Ritika Dev
Ritika Dev
5 days ago

An unimaginable power
Bursting through my meek frame
The untamed electricity.
Zipping through my veins.
But why me?

A rush of electricity
Surging with warmth, love
Exploding sadness and shattered dreams
But why me?

Our world needs stability
I am the balance
The equilibrium
Of love and hurt
But why me?

For you, my dear
Are the chosen one
A pure heart
An untainted soul

At last, now I know.
I am me

Writing is my outlet,
My emotions are the charger.
I am an old Nokia.
I have endured pain
And hardships in life.
I have watched everyone
Else advance while I am
Left behind.
Everyone remembers me,
But no one really cares anymore.
Everyone knows who I am,
But no one wants me.
I'm no longer good enough.

February 18, 2017.
Late night tonight. Can't really sleep. These are the weird thoughts that run through my head. Maybe instead of watching YouTube late at night when I can't sleep, I'll post poetry and read it the next day.... And then take it down because it's probably weird as fuck.
Anyways, goodnight all. Sweet dreams.

It needn’t even be a word --
just a mere sound emanating from your lips
penetrates me deep, flips an electric switch,
gets me buzzing, fluttering with an energy that emits
a charge so strong it moves me along
into immediate, stupefied orbit.

So often have I heard those breathless words
transferred from your throat to my heart.
It jumpstarts my blood and seizes my lungs
and vibrates me right apart.
Your conductivity builds effortlessly,
sparking a reaction within me,
as you arrest and possess with a binding current
that overrides and drives me completely.
Magnetic, your essence courses and runs,
powering me up and turning me on,
so that my mind is never mine for long
as inside me you electrify your dawn.

I am attracted to the static of you --
utterly drawn like electron to photon.
Absolutely seduced, addicted and fused
to the friction of your diction.
Your voice is most bewitching –
a persistent, elevating conductor
that beautifully orchestrates this excited state
into an accompaniment like no other:
I am the lightning flash of your allure amassed --
a sudden jolt of ecstatic shudder.
Desperately urging the next surging rumble
of your sweet and rousing thunder.

J.M. 2017

Jan 1

you could shoot a bullet through my head and I still wouldn’t be able to forget about you.
What we had was a special kind of love;
one that made me feel electric.
I have not been able to feel that way since the day you left.

So go ahead, shoot me
I won’t be able to forget you;
but at least the warmth of my blood will remind me of what it felt like to be in your arms.

this is an old poem that I decided to rewrite
Elisa Maria Argiro
Elisa Maria Argiro
Dec 29, 2016

Coming from your humble and holy
houses each morning bringing blessings, your lively and
cheerful "Good Morning!" sounds - all the power and energy
that a good life brings. Living by the light God gives you
every day, eschewing electricity,
and all of the worst that it brings with it,
teaching your children and loving your wives
with gentleness and devotion.

Ruben, Glen David, Marlin... did I spell these right?

I only heard your beautiful, traditional names in your own, clear, grounded voices,
as we began to know each other, while you travelled back
and forth, from bright and early each day, onto our ailing roof.

Tearing into four layers of old, sickly roofing tiles with your
wonderful vim and vigour, a healing began that went deep,
deeper every day, as we absorbed the precious fortune
of having you in our midst. Your chosen, Amish lives inspired
us, and still do, as we still, quite often, hear the echoes
of your footsteps above us, each one a prayer and an affirmation
of lives well-lived.

One fine afternoon, one of you stood straddling the very top of our
steep old roof line, and that image of a man mastering his craft,
invested in a life that blesses everyone he cares for,
and teaches by example, everyone he meets,
will stay with me for all of my days.

©Elisa Maria Argiro
Cweeta Cwumble
Cweeta Cwumble
Nov 24, 2016

like the flick of a light switch,
he can turn me on, but
he lingers with the dimmer,
keeping my
bulb warm,
heating me up
and then
warming me down
with just the tips
of his fingers
setting the
and i love how
he makes me feel

Stand back
You may get zapped
For within me I carry currents

But ultimately
As do we all
Nerves connect our circuits

The brain is our metaphysical central network
The outlet and hub
The instrument and plug
The leg work

Long ago
Shocked by a fence
Met with
Intense electrical discharge
Surcharged by a surged heart

Synaptic overload
Amplified signals
Rendering change
By childhood error
That could have been worse
Were it not for my brother, Shane

Some people are direct
While I am alternating
I strike from above
And accompany thundering

Make no mistake
I mean you no harm
I protect myself
And only disarm

Open to new title suggestions
JR Rhine
JR Rhine
Oct 4, 2016

Our souls are extension cords
meandering through the junkyard heap
looking for an outlet.

#life   #soul   #trash   #earth   #eternity   #technology   #chaos   #discord   #electricity   #seek  
Kewayne Wadley
Kewayne Wadley
Sep 14, 2016

We were but strikes of lightening sealed in a glass jar
Flumbling about
Nowhere to go
Exhaushed, we conducted ourselves
With a slight curb of enthusiam
Sprung to life with the slightest touch
Electric current twirling forward, then back
Sparks igniting beneath our toes
Traces of where we've been crackled
Sizzled in a flash by the dark spot of glass
We were irresponsible in the abduance of each other
The glass soon stained by soot
Purified by the euphria of what came to be known as climatic
Every taste
Every passion
Soon expoliting what soon came to be known as each other
We polluted ourselves with each other
Becoming the overcast beneath the top of the sealed jar
Surrounded by absolute dark;
The way I saw the universe in her eyes
Laying beneath the night sky surrounded by acres of  thought
Vast in length
Breathless in thought
A jolt of vibration quivered in heart

Don't think about it
I still think back
That Aries could have dominated me
In those six months
If I didn't get away
"Or you could have been his girlfriend,
Something would have happened in those six months"

Don't think about it too much
Afraid of commitment
We make up reasons
Things won't work out
When in reality we don't know
It's in the past
It already happened
What's done is done

Don't think about it anymore
Let's try something new
We can reflect back
"You are still you"
You know more about yourself now
Even though I wish I could've changed things
I can't really take it back
What happened was the best at the time
We didn't know how to recover after that...
Too much high energy
I couldn't wait
He couldn't wait
We needed more time...

I can't stop thinking about it
He was beautiful laying there beside me
He leaned on my shoulder so preciously and sweet
He knew how to touch me
So much passion
In his finger tips
No sign of any fear
He warped his feet and legs around me
Electricity sparked
Unlike anyone
Butterflies sky rocketed

I can't stop thinking about it so much
Will we do it again?
Is our chemistry still there?
I can't hardly wait to find out!
Even now I die
Just thinking about him
No more time to waste...
Let's start all over
So I can aggressively pull you in
And kiss you again
I can't believe I did that...

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