She loves others too much because
She loves herself too little
She cares way too much because
She thinks they couldn't care less
She cries over their joy because
She has none of her own
She sees beauty in everything because
She sees none in herself
She gives everyone her heart because
No person has given her their's
She gives away her love because
She keeps none for herself
She tells them they're needed because
She feels that she's not
She mends other's souls because
Her's is already torn apart
She supports everyone because
She can't support herself
She saves the dying ones because
She's already dead inside
She helps people up because
She's already down
She helps others understand because
She does not know herself
She helps the tired find rest because
She cannot sleep at night
She says "have sweet dreams" because
She has none of her own
She pulls them out of the dark

Because that is her home.

February 22, 2017.
#love   #hate   #dark   #darkness   #joy   #sweet   #path   #she   #cries   #herself  
Elaise G
Elaise G
1 day ago

I dared not to repeat history,
To not repeat that life changing mistake, But different actions, same results.

I piece together this puzzle,
Oh so carefully.
From my experience in the past few months,
I've learned the things we did to fail.

But this isn't enough,
Not much information gathered.
And so, here am I walking on a similar path,
It feels like October 14th all over again.

I don't want this to end up like the 14th... not again... not him.
#friends   #past   #failure   #path   #school   #tragedy   #trouble   #months   #group   #14th  
Poetic T
Poetic T
4 days ago

Uttered whisperings
colliding within my thoughts
                                Shadowing my soul..
                       The raven uttered silently......

You walk the path of the dead..

#death   #path   #raven  

Of all the many roads I can take
May the easiest be far from me
And of all the faces that I see
May all the kindest smile at me
If ever I had words to say
They would tell you to run far away
And then if I had hands to hold
I would guide you down this narrow road

#poem   #life   #away   #hard   #run   #path   #easy   #choices   #road   #guide  

I follow the path through the sunlit trees to you
this moment shining,
cool breeze tickling skin,
birds singing I love you
dew grass glistening in the light
breath in I feel energy
nature's beauty all around me
as I think of kissing you, holding you
making love to you
your body meeting mine
skin on skin
like the first time
I opened my eyes

#love   #path   #sunlight  
Jan 28

Don't think that this is wrong
Don't think, embrace the feeling
Don't try to see the cons, the pros
Just stop and let it happen

Don't try to figure out
But try to feel and not to doubt
The moment's truth is inside of you
And only you can let it happen

Don't worry too much
Just feel the real touch
The beauty, the moment's obsession
And simply let it happen

The feeling's always worth it
Don't try to run away from it
That'll be so dishonest
Just let it happen and smile

Open up, right now
Embrace the feeling
The power, the notion
And finally let happen the emotion

No one will judge you, only your feeling counts, stop being afraid of yourself
Stop hiding in someone else's shape but yours
and better let it happen.

#love   #truth   #life   #reality   #mind   #path   #moment   #blowing   #spontaneous  

My heart is about
to leave, ready to ascend
then hover away

on the dusked wings of
her before my woe-hardened
rib cage could shatter

her. An exodus
of the chosen damned is her
new purpose to find

peace in the embrace,
the horizon's snowy clouds.
I would go after

her, but I'm rooted
here; this mandrake soil does not
let me depart, so

I let her set sail
and ask to be the very
sight of me; just to

watch over you while
you're about to blaze the new
path... From here, her bird's-eye view.

#love   #heart   #you   #path   #wings   #choka   #bird   #soil   #blaze  
Jan 8

The water tosses saddles within the mist
Scribbling a mesmerizing sunshine of gold
The rest is in her head, as it tail spins
Cold ankle shivers, waking waves of snow
Easing the sniffling sipper's imprisonment
Beneath the bungalow

#path   #sunshine   #head   #rest   #shiver   #spin   #scribble   #kidnap   #imprisonment   #sipper  
Jan 7

This is
a cattle nation,
an endless sea of
black and white
floating perpetually towards
a smudged horizon,
grey and faded and
seemingly farther away with
each step.

I feel confined in this world of
flat-irons and resumes
and the words
and the people who say the words
but really mean something else,
expecting me to speak in the same
cookie-cutter sentences and
plan out a logical progression of mundanity
to cloak myself behind,
placing my footsteps carefully
in the molding
that was set by the infinite
faceless people that trudged on
before me.

There is no fork in this path,
no place where it splits into
two strips of gravel,
but there is grass on either side,
waist-high and swaying rhythmically
in the breeze;
I step out of my molding,
out of my cloak
and there is mud soaking my feet,
grass grazing my bare knees
and I can see music
and hear color.
I look at the black and white creatures
who can see only shapes and shades
and their grey destination
and I turn around.

I feel free in this world of
choices and serenity,
allowing my feet to lead me
to where the tall grass
meets a pond;
my body caked in dirt,
my hair loose and curly,
my lungs full of air.
The wind whispers fervently,
words unlike
anything I have ever heard
telling me of that feeling
between hiccup-sobs
and moving on,
between being tied down
and pulling away,
reminding me of the
moments of calm and
moments of chaos that
eventually led me


Staring into the reflection in the pond,
where the transparency meets
the slow ripples,
and I see


leading the way
to my new destination.

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