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my time table is worked down till the last seconds of every day,
every minute creeps around the clock only to shiver and die.

we're all on schedule, we're all here for finite moments that float away.

but isn't it only fun when
you're at the wrong place at the right time?

How was your day, and/or what do you hope to achieve today? Let me know below! :D
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Korea is my beautiful shining rose,
With very sharp thorn,
That pierce my heart every day.

To truly love a place or someone.
You need to learn everything you can about them.
Both their beauty and ugliness is what makes them whole.

You need to touch their hand,
Look into their eyes.
And see their Soul.

I still have much to grasp,
About this land, I drift to in my dreams.
I need to fly home to my distant past, to Joseon.

Korea is my beautiful shining rose,
That, I will touch one day in this life or the next.

Copyright  © 2017 All Rights Reserved. Ronald J Chapman

Shining Rose Poetry Reading and Picture
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Would that we were a tortoise, or a snail,
A portable house for a lifelong trail,
You could take your home without fail,
Add a letterbox for your mail,
A human tortoise or a snail,
A mobile home along the trail..........

Feedback welcome. A whimsy.
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It's not the time for a boyfriend
It's not
And I am not just saying

I am in between
My life is within
It's not the right time for a boyfriend

No relationship would be right right now
I am not myself
I have to figure out

Everything is changing now
It is transformation time

And all in all
That's what I am trying to say
It's not the right time for a boyfriend
It's not.

Laying in bed
Somehow a film
Has got me moving
Got me seeking
Seeking a thrill
A thrill for creativity
Not a perfect place
Nor perfect lighting
I play with reflections
Until she looks back at me
All the voices quite
It's just me and you
And we flow
With the essence of surprise

Arjun Raj
Arjun Raj
Jan 23

Fortunately the belongings i have,
is the drive to live
and the will to persist,
both light luggage,
when we move from a place to another
and then to

Where do we belong
when we don't belong anywhere but where we are
at the moment?

The real question is,
why should we really care?

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Special place...

a special place inside my heart...
special sensitive point that only you can touch...

a point that i can feel within your touch...
a place so deep inside me...

that I can go and feel you close...

feel your touch through your voice...

near me wherever i go...

a bloody artery runs through the ear to the core of my heart...

to stay there...

into the core so deep inside..

into my core heart you are..

there where i can feel you and your touch...

special lover...

special sweetheart owned a special place...

special sensitive place into my heart...

owned by a special lover...

the lover, who is you...

from this special heart which you owned...

sending only for you a special hugs...

hazem al ...

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I want to pay homage
to the busted streets and broken cottages,
where everyday people are destroyed
with lies and filthy promises.

You see, these are my streets
that I walked with my feet,
Brothers and sisters,
graffiti tagged and full of disease.

This is the place where I broke bones,
Layed down sidewalks full of racial undertones,
With guns ablazing and
suicides growing old.

Gang signs tagged on every street corner,
did you hear the gun shot?
Yellin' loud I tried to warn ya

Mama, why does it always have to be?
I lost another brother here by my feet.
I am filled with emotions
now gone with deceit

God, Please stop this pain that
flows inside my veins,
the agony, the injury, the silence
the insane.

I can't continue one more step,
this place I call my home
has turned into a wreck.
Lives are destroyed, twisted and upset.

So, look around.
This is my neighborhood.
This is where I belong.
With the busted up sidewalks, I stand strong.

We can not turn back time,
we can only help correct lives.
So let's turn the pages people
and unite not divide.

My little piece of how I see this country right now.
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Jan 11

There is a sweet
scented place
where all the Earth
melts into air
and I float,
weightless, in bliss,

If I could lay my head
on this spot
for all my life,
I'd snatch that deal
and swap for nothing
the peace I feel
as I sense your breath's
rise and fall,
and hear your heart's call.

That is the place
I value most.
and no one knows
the secret of  
this priceless plot
upon your chest.

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Which dreams do not knock,
That doorway was my vision,
More than my spoken words,
My silent innings were there,
But whence your feet came,
Thence my world is on the move.

The place of God was empty in my heart,
I observed your face in there today.
I am that maverick cloud long lost,
Which settled finally upon your sky.

If you are the soul then let me be the body,
Let me be your lifelong shadow.
If you tell me to then I will only be a recluse,
Else if you tell me I'll be your glamour.
You are the accompaniment, I am the melody,
You are the night, I am the moonlight.

The place of God was empty in my heart,
I observed your face in there today.
I am that maverick cloud long lost,
Which settled finally upon your sky.

Let stars be merciful to us,
Let fulfilled every desire be.
The ones we kindled together,
Let a newborn life be ours.
Let our small house be filled,
No evil eye should disturb us.

The place of God was empty in my heart,
I observed your face in there today.
I am that maverick cloud long lost,
Which settled finally upon your sky.

My HP Poem #1369
©Atul Kaushal
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