Dec 2, 2013

we promised each
other a




so we mowed
the dirt


Jim Kleinhenz
Feb 27, 2012

The way the world sways. Every leaf left
in place, its stance chiseled to each blade,
an iteration of time; each tassel of seeds,
thy bread, thy handmaiden;
as breath on the brink of disappearance,
becomes a wave become water; proportions so
large so as to stagger the seasons—
one winter questioning another.

We listen. We listen as if musical crabs are tracing a
giant sine wave across the dark mud flats.
We watch it as if a rotted rowboat, its oars like two hands
at prayer, is signaling a gesture
of permanence towards the sky. The grass
has turned from gray to blue to green.
The tide washes in. A bell is rung.
It’s as if the merry-go-round has turned it’s calliope on.
What Lao-tse has said is true.
The earth is a bellows. Use it.
The grasslands bellow and glow.

©Jim Kleinhenz

May 7, 2016

I dreamt about us the other day
In days of green down at the bay
I saw you
And I missed you

I dreamt of night looking at the stars
While hummingbirds wept away their scars
You smiled at me
And I whisked you

I dreamt about us the other day
In days of red above our heads
And the sky poured with silky rays
While you laughed along
To the silent songs
I whispered

I saw you
And I missed you
You smiled at me
And I whisked you

#love   #sun   #away   #song   #laugh   #grassland  

Rainy days return with silver light the smell of fresh earth and buds dancing on the wavy breeze .a sight to hold for a attribute is more bountiful for what I see in thee

Apr 15, 2014

A grass land was there,
Birds use to dance around,
Their song echoed around,
Snake use to wonder around!
A grass land was there,
Porcupine, Rabbits, Pangolin........
Tidy around!
A grass land was there,
Raindrop meanders around!
Now only building and terraces are here!
Car and two wheeler running around!
Noise of human voice and machine thunderous around!
People use to say, everything is developing... in and around!

Still I am searching around
The elegant
Birds, their song,
The gorgeous
Snake, their beautiful scroll,
The Splendid raindrop on grass!
Still I am belligerent,  
Powerless to remove my childhood memories!
Still searching..........
The grass land....

In the town where I was brought up, a grass land was there, that was our wonder land, now everything replaced by human settlement
#poem   #memories   #lost   #of   #snake   #wonder   #song   #birds   #childhood   #bird   #land   #grassland   #scroll   #meandering   #raindrop  
And grassland ...
Sep 10, 2016

There are many meanings
Hidden in every flower
And grassland ...

in that foraging phase on the grassland
Nov 14, 2012

the intricate cerebral architecture
and arboreal locomotion

our remote ancestors canopy living
primates with an advanced repertoire

descending from the canopy
and into the grasslands  

into the electronic global village
thinking, striving, breathing

in that foraging phase on the grassland
we caught a scent on the air

look where we are now.

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular. - Aristotle
He stood on the grassland of Ledi Geraru.
Pradip Chattopadhyay

He stood on the grassland of Ledi Geraru.

The sky was a vast expanse of melancholic gray
and the crimson blue light made the night imminent.

Each twilight his feet felt the kiss of the dewy shrub
as he waited for the first star to come out
that in a hushed sweep descended as peace.

He would raise his finger to the sky
and upon the river of his eyes
the star broke into fragments of tears.

He was slowly dying
but a greater him was to tread the grassland.

His eyes weren't found.

Only his jaws still stuck with the beauty
were dug up from the stardust.

A fossil jaw plucked from the badlands of Ethiopia—points to East Africa as the birthplace of our evolutionary lineage.
The site where the jaw was found, called Ledi-Geraru, was a mix of grasslands and a few shrubs 2.8 million years ago.
This write draws inspiration from the above.
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