Ola Radka
Ola Radka
1 day ago

Rather than
known hills,
strange heavens...

Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard
4 days ago

Astral architecture hangs on the balance of my once fragile mind, now unbound and open to the potential of the Penrose Stairs that I climb. Infinity, I thought, was an innate idea man was not meant to understand, because if the universe is in fact infinite, into what does it expand?

Standing at the precipice of epiphany, teetering at the very cusp of clarity, it came to me in a monumental moment of sibylline singularity:

It expands into itself.

The thought was too profound to perceive, too ravenous to be satiated. Could this be at long last, the answer for which I have waited?

I realized that consciousness operates under a similar uniformity: the brain won't outgrow the head, but the mind will outgrow the body, and our echoes will radiate across the endlessness of existence, for all our forgotten frequencies are oblivious to the concept of distance.

We are all limitless beneath the veil of this perceived reality,
but only there are we human, and only then are we free.

Be Creative, be wild, be limitless - Imagine ...
explore the uncharted
~the less road travelled
~close your eyes open your soul to the majestic fantasy land -
and as the divided nature of wonders collided
~breath the air and be free

Idol Minos
Idol Minos
Oct 1, 2016

Exploding into countless pieces

travelling across vast distances of space


trembling with enormous amounts of power

I have surpassed the infinite

I hold the reins of time

slow it down, rewind it, fast forward

I polished the stars

set the sun ablaze

the planets I have put in motion

and that universe is but one page in my book

a book in an immense library

a library I have conjured with my mind’s power

my limitless imagination

Aug 13, 2016

Are feelings we have everyday,
To show others that each one of us,
Do things out of instinct.

Its that one thing that brings us closer,
As a nation,
As human beings,
To connect us all.

Sadness is so far,
From the other emotions,
Its Above the mountains,
And it grows cold.

But being loved,
That one emotion that makes us feel secure,
Like we mean something;

Jonesy 2016 © & K-mari 2016 ©

A joint poem by me and poet K-mari Ajani  Jones
Debbie Ogenyi
Debbie Ogenyi
Jun 26, 2016

Images in my mind so unreal
Images scattered like a puzzle
A puzzle that is impossible to fix
Yet in my hands,And I'm lost
What a shattered frame
All I see is a shattered frame

I'm questioning myself,more questions
I'm seeking response from within but none
Till a ray of light began to shine
Pointing somewhere like a path to follow
It wasn't just a ray,it was hope

My mind is no more on the shattered frame
Just then I realised,I am not the fixer
How could I possibly be the fixer
There is one superior to all
Knowledgeable of all,and more than able
One Able,who was and is and is to come

Now the ray of light  points in a path
The end of which I Can not see
Thats how far I'm meant to go
Thats how limitless I am
My abilities, the strength that lies within
And the frame in my hands is making sense
The picture is forming
Its a new image,It is hope

Jun 22, 2016

My body is my own, for I shall not let any take advantage of my soul
I shall hold my heart in my hands at watch it beat
Open my mouth when my mind is full, or keep closed while I still think
Listen to the birds as they chirp and people when they speak
Let no grasp tighten too close
Keep my hands outward and my arms stretched if my vision is obscured
I will sing when my throat feels energized because I have no limits
Nothing to prove, but everything to experience

I may add more, but this is what I could inspire this morning
Shruthi Jothsana
Shruthi Jothsana
Jun 8, 2016

Falls for the
Earth, in turn
Gets rejected;

#love   #sky   #earth   #limitless  
Addison René
Addison René
May 4, 2016

i'm just feeling a little
at this profound amount of
but i swear love you so much it's completely
it's like time slows down and then i become

K Balachandran
K Balachandran
Mar 19, 2016

You sit in silence, on lotus
deeply meditate, in the end
recount the tale of life, simple
for a moment,in a nutshell,
the sky of your mind is clear.

But materials of millions
of light years in our tale
is beyond retrievable limits,
on that no confirmation
is needed, simple logic will
tell you that the life you live
couldn't be an isolated one
every one of the neurons
of your brain, is a star in this
thickly braided, interwoven 
 universes, that die and take birth.

Before and after simply
must be there, but, as it is
out of bounds for the senses,
limited to a time and space
we are groping in the dark.

So what now, don't you
want to go beyond --
in to the ocean where
human logic can't stand,
and end the intergalactic
expedition with light
and darkness as references.

Break the final barrier
exploring  the universe within,
decide to be the light
undiminished for ever;
embrace enlightenment
breaking the golden chain
that ties down,  desires.

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