Scott F Hemingway
Scott F Hemingway
17 hours ago

Where I met allure
she was my craft inured  

that round my futon
when her neck was born

ready her an all nighter
with vita relinquished

uproariously keen in swelter
but really resurrected platitude

a scorcher for sure
and dreams whetted with desire

while attire was crumpling
here round my dumpling

the weather most attested her rap
that I'd relish her bare

much than sympathy again
always tile her spree.

#love   #season   #bliss   #heat   #fresh  

I always suffer quietly while she sleeps in utter bliss

#love   #pain   #bliss   #soulmate  
Jamil Hussain
Jamil Hussain
2 days ago

Come close and
Lend me your lofty ear
I have something so adoring
To tell you O' my

Your moments
Dance in divine hue
And may your nights
Become filled with
Gripping magic so

Aura of
Your magnificence
So charming and so pure
May every soul drown
And forever

Of your majesty
And struck with deep joy
The stars gather in a

You are a queen of
Glory and the moments
Of life are merely
Droplets of

— Jamil Hussain

#love   #feelings   #heart   #soul   #joy   #bliss   #magical   #unity   #loving   #heavenly  
7 days ago

Amongst the crowd
I can hear your heart beats so loud
I think I'm crazy
'Coz all around you is hazy
Everyone here is a good view
But no one is special except you!
I don't know if I'd take a risk
All i know with you is a bliss
I might get lost
Let's see where it goes
Maybe all is well
Or it will turn out as hell

Thoughts of uncertainty with you
#love   #lost   #you   #uncertainty   #bliss   #notsure   #takingarisk  
h rivers
h rivers
Mar 21

A warmth overcame the chill
     in the softly lit room
It was as if, in a subtle and yet
breathless moment's pause ,
thoughts of love triumphed
        over loneliness

The midnight oil flickered ;
shadows dancing teasingly
The playful flame drew life
near the drafty window sill ,
within the invisible current
its awakening ether sphere

The rocking chair breaks the silence
creaking to the unconformity
of the unsteady flash of light
bequeathed by the burning log's cinders

In the silence of the peaceful presence ,
one chunk of green heartwood sizzled
like a beckoning voice from another realm ,
sputtering out into the timbre's pace ;
into a wordless respite of hushed solace

Embers smoldering  …  
as if they were unspoken words trapped
in an arresting instant
of purposeful awakening ;
  striving to morph into
some unrealized reason for being

Just the serendipity of fate
    in a human sense ...
    In the right place
    at the wrong time
seeking some benevolence of purpose ―

The glow of the fire’s luminosity,
tantalized the back-lit profile ,
painting it’s shadow a simple pendulum's
undulation on the opposite wall

A dark silhouette exhaled a deep sigh
with the throb of the dark night’s nuance
The chair’s bent oak runners groaned
while dove tailed oak joints squeaked
with an impatient restless tempo

An aura emanating a soothing ,
  peaceful depth of reflection ;
expressions seldom understood
by those unwilling to look beyond
the seemingly nebulous colour
            of dark light

Thoughts flash with the pulse a beating heart
Day dreams manifesting like cinema
on the four walls imprisoning loneliness

Life's reveries,  a magnificent puzzle
even well into the long journey's epitaph ,
a reason to believe a moment's relevance
                                                       ­  is more than randomness
dreaming good things can always happen ―

When you've looked for what seems missing ,
             and never found it ,
             ardently avowing :
it does not mean it does not or can not exist ―

      Still striving to foment faith
in the eternal dream of forever beginnings ...

       Instead of finding your bliss
        ... let your bliss find you …

                                                              ­                         Harlon Rivers…

"So you save all your heartaches and your misery
Time ain’t got no worries rolling out to sea
I could have kept my heart on hold forever
until there was nothing left of me"  from: Its only water ― Gary Ogan


Why does water fall?
Gravity take its course?
Forming glass upon the ground,
A reflection at its source.
Leaving joy within our hearts,
A smile across our face.
The rain does cleanse a mind unclear,
Then laughter sets the pace.
Let the rain fall on the earth,
Let the clouds collide,
Let the puddles form beneath,
And bliss will coincide.

#bliss   #puddles  

I don't want to break
Your Glass face
I don't want to make
You shatter in a million pieces

You seem so fragile
I seem so magical
You dream so wonderful
I can't remember anything

You live in sadness
I live in madness
which one do you want?
Let me know to replace

Glass face
I try not to break
Your Glass face
If I kiss it
I'll kiss it slow and soft
I'll try not to break
Your Glass Face

I slither all over the place
Like a snake
hoping to invade your garden
I always wanted to play

Phantoms everywhere wanting a fight
Ghosts from my past revisiting me
And there you are showing up in time
Problem is time is almost up

You lead me to water yet I drown
To the well, yet a foot from
fate is leading to synchronicity
Is the real thing truly part of me

Glass face
I try not to break
Your Glass face
If I kiss it
I'll kiss it slow and soft
I'll try not to break
Your Glass Face

#kiss   #lover   #sweet   #bliss   #wanting   #wonderful   #needing  

When your fingertips brush against my facial construct,
& your gentle lips break the barrier of my self control,
I can’t help but see the angel inside you.
It wooshes over me, filling the air i breathe.

And all i can think is
I love you.”

You are an angel.
Blissfully captivating and effortlessly flawless.
Your essence fills my nose and I fall.
Deep into the depths of your soft skin,
Into your light blue eyes..
And your perfectly shaped lips
I fall for hours, days..

I am so in love with you.
Your angelic nature bonds me to you.

#love   #poetry   #boyfriend   #nature   #angel   #deep   #bliss   #companion   #angelic  

A human being is like a flower with a hidden nectar essence of love, peace, bliss and wisdom inside
but takes the bee of strong determination to draw out or manifest it in one’s life and naturally abide.

From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
#love   #peace   #flower   #human   #being   #bliss   #hidden   #wisdom   #essence   #nectar  

There's honeydew on your lips
So sweet and soft
A whisper and a kiss
Gentle bliss
We sit, tired
Hearts racing
Lives accumulating
Around a single point in time when the air was pink and warm and beautiful and at this point where
You were mine-
My heart glowed and shone for you
And yours burned like a star
And the world was new
And we created life
Water and soft grass
That you laid me down upon
And touched your lips to mine
So pure and naive
Said we would never leave
Beneath the evergreen trees
I came for you.

Things we used to say
Forever and a day
Have become a bitter truth.

Forever exists in the memory of you.

It was his first kiss that I stole
And I will never return it
For it is the only thing keeping my soul alive
#love   #heartbreak   #kiss   #first   #pain   #unrequited   #forever   #bliss  
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