You have always dreamed of aviation,
cellophane wings glued to your heartstrings--
my marionette lover of hopes hanging high
enough to abolish the air from heavy lungs.

I watch your cavern chest rise but never fall,
tsunami tides engraved permanently airborne,
intertwining hands with time as suspension
silences destruction.

Time does not exist here--only periwinkle
veins illuminated by morning light,
wispy eyelashes beginning their ascension.

You are all light, and altitude, and grace.

I am grounded, tethered to comfort, but
the curvature of your spine breathes sanctuary.
Your shoulders-- broad, significant--
as if to fingerpaint the alpines you will ascend
once the wrath of gravity is conquered.

When your parachute soul finally gathers
enough strength to pilot the destined flight,
I hope you remember to save
a window seat for my heart.

#love   #dream   #gravity   #heart   #future   #space   #soul   #plane   #flight   #airplane  

Today was one of those days
Where nothing goes wrong
But still life has its ways
Where it all feels too long

Nothing really happened
The world didn't end
But still you feel a rend
It's like your hearts a little bent

For no particular reason
Yiu just keep failing
Its not simply a season
And for an instant you think about bailing

But you keep on pushing
And you just have to trust
Its like your on a wing
And suddenly you see rust
And your heart leaps
But deep inside
Your heart still beats
Because you see the wing is wide
And you know you can trust
In the pikot of the plane
And though occasionally
Your faith will wain
The pilots is better than Sully
So you keep your head up
And thank your lucky stars
That your above all these cars
That you can see the world
And so you breathe and look out
And you smile and lose your doubt
Because you put your faith
Not in the plane
But in the one who flies it.

#trust   #god   #day   #plane   #rough  
Emma S
Jan 11

Taking that first magical step out of the plane. The heat strikes you, the humidity is overwhelming.
Taking a seat in the first taxi. The prettiest of palm trees, magnificent skyscrapers trying to reach over the clouds.
Smoking the first cigarette, drinking the first drink.
New people, old people, bars, laughter, beaches, tattoos, sunshine.

Taking that first dreadful step out of the plane.
The cold punches you, the dry air takes your breath away.
Taking a seat in the old familiar car. Cold grey snow trying to stay on the highway.
Smoking only half a cigarette, it's better to be inside.
Old people, old news, grey skies, still the tattoos but lack of sunshine.

Snap out of it. Back to reality.
Bring me back soon.

#sun   #happiness   #tattoos   #cigarette   #travel   #beach   #plane   #miami  
Audrey Maday
Audrey Maday
Nov 20, 2016

I spend my life in exit rows
Ready to pull the door at moments notice
And escape

#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #heart   #pain   #hurt   #escape   #travel   #exit   #plane  
Devin Ortiz
Devin Ortiz
Oct 12, 2016

Tonight I get on a plane
Back home, to the place
That I left behind. The place
Where I packed up my things
Where I say goodbye and left.

But tonight I'll return. I wonder
What that will that be like. To return
To go back. How will I feel. Shall
Nostalgia take over and nuzzle me
As I embrace sweeter memories.

Or as I predict, will I learn that,
I can never go back. That what I
Left behind will never be. And that
Now, where I am, before this plane
Before I return is what waits for me.

#home   #future   #past   #nostalgia   #flying   #decisions   #present   #plane  
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones
Oct 6, 2016

So there was this boy, actually my little brother
He was, uh, on an airplane and
He's flying to come home to me and my dad
Sailing above the largest ocean
On planet Earth and he was seated
Next to this woman who
He tried his best to make conversation
And really the only thing
My brother heard her say was to order a sprite
The woman was sitting there and she's reading
This, This really arduous magazine article about a
Third world country that she couldn't
Even pronounce the name of and
My brother's feeling very bored and very despondent
And then, suddenly there's this huge mechanical failure and one of the engines gave out
And they started just falling, thirty thousand feet
And the pilot's on the microphone and he's saying
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Oh My God, I'm Sorry"
And apologizing and he looks at the woman and he says
"Where are we going?" and she looks at him and she says
"We're going to a party, it, it's a birthday party
It's your birthday party, happy birthday darling
We love you very, very, very, very, very, very, very much."
And then, uh, she starts humming this little tune
Right before--

#depressing   #sad   #death   #happy   #good   #bad   #uplifting   #plane   #brother  
Aug 31, 2016

anxiety kicks down the door
and holds you at gunpoint-
he, who is the most unforgiving of all,
does not care where you come from,
what you’re doing, who you’re with.
he hijacks the system. he takes over
the plane you were trained to fly. he
is a terrorist who you cannot escape
from and you cannot imprison.

you are not safe in your body.

first piece, edited
#anxiety   #system   #fly   #door   #plane   #holds   #unforgiving   #kicks   #gunpoint   #hijacks  
Aug 30, 2016

anxiety is a terrorist
who holds me at gun point
and hijacks the plane that
i should be flying.
i don't know where we're headed
or what i'm going to do.

i am not safe on my own.

#gun   #anxiety   #safe   #hold   #plane   #point   #terrorist   #headed   #terrorism   #hijacks  
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
Aug 16, 2016

From Banks House
I finish
the paper

Janice stands
next to me
will it fly?
She asks me

course it will
from up here
I tell her
it's a jet
sort of plane

I hold it
between my
thin fingers
and aim out
at the sky

we watch it
zoom outwards
then circle
then zigzag
downwards in
quick flight

it misses
the milkman
as he sits
on his horse
drawn wagon
full of milk

then skims down
to the ground
and crashes

didn't fly
very good
Janice says
looking down
from the brick

I guess not
top heavy
I tell her

it would have
made a good
paper hat
she replies
getting down
from the wall
of the brick

so we go
to get it
down the stairs

try again
Benny it
might fly well
if we try
once again

but as we
descend it
gets soaked by
falling rain.

#paper   #kids   #game   #plane   #1956  
Aug 14, 2016

Hope's expectation is
Carried by the wind,
A turbulent sky's ocean,
A heaven of jetted wings.

© Qwey.ku

#sky   #travel   #plane   #travelling   #airplane   #jet   #aeroplane   #qb   #airtravel  
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