**Dragonflies dancing
Dec 20, 2012

Dragonflies dancing
in bliss of summer weather;
in swarms they gather.

Flies around flowers
green, winged creatures of nature;
old mystic creatures.

Roams in tall grasses,
through seasoned swamps they hover.
Pleasant winged wonders.

I’m just a boy swinging sticks at dragonflies
J T Gaut
May 9, 2012

My sword and shield
Adorned on Ralph and Lauren
Cherry blossoms potions of health and well being
The hunt is on

St. George but an amateur
His quarry old and withered
These dragons of the modern age
Caught in mine eyes through reeds of tall grass

In a flash my blade swings
-nothing happens
but to the magic of illusion
I am a hero, a knight’ noble

In the retrospective
I’m just a boy swinging sticks at dragonflies
And in the retrospective
I hate the retrospective

A Freestyle Poem, scrawled in a friend's notebook after an improv poetry competition (of which I was not a participant)
dragonflies return
Patti Masterman-Heterodynemind

dragonflies return
to the place where they were born
my humble pond

as we are just planes and dragonflies
Christos Andreas Kourtis
Christos Andreas Kourtis
Aug 7, 2013      Aug 8, 2013

We walk by the river side
wanting the sky to fall
planes fly tree line low
she ducks her head as we go
as I hold tight to her hand

She has the look of eloquence
her eyes burn into my eyes
and by the riverside
we spot a blue dragonfly
we watch it's shimmering wings as it flies

We stop for a few moments
to watch this baby fly
as we care for all
and none care for us
as we are just planes and dragonflies

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

The dragonflies chase me
Tonya Maria
Tonya Maria
Jul 17, 2013

I pick the plump ones
round,dark and sweet,
I fill my basket
for this evening's treat.
The dragonflies chase me
past bushes hung blue,
As raindrops in Georgia
fall upon thoughts of you.
We planted these fruits
when you were a boy,
Today I collect them
with bittersweet joy.
The rain it falls
the bush it bears,
I recall the memory
of you standing there.

It rained as I gathered berries.
His spirit dwells
there, in my garden.
among the dragonflies.
Jul 26, 2014

Walking within
the confines of the trees,
we find ourselves
alone within nature,
partitioned off
from the rest
of civilization,
and in this moment
we dance
among the dragonflies.

frederick shiels
Jul 29, 2014


breaks away from it family
to inspect my wet leg
teasing a shiny blonde hair
lit by an evening Baltic sun,
its wings said to vibrate at 2,000
times per second, if

I reach to touch this
momentarily curious creature
it vaults toward the back lit
protective river reed sweet grass
or water lilies at 100 times the speed of one
length of its jeweled body,

Two species in short vernal contact
and how to compare us:
Zygoptera have lived 250 years,
possess keen 360 degree vision
eat mosquitos, never had a thought, yet
who is to say my kind are better
in the scheme of things?

This is a "transcendental encounter" I seem to every every summer swimming in Baltic rivers and lazing on the banks. The insect is "ineffable" and its beauty and behavior evade and tease the poetic.
she spoke to me of dragonflies
Sep 6, 2013      Sep 7, 2013

she spoke to me of dragonflies
and visits from the dead, and it made me
long to hear the voices of the lost,      
those without tongue to taste the wind
or form the wistful whispers
why had I seen only a butterfly,
against an ignorantly blessed, black sky?  
its colors a magnet to my eye, but silent  
even with wings whipping desperately  
as it was sucked into the abyss  
no words issued forth    
for my eager ears, to allay my fears
that there were no messengers
from the other side, or if there,
they chose not to take flight, or
find me worthy of their sad song  
what if the disbelievers were right?  
and once we lose sight,
and fall into deaf sleep  
there is no ether where we roam,
but only the dank dark decay  
the soundless feasts of bacteria
on the hopeless host

in some Native American Cultures, the dragonflies are seen as the souls of the dead
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