Diána Bósa
Diána Bósa
1 hour ago

My heart is about
to leave, ready to ascend
then hover away

on the dusked wings of
her before my woe-hardened
rib cage could shatter

her. An exodus
of the chosen damned is her
new purpose to find

peace in the embrace,
the horizon's snowy clouds.
I would go after

her, but I'm rooted
here; this mandrake soil does not
let me depart, so

I let her set sail
and ask to be the very
sight of me; just to

watch over you while
you're about to blaze the new
path... From here, her bird's-eye view.

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Jan 11

Choices to choose
roads to take
take place
in this infinite-scape

supreme space of emptiness
captures nonsense
these turns in life
to avoid demise

granted a map of hope
from a buddhist, Christ or the pope
which way to go
a ship sets sail

lonely dying man
of three past wives
says to give family
the focus of light

God's law is supreme
as sexual fantasy is evil
primitive mistakes
of a designed mind

confusion settles in
as reality takes form
this life I've been given
a product of choice

I sit while time is ticking

the time it ticks, while lost in thought

the time it ticks, is all I've got.

I wish the voice was louder,
an internal guide
a guiding professional

oh show yourself
and I shall listen

My time of wander
will come to pass

#love   #peace   #hope   #relationship   #path   #safety   #choices  
Jan 8

The water tosses saddles within the mist
Scribbling a mesmerizing sunshine of gold
The rest is in her head, as it tail spins
Cold ankle shivers, waking waves of snow
Easing the sniffling sipper's imprisonment
Beneath the bungalow

#path   #sunshine   #head   #rest   #shiver   #spin   #scribble   #kidnap   #imprisonment   #sipper  
Jan 7

This is
a cattle nation,
an endless sea of
black and white
floating perpetually towards
a smudged horizon,
grey and faded and
seemingly farther away with
each step.

I feel confined in this world of
flat-irons and resumes
and the words
and the people who say the words
but really mean something else,
expecting me to speak in the same
cookie-cutter sentences and
plan out a logical progression of mundanity
to cloak myself behind,
placing my footsteps carefully
in the molding
that was set by the infinite
faceless people that trudged on
before me.

There is no fork in this path,
no place where it splits into
two strips of gravel,
but there is grass on either side,
waist-high and swaying rhythmically
in the breeze;
I step out of my molding,
out of my cloak
and there is mud soaking my feet,
grass grazing my bare knees
and I can see music
and hear color.
I look at the black and white creatures
who can see only shapes and shades
and their grey destination
and I turn around.

I feel free in this world of
choices and serenity,
allowing my feet to lead me
to where the tall grass
meets a pond;
my body caked in dirt,
my hair loose and curly,
my lungs full of air.
The wind whispers fervently,
words unlike
anything I have ever heard
telling me of that feeling
between hiccup-sobs
and moving on,
between being tied down
and pulling away,
reminding me of the
moments of calm and
moments of chaos that
eventually led me


Staring into the reflection in the pond,
where the transparency meets
the slow ripples,
and I see


leading the way
to my new destination.

m i a
m i a
Dec 28, 2016

life is currently kicking me in the back,
as my parents, teachers, and peers continue to tell me what i lack,
i silently listen and undertand that the words they tell me, are actually facts,
i really do need to get better at this and that,
but instead i walk outside the door of disbelief,
and on to a mat
that reads,
welcome to pursuing dreams and possibilities,

which leads

to paths of you becoming who you want to be. not your family or anyone choosing for you. only you. if you believe in yourself, there's no one that can stop you.
#truth   #life   #young   #insecure   #you   #path   #strong   #believe   #positive   #disbelief  
Grace Jordan
Grace Jordan
Dec 24, 2016

My heart has walked the line, finding its place in its world and the place in my world where you settle and its all a bit of a whirl.

For a woman who doesn't believe in soulmates, you've become a lovely enigma of where I can't picture my life without you and you are the only one I want. Where you are the only star bright enough for me to want to fall through the tremendous skies to try to catch.

Its my constant hypocrisy, looking at you and seeing this heart I want only for me, a heart that seems to be so attuned to my own beats. A heart that seems so fateful sometimes I wonder how there cannot be some sort of universal intervention to lead me to you. It was all by such chance. I never expected, or even truly asked, for you.

Yet here you are.

And as I blink into the dim starlight, I think I know what you are, and how I can live between my two philosophies of you being meant for me yet our souls being nothing but the best coincidence I've had the honor to experience.

Its like I've said, writing, if anything, is my soulmate. I was made to write, to caress words like a fabled lover. Writing is on my belt, always on my hip, burning at the tip of the bone and something that will never leave me, no matter what. It is my personal and promised companion in an uncertain universe.

Yet something, in my darkest hours, sent me the brightest star I've ever seen to light my way and guide me towards my authorial happiest. True, I can nearly see less-lit paths in which I could be happy and even possibly, in a way, just as happy as this one.

But with writing on my hip, and this twinkle in my eye, you showed up and were everything I could have wished for and more.

That's what's so crazy about all of it; I even did wish for it, long ago when I was knee-deep in a passion for fantasy and true loves. I dreamt of a sandy hair boy with a flare for rebellion, loving all things unique. A man who liked to stick himself on motorcycles and see how fast they can go, who felt often alone but never let it ruin who he was. A person so strong yet so internally solitary a person like couldn't help but be magnetized.

I thought of my character as the hero, but oddly enough my proudest role for her, my facsimile, was to stand by the sandy-haired man and love him in his brilliance in a way only she could see. To be the only one to stand by him wherever life may lead, and be as damnedly brilliant right by his side.

But their connection and love?

It was the true protagonist of my stories of the Sander boy and his quirky girl.

Part of it is fantastically terrifying how much of them I see in us, of how much of my teenage love dream came true when I never asked it to. By the age of eighteen I had abandoned romance. I thought no one would want me, not the way I was. I didn't think there would ever be a man, let alone a sandy-haired one, in my future.

And then there was you.

Its ludicrous. Its all madness, looking at you sometimes. I never thought I'd be so lucky. I never planned for you. Yet look where we are.

We're brilliant.

So in its own way, my ideas hold true. I don't quite believe in soulmates, for love is unexpected and telling yourself you only get it once is cold and painful. But I look at the paths before me and you illuminate the one that has me and you and it looks so beautiful.

I am writing and I am so happy, and you are so brilliant right next to me and we're so happy.

I could be happy elsewhere. But after knowing you and following you like the north star, letting your light be my guide, picking you out of all the stars I could have had....

I can't regret anything, and I can't picture myself loving anyone so brilliantly and passionately as I feel with you. I could be wrong, I could be a fool, but fuck it. Tonight, for every night I've known you, your brightness has surprised me and filled me with so much love.

For now, you are my north star, the thing that directs my path as I illuminate the night with you. I might be a pessimist, and maybe the universe did plan this all perfectly like a well-constructed art-piece. Or maybe I'm being an optimist, and we only found each other by luck, two ships in the night that happened to collide happily.

No matter the circumstances, there's no one else I love to traverse the infinite sky with more. After some polishing I've found my own brilliance, but with you it grows so much stronger.

I found in you what was lost in me, and I'll stay with you as long as you stay bright on me.

#love   #future   #stars   #strength   #universe   #path   #guide   #brilliance  
Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
Dec 19, 2016

I pause upon the path
a path that is well known
residing in my memories
decisions made, alone

The sum of all my choices
whether right, or wrong
amount to what I am
they always tag along

Experience, hard learned
scars healed, some still fresh
at this focal point in time
all of them, are meshed

Branching to the right
the thing that I should do
off to the left, the path
not thoroughly thought through

Always in the center
the one of greatest voice
the path of least resistance
the one, of neither choice.

Is always three choices, yes, no, do nothing.
I hate the latter :)
#alone   #path   #decisions  
Jon Thenes
Jon Thenes
Dec 9, 2016

Let's discuss The Redpath...

It's a way of base-studded energies

It is an expression of pains
With brief relief and heavy repercussions

It has ,in mind, the idea of a powerful hunter
But creates, instead, a coward of heady minded ignorant opportunity

It feeds with an already full and greasy belly

It's a wealth of pleasure exceeding to become sickness

It discards friends and favours ugly company

It is extremity
It is murder and criminal imagination stretched foul and giddy
It forsakes cloth less and honest art

It takes to the air but comes up biting

It rids horror
Only by taking the part of horrors drama until it bonds no more

It spacks you open
And spares you scrappy litter

It degrades you when it promised you bliss by annihilation
And sleep upon oblivion

There's just futility when you pound on the the remaining closed door with bratty fists of anguish

It's pollution ; a rotting expense
Don't play with The Redpath

                      - Coal bitter heart tar

#heart   #red   #path   #bitter   #coal   #tar  
Mo Issa
Mo Issa
Dec 8, 2016

As one road ends, another begins.
Let go of the old one,
never getting stuck on it.
Take fond memories,
but walk towards
a new one.
Be excited, bewildered and
Remain non-expectant.
Never comparing.
Never competing.
Life works in roads,
some steep upwards,
others steep downwards.
Life is a myriad of roads
that lead to nowhere.  
That’s why it’s all about
the different roads and how we
walk them.

#life   #path   #roads  
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