Eleanor Rigby
Eleanor Rigby
20 hours ago

From a distance behind glass doors
There he moves elegantly
Then disappears from my sight.

Suddenly at a time and a place
Quite in synch
He smiles at me
A shy smile like never before
Behind no glass door.

Then disappears from my sight

-- Eleanor

The Boy In the Red Shirt
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Ben Jr
Ben Jr
2 days ago

So I listen to the sweet melody,
That reminds me of you,
That slow love song,
That got me hooked on blues,

The soft beat of the drum,
And the silence after every piano key,
That low fading hum,
That brings you closer to me,

I listen to the music,
And the words beneath each rhyme,
I listen to the voice and lyrics,
To set me free from the cage of time,

I listen to each instrument,
That comforts me when you're gone,
Help me in each passing moment,
Till that time you come home,

#love   #home   #time   #you   #me   #melody   #gone   #song   #missing   #place  

The warmth of these walls welcomes me back
It's been awhile since I've been
Alive and well and in this place
When all around me was a buzz
I found myself alone at last
In a memory's cool and calm embrace
In love I once was with this place and still I am
For she is far more welcoming to me
Than all of the others
Who never cared for anything beyond the smiles upon my passing face
That is why I'll always love this place
For the role she played in my former life
I simply cannot pass her by
Without returning her cool embrace

Good to be back (:
#poem   #her   #embrace   #memory   #walls   #place   #cool   #scribbles   #sean  

You walk by and  smile
As  we pass  by
So fast  judge me  
Cut  me down with just  words
So fast  with lies
You  walk smile
As we  pass by
A sheep  trying  be wolf
Image  is  like clear  class window
I  wish i could say  sorry but that would be lie
You never  took  time to  see me
I am too complex   for you
All i can do was hit with those words  
Let  then over take your heart
But wait you never had one

#life   #fake   #why   #people   #when   #live   #place   #where  

I feel homesick for a place that doesn't exist.
I am homesick but I am at home.
Why am I homesick in my own home?
Where will I stop feeling homesick?
Everyone else feels safe at home.
When will I stop feeling homesick?
Do I even need a home?

#home   #need   #stop   #safe   #sick   #exist   #feel   #place   #homesick   #everyone  
Ben Jr
Ben Jr
Mar 17

She just sat there,
With the ring in her hands,
Of every word he'd ever said,

The smile on his face,
And the joy he'd bring,
The place where they met,
And how her heart bloom like a flower in spring,

She just sat there,
Wondering of what's next,
And without a word of care,
She thought of the future in place,

She just sat there,
"Nothing's left for me",
Said it'll soon be over,
With nothing but a sip of this,

#love   #suicide   #thoughts   #lover   #over   #decisions   #place  
Ben Jr
Ben Jr
Mar 12

I've never known peace,
To me its a ghost without a face,
I only know of complete silence,
For its what keeps me in place,

I've never known peace,
Even at the times of joy,
I smile for the sake of appearance,
Coz deep inside all I know is misery,

I've never known peace,
Even when my heart finds rest,
It seems like I've always struggled to exist,
Running out of air inside my chest,

I've never known peace,
That warm feeling within my soul,
That effortless breathing I've been told,
That "its okay" and "let it go",

I've never known peace,
Beyond that of an infant child,
Who smiles from the dreams unlimited with time,
And the calmness that comes from his untroubled mind,

I've never known peace,
Even when I had all for which I've ever wished,
I guess its just me,
And am the only one who can give me this,

#peace   #heart   #hurt   #breathe   #child   #place  

This evening,
slow drizzling,
peace accompanying
eyes drooping
And I start dreaming

This land , I go
The place no one knows

There are unicorns , there are fairies
There are roses , there are lilies
There is rainbow ,There is waterfall
But there is no worry at all

This is my hiding place ,
A place ,where my joy stays
A place ,where stress goes away
A place ,where I hideaway from trouble
A place , where I stay inside the bubble
A place that protects me from reality

#dream   #hide   #place   #hidingplace  

I scream to you

scream right to your face

and I wanna be true

and put you in place.

But maybe when I scream

is when you can't hear me

and just to dream

about finally being free

#hear   #true   #i   #scream   #you   #maybe   #face   #right   #english   #place  
Feb 26

my time table is worked down till the last seconds of every day,
every minute creeps around the clock only to shiver and die.

we're all on schedule, we're all here for finite moments that float away.

but isn't it only fun when
you're at the wrong place at the right time?

How was your day, and/or what do you hope to achieve today? Let me know below! :D
#life   #days   #time   #wrong   #right   #college   #moments   #work   #place   #schedule  
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