Jamadhi Verse
Jamadhi Verse
2 days ago

The meadow evolved with the wind,
loving how the breeze caressed everything.
Moving its thin stalks and delicate petals
in lulling, knowing sway,
gently letting go of tiny seeds –
now floating off and far away.
The day fades in spectrums of brilliant light
and delights in all angles of the blooming field
as it reveals the shadow, the colors,
the life that flutters and reels within the soil,
toiling beneath the sleek grass.
The challenges of being, seeding, eating
all come to and then they pass.
It is everlasting: the scurry, the shift --
billions of tiny creatures that feel and live.
They sift through instinct,
they take and they give
back to the warm, doting earth.
They are unconscious participants
engaged in divine work.

And the spiral keeps on twisting --
the movement beckoning, persisting.
A silent whirlpool spinning without restraint
in all souls, in all bones resting
deep within the ground.
The old growth withers,
then silently falls down
with a most graceful ease.

And so it all vanishes away.
But the light remains.
It stays.

The buds grow infinitely, intimately with the sun --
overcome with delight, blessed and ripe.
Blissfully, they sway and then peacefully fade.
Forever safe.
Unafraid, the field abundantly lives.
It does not resist.
It gives itself instinctually, freely to love
even as it comes undone.
It never dwells upon, nor does it succumb,
to wretchedness.

J.M. 2017

#life   #eternal   #being   #bliss   #acceptence   #meadow   #cycles   #spiral   #ruin   #ripe  
Lady Bird
Lady Bird
3 days ago

the traquilled waters flowed
awaking her inner child
light engulfs the darkness
enclosing her past behind

enchanting beauty shines
hidden under nature's blanket
something very special
calling her soul of pure bliss

deep and beyond the underworld
she has finally arrived safely
just where she was meant to be
home within the seams of the sea

#beauty   #darkness   #water   #sea   #bliss   #safety   #child   #shine   #enclosing  
Yaz Dincer
Yaz Dincer
5 days ago

Few years ago I lost my grip on earth reality
and dwelled in a place where tears of bliss filled me daily.

I remember so vivedly,
as I had never felt so close to insanity.
My heart imploded and I cried happy tears for what felt like eternity.

I was so confused at what was happening, having never experienced such ecstacy for no such reason.

I remember telling myself, whatever happens from Now, it doesnt matter.
For experiencing this, nothing will shatter.

It comes unasked, unmasked, unnoticed.

Complete surrendering presence.
It could not be understood or named,
Only dwells in sweet deep silence.

And when I read of mystics who speak of such experiences,
I cant help but weep from rememberance.

#eternal   #silence   #whole   #bliss   #infinite   #mystic   #ecstacy  
Jamil Hussain
Jamil Hussain
5 days ago

Came with her
Sweet and honeyed lips
She then gazed, winked and her
Charming eyes began to pull
My heart into tiny

— Jamil Hussain

#love   #feelings   #heart   #eyes   #romance   #lips   #soul   #joy   #bliss   #loving  
Jan 11

There is a sweet
scented place
where all the Earth
melts into air
and I float,
weightless, in bliss,

If I could lay my head
on this spot
for all my life,
I'd snatch that deal
and swap for nothing
the peace I feel
as I sense your breath's
rise and fall,
and hear your heart's call.

That is the place
I value most.
and no one knows
the secret of  
this priceless plot
upon your chest.

#love   #heart   #secret   #plot   #bliss   #float   #place   #chest   #weightless   #pricelss  

I kissed your lips
And I didn’t know
A kiss can move my soul.

I kissed your lips
And I didn’t know
A kiss can be the beginning of my fall.

I kissed your lips
And I didn’t know
How I used to feel
Before that kiss sealed my lips
With bliss.

#love   #kiss   #romance   #bliss  

While we sit at the bar my body begins yearning
Then our arms graze and my depths are burning
I want to leave right then and there
But I have to stay put in my chair  
No one has ever made me feel this way
My attraction is so strong I can barely keep it at bay
I run my hand up and down your thigh
The anticipation that’s building is making me high
After what seems like forever we leave and head home
My thoughts fill with what we will do when we are alone
Once all the barriers disappear
And I can finally pull you near
We make it home and our tongues begin to dance
I know my patience doesn’t stand a chance
Our clothes are off as we go through the bedroom door
I’m getting excited now and crave so much more
We start to caress each other everywhere
I’ve been ready all night so there’s not much to prepare
I lay you down and begin my descent
You return the favor while my body relents
My senses take over and my thoughts become hazy
We finally connect and it drives me crazy
Moving together we find our sweet pace
The feelings of ecstasy written all over my face  
Sounds of pleasure fill up the room
We move faster as instincts take over and our desire blooms
I succumb and revel in every piece of you
Your eyes tell me that you are reveling too
Time seems to freeze
As we too quickly bring each other to our knees
I lay there in carnal bliss
With barely enough energy for a goodnight kiss
We fall asleep intertwined
And I’m smiling because you are all mine

#love   #desire   #passion   #lust   #sex   #bliss   #craving   #pleasure   #revel  

I must tell you something,
Afraid of the reaction,
Daydream what it would be like,
It's just so nice...

Why do you make me a fool,
Make me believe that you,
Could be the one,
I hope you are the one,
Cause you seem like the one...

Look I just fell for you,
I can't explain it,
I just want you to be the one,
Is that to hard to ask for...

I really like her but afraid to be a friend
#love   #sad   #depressed   #anxiety   #hope   #hurt   #thinking   #bliss   #tiffany  

Open up your eyes we're all disguised, we're hypnotized. We have overdosed with these pointless posts just to see how much we can boast. We're all trapped liquid inside a bottle that is wrapped with a title named "social media" We're all to blame, cause all we dig for is fame. Acceptance is where we find our bliss, but is all of this worth being blind

#social   #media   #fake   #screen   #bliss   #acceptance   #tech   #pointless   #fame   #bottle  
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