Feb 27, 2015

As dawn broke,
came a dragonfly
to sit on my window sill
Change is come,
or more rain to fall, still?

#hope   #rain   #change   #dragonfly  

Cut off the wings of a butterfly and it dies.
Cut off a pair of wings from a dragonfly
and it says to its fellow dragonfly,
"Hey, did you see that dead butterfly?"

Dragonfly hunter
how far has he traveled?
Should've used E-ZPass.

a shadow play on jolly life of dragonflies,
K Balachandran

Against the thick black curtain on horizon
of  still, gigantic cumulus cloud formation
three flitting army helicopters deftly display
a shadow play on jolly life of dragonflies,
I am compelled to think, as I drive past this
along the road skirting  Bangalore garrison

#sky   #dragonfly   #flit  
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