, the Mystical, the Psychedelic.....It's all there on Tumblr.
I'll get bored to death
If I don't Embrace the Extremes.

Mio Seanachaidh
Mio Seanachaidh
2 days ago

Luna pours over the lovers shielding them in her silvery light

Its gentle rays ripple over smooth soft skin

The beauty of the glowing body hypnotizes one to touch and admire its majesty

How love becomes hunger to lovers as they thirst for each other deeply

To explore and discover all sensitive places that are erogenous and special which will bring euphorious bliss

As it synchronizes in link both hearts and mind, senses awakened and heightened growing sharper every time

Relaxing bodies join as one as temptation infects the rational senses with coming together

Enjoy the pleasures only a warm, wet, heat can give and live for a moment in sweet ectasy in a deep and tight body

It'll leave one breathless and completely sated - unless you'll be wanting more

Once loving sex, it's an unquenchable fire in the soul - along like refreshing water that'll quench the burning thirst

After the indescribable moment, it consumes much more than passion with lovers sated and aglow

Sex under the moonlight
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"You are Beer-sheva, the garden of the seven lights, and I desire to dwell in you forever." Your lips recite sparks of light clothed in mystical words, your body is an esoteric tent, and the wise meet to observe you. Your golden skin, a scroll where the angels write the desires and the care of the heavens.Your beautiful breasts are divine sphinxes that hide the honey of Wisdom.Who will be worthy of you to feed? On what lips will you distil the sweet and sublime honey that flow That I may be worthy to drink of your honey, and that my mouth have merit to prove the waters of your fountain, for you are the Shrine of the Divine, the dwelling place of the Holy Presence in this world.You are Beer-sheva, The garden of seven lights and I eternally desire to dwell in you. " Sipra Shefatai Tevuna (Lips of Sublime Understanding)

Deepak Sankara Veda

Tara'a is a term of the Zoharic Aramaic and means Sentinel - angelic creature that has six wings and that guards the Gates to the Upper Palaces (Heichal'Ot) of the Tree of the Lives.
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Dec 28, 2016

The aged sage.
Holds the key to unlocking one thousand silver clouds.
To thrust the universe into some cosmological balance.
To take te gate of time and stop its flow,
To stop time itself,
and watch the stagnant world.
Slowly crumble,
Without the flow of father time.

#love   #father   #time   #happiness   #magic   #flow   #mystical   #sage   #number   #aged  
Kimberly Lewis
Kimberly Lewis
Oct 9, 2016

I'm trying not to chase my destiny.
     (Let it come to me.)
I'm trying not to force my destiny.
     (What will be, will be.)
I'm trying not to hold my destiny.
     (It soars when it is free.)

Kimberly Lewis
Kimberly Lewis
Oct 9, 2016

I began this journey                                                  life,
Not utterly naked or                                                 bare,
For every night I gather what is                              necessary
From leftover strands of someone else's                life -
I weave them into                                                      a tapestry,
So that when I awake, I sense                                  the richness
Of the Universe where everything                          continues
Broken down, then taken up                                    again.

I didn't find God in the Church.
I didn't find God in the Synagogue.
I didn't  find God in the Temple.
I didn't  find God in the Mosque.
I only found God in You, even though I don't know who You are.

Lady Narnia
Lady Narnia
Jul 14, 2016

Keep me in your arms
Cherish me, like you always do
Twirl my curls and stroke my hair
Kiss me on the fore head sweetly
I always want to be here

With my cheek on your chest
Hearing the sound of your love
Thumping a beautiful tune to my ear
The beats gently reminds me
Just how much you truly care

Serenity surrounds me and I drift away
Escaping the world and falling into us
I see you in this little dream
Meeting my eyes, inspecting my soul
You're lost in me as I am lost in you

The air filled with a careful chill
I'm untouched for I am of fire
A flame kindled by your fiery heart
Of which burns of love, deep for me
Clad in armor, you kneel at my side

Oh dear and humble knight
I'm honored to be your lady
Like the wardrobe meets Narnia
We're dreams that cross paths
To a whole new world unlike any other

A place of splendor and awe
Radiating with gentle magic
That is what we are, my dear protector
Stay by my side a humble knight
And I will be your faithful lady

~Lady Narnia

Destinations to be arranged for times of forged enchantment:
Places to spin through spirits upon gray divans
and speak of marching away from
damnation to the dirge of saxes.
The finer tastes of Southern gut in a mud water saloon
that creeps along a river
with the pace of the company’s amusement.
Then, of course, we skip through the savage gardens of cypress
spied by the white magnolias chorus.
With this in mind, I reached over to the passenger seat
for your hand nowhere to be found.
As we flew downwards, I looked your way and
you were no longer there.
Magic and the romantics departed with the march;
no one appreciates the illusion anymore so, still,
why do I?

© Derek Devereaux Smith 2015, 2016

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