Glory to the one true king
The only one worthy of my praise
And the original verse which was written down
For the final song I will sing someday

Glory to him

The God of perfection
Who far above and beyond
All of these most imperfect thing

Including myself
For I am not him
But I will do my best in everything

I appreciate his kindness. Graciousness. And understanding. There is no equal. And he's not afraid to remind me. (:
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1 day ago

I woke up
In a brick circle
Golden leaves
With ruby veins
Falling from a bird cage
Up above onto me

Two great door appeared
I walked through
For with nothing else to do
Curiosity overcame fear

A polished voice
Echoed all about
As I stood on a leaf
Sprouting from a
Crystalline skeleton
It told me
Keep moving

I went on the path
Paved with all intentions
Lined with attempted interventions
Tales of failure and wrath

The road began to crack
Swallowed me up
I became a mist
Never missed
Yet the voice screamed
Keep moving

I, obliging, stepped to the pool
With indigo waters
And platinum daughters
Ever so frigid and cool

I swam down to the earth
Unearthed many a stone
To repave the path
To stone the statues
Cold and unmoving

I have done my trial
My song falls flat
Rabbit, back into the hat
Walking the path all the while

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Dark Delusion
Dark Delusion
4 days ago

Stumbling upon the path I’ve been looking for,
With a quick look behind to see my friends and family.
They waved and started to take a different way.
I smiled and began to walk straight ahead,
Knowing that if I look back again everyone would be gone.

Lights showed up on the side of the road.
Cars driving by, making a highway.
All of this is silence even while noises come and leave
This is it, I thought and began to run.

Running made it all a field of grass.
Horses passing by me with a touch of the wind.
My hair following the breeze from the ocean.
Within the night all over the world.

Falling down in the sand.
Burying me from neck to toe,
Making it harder to get free.
Water began rising,
Crashing against me.

Within a second I hit the ground,
Choking up blood.
With pain to my back,
And light smell to my clothes.
A well known voice behind me.

I think it’s enough,
I’m by the end now.
I looked behind me,
With a dead look in my eyes.
As I saw her sitting in a pit of ashes.

I got up and ran into her arms.
I had been looking all over for her.
I felt happy that I found her.
I cried in her arms,
Finally we emerged as one whole soul.
She had been forgotten for a long time,
And She had finally giving up.
But then I came crashing down from above.
Making her heart almost stop.

I had been falling over the memories we had as one.
I came for her, and that only saved her.
We once were one person,
Until I changed and abandoned her.
But In the end I came,
and I ended the search of myself.

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Oh take me home
To my melancholic road,
Where I used to stroll everyday.

Where all you would hear
Was the song of a wing
And a sigh was all you would say.

Where all you would smell
Was the freshest of air
And the sweetest of colours in May.

Oh take me home
To my melancholic road,
Oh take me back for one day.

Written while walking the roads up by my home in the country,  I don't get down as often as I would like.
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You were the star she never looked
You were the path she never took
You were the wind she never touched
You were the story
she never told
But you are
to me
the page
I never tore

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fear not the ebony bird
flying in the sky
the message of providence
on his wings ply

an omen
he brings
of shiner things

over the centuries
a misrepresentation
had of his meaning
on the black feathers
we can be confidential leaning

above where the raven
shows a plumage dark
our eyes shall encounter
the luminous spark

he's symbolic
of fortune's path
he's signalling
no visible wrath

The dark woods call you
The path laid out before you
you walk it alone

©LadyofRavenhill 3/10/17
Haiku #29
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Mar 10

A boy, he shuffled down the road
Eyes faced down and head held low
A man, he sauntered down this path
Saw that there boy, and had a laugh

"Now boy, what's got ya feelin' so blue?
Tell me on why and I'll know what ta do!"

The boy looked up with stone cold eyes,

"That's the thing sir, I just dunno why!
I've got meh a frien', whose loy'l and fun
I've got meh a house, a family, spic'd rum.
I've ne'er been beaten, nor teased for mah looks,
Mah peers they all like meh, I follow God's Book.
So do ya know sir, a cure for blue me?
I've looked all aroun', and found but nothin'!"

The man bent on down, and got in that boys face,

"Cry like a babe and things'll fall into place"

The man he strolled off, whistlin' a bright tune
And the boy let tears fall, till the sun became moon

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Mar 7

Running in the race I don't want to be in
Wondering , Why am I running?
Why am I following?
Doing what others are doing .
It is not like I will win or I want to win .
I'd rather enjoy being at home , sitting
watching TV or just be sleeping.
Why am I on this field , racing ?
Why am I on this path
where i do not know where it leads ?

#run   #path   #race   #follow   #win   #notwin  

I wonder where to wander,
alone I am a loner;
once your mate-rover
but now just a harmless pushover
for my path is over
by turning a cold shoulder
to me, you alter into a voiceover
of my kismet, a veiled exposure.

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