Arjun Raj
Arjun Raj
1 day ago

Fortunately the belongings i have,
is the drive to live
and the will to persist,
both light luggage,
when we move from a place to another
and then to

Where do we belong
when we don't belong anywhere but where we are
at the moment?

The real question is,
why should we really care?

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Special place...

a special place inside my heart...
special sensitive point that only you can touch...

a point that i can feel within your touch...
a place so deep inside me...

that I can go and feel you close...

feel your touch through your voice...

near me wherever i go...

a bloody artery runs through the ear to the core of my heart...

to stay there...

into the core so deep inside..

into my core heart you are..

there where i can feel you and your touch...

special lover...

special sweetheart owned a special place...

special sensitive place into my heart...

owned by a special lover...

the lover, who is you...

from this special heart which you owned...

sending only for you a special hugs...

hazem al ...

#place   #special  

I want to pay homage
to the busted streets and broken cottages,
where everyday people are destroyed
with lies and filthy promises.

You see, these are my streets
that I walked with my feet,
Brothers and sisters,
graffiti tagged and full of disease.

This is the place where I broke bones,
Layed down sidewalks full of racial undertones,
With guns ablazing and
suicides growing old.

Gang signs tagged on every street corner,
did you hear the gun shot?
Yellin' loud I tried to warn ya

Mama, why does it always have to be?
I lost another brother here by my feet.
I am filled with emotions
now gone with deceit

God, Please stop this pain that
flows inside my veins,
the agony, the injury, the silence
the insane.

I can't continue one more step,
this place I call my home
has turned into a wreck.
Lives are destroyed, twisted and upset.

So, look around.
This is my neighborhood.
This is where I belong.
With the busted up sidewalks, I stand strong.

We can not turn back time,
we can only help correct lives.
So let's turn the pages people
and unite not divide.

My little piece of how I see this country right now.
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Jan 11

There is a sweet
scented place
where all the Earth
melts into air
and I float,
weightless, in bliss,

If I could lay my head
on this spot
for all my life,
I'd snatch that deal
and swap for nothing
the peace I feel
as I sense your breath's
rise and fall,
and hear your heart's call.

That is the place
I value most.
and no one knows
the secret of  
this priceless plot
upon your chest.

#love   #heart   #secret   #plot   #bliss   #float   #place   #chest   #weightless   #pricelss  

Which dreams do not knock,
That doorway was my vision,
More than my spoken words,
My silent innings were there,
But whence your feet came,
Thence my world is on the move.

The place of God was empty in my heart,
I observed your face in there today.
I am that maverick cloud long lost,
Which settled finally upon your sky.

If you are the soul then let me be the body,
Let me be your lifelong shadow.
If you tell me to then I will only be a recluse,
Else if you tell me I'll be your glamour.
You are the accompaniment, I am the melody,
You are the night, I am the moonlight.

The place of God was empty in my heart,
I observed your face in there today.
I am that maverick cloud long lost,
Which settled finally upon your sky.

Let stars be merciful to us,
Let fulfilled every desire be.
The ones we kindled together,
Let a newborn life be ours.
Let our small house be filled,
No evil eye should disturb us.

The place of God was empty in my heart,
I observed your face in there today.
I am that maverick cloud long lost,
Which settled finally upon your sky.

My HP Poem #1369
©Atul Kaushal
#god   #empty   #wish   #own   #face   #wanderer   #place   #your   #command   #maverick  

Now I don't get nightmares,
Perhaps it was just a phase,
Yeah, she had a scary face.

But I never get good dreams either,
Not when I'm a sleeping monster,
Nor when awake without anger.

Here nobody does forever dock,
My heart is such a lonely rock,
Where dreams do not knock.

They come, park, and leave forever.
They only worsen my loneliness.

My HP Poem #1365
©Atul Kaushal
#heart   #not   #dreams   #my   #do   #is   #place   #where   #such   #knock  
Jan 4

Red sheets and the
Cool sides of my crimson pillow case.
Warm air
Breezes into my brand new place.
My fan is rotating
The birds are conversating
The sun will rise soon
And then it will be noon
And then the day will be done
But I'll still feel the sun
From my heart beat sheets
And my room, complete.

#first   #home   #sun   #happy   #content   #room   #requiem   #place   #complete   #apartment  
Wyatt R
Wyatt R
Jan 4

I was meant to never exist at all.
I have no place, no order here.
I want it so bad, so bad.
To just fade from what we are.
I want out.

They all stay in formation,
they all live in such fashion.
How can they function so simply
like kicking a pebble down the street?

Outcast! Outcast!
Circle the weak and banish the outcast!
Stay past! Stay past!
We'll keep you down, stuck in your past!

Strap me to the table
and do whatever you want.
I'm a prisoner in your show
and I know that it will never stop.
It won't stop!

#no   #place  

Plans are subjected to change
Ways of doing and getting things done change
The world is a fast changing place
A strong resolve that something certain will get worked out keeps everything in the present in it's proper shape.

Everything will be in it's place
Everything will get worked out while in present with regards to an uncertain future
Everything in present will find it's way in the right direction,
if intentions are in place,
only if they don't change while in present for short term gains, which cannot be termed as a secured future.

Kyle Kulseth
Kyle Kulseth
Dec 30, 2016

Rub these eyes.
What a misspent night.
I cast one die, tumbled through to light
               aimed away from
               where I left you
on a corner, towards a bender.
               ...You know...
Hung my hat
on these stupid hopes,
tried to steer us two on an icy road.
               Slid through stop signs,
               you stopped speaking.
Anyway, I'm flying out tomorrow.

Tired as Hell
switch planes in Minneapolis
On the way from Richmond to Montana
This far North,
     the snow is never far away.
               Last one through
                       the gate
               and still sleeping.

Slug this Fall
down in airport bars.
A snowbound move, but I got disarmed.
               so I aim to
         where I came from
Gift myself with what's familiar
               ...You know...
Out here there's
not a lot of noise.
A few pinned dots between the bullet points.
               Here it gets cold,
               just a few miles
from the real Continental Divide.

Head dipped down,
and shoulder leaned windward.
Take two steps, try calling in the morning.
This far North,
     some flights can get grounded.
               Not much
          here and Seattle.

Heavy coats
and fortified spirits
keep us warm between our vacations.
This far North
     no Saints to preserve us.
               Not much
          here and Seattle.

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