Callum Ray Foster
Callum Ray Foster
Nov 12, 2016

He who can balance the words
'power' and 'limitations' in his hands;
understands soundly
the definition of responsibility
and it's burden upon his shoulders.

To rule the world justly
is to bare the labours of Atlas.

Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Oct 29, 2016

किसी ख्वाब का कभी ऐतबार ना करना,
दोस्ती की हदों को कभी पार मत करना,
खो दोगे उसे हमेशा के लिये,
जो अच्छा लगे उसे कभी प्यार मत करना...

Kisi khwaab ka kabhi aetbaar na karna,
Dosti ki hadon ko kabhi paar mat karna,
Kho doge use hamesha ke liye,
Jo acchha lage use kabhi pyaar mat karna...

Trust merely a dream never,
Cross friendship's limits never,
You will lose them for forever,
Who you like must be loved never...

HP Poem #1227
©Atul Kaushal
#dream   #trust   #friendship   #a   #never   #forever   #cross   #lose   #limits   #merely  
Oct 9, 2016

writers blindly teach hundreds
awakening them from a trance

reborn people seek the limits and abandon responsibility for a ticket to uncertainty
--a wonderous divison of life

Sep 1, 2016

know yourself and your capabilities,
                                   understand your limitations

Rebel Heart
Rebel Heart
Jul 20, 2016

When you want something
When you know it is within reach
Like water and bread within an inch of the bars of your jail
A jail which keeps you as only prisoner

Life is joy
Life is fair
Life isn’t fair
Life is cruel

To know your limits
To know you will never be able to surpass them
To know that you will never be accepted
It’s eating me up inside

Every week
Every year
Until the day I die

I want to be a part of every day’s course
I want to work I want to celebrate
I want to try I want to fail
I want to live

But the mind cannot keep up
It tires the body to the very core
To see everyone walking past me
Leaving me behind

It makes me sad
It makes me want to cry
But I can’t
If I could express these feelings of mine

Being a prisoner of your own mind
To know and to experience
I wish I was just ignorant and dumb
Being smart but never being able to use it

Even a prisoner needs to move forward
A life without a goal isn’t worth living
I don’t condemn my life
I just wished there would be someone who understands

I know that I will be a prisoner for life
But it would mean so much
If there would be someone
Who would reach out to me

Because it’s just within reach
The water and bread
In this lonely prison
Within my mind

Living with Autism isn't easy, I enjoy my life but sometimes it is hard to accept that even with all the capabilities that I got, I will never be able to use them freely.

There are so many things I want, so less chances and opportunities to make it happen. And to know that there are so few people who understand.

Sometimes it makes it hard, but I will never stop trying.
stefania rivoltini
stefania rivoltini
Jul 11, 2016

in  a reality
made of cubes
huge cold cubes
your dreams
shot down
by inability
by ineptitude
by your limits
defined by the black voice
of a giant nobody
your occured
conscious mediocrity

We are being put at our limits
No where to turn except to the hate, pain, and suffering.
Because everywhere we go it haunts us.
We can't even be positive if we try,
'Cause behind the happiness
Is where the negativity lies.
We are told "Sometimes you have to go though the darkness of the tunnel to get to the light."
But why have to go through that pain?
Because someone else wanted to hate?
All the pain does is break you down into the littlest of the bread crumbs fed to a pigeon at a local park.
And what if we don't get to the light at all?
'Cause our limits are shattered and broken beyond compare,
Never to be fixed.

#life   #stress   #limits  
Jordan Bryson
Jordan Bryson
May 18, 2016

Say "hello!" to the little-orange friends, with them our mind extends; and further. Or is far?
Please drive slow, crawling level with the wheels of the car. Look, it's that space, the "old place"; remembering that face. From her lips, my past, I trace.
Definitions tend to change. The way they are described sounds so strange. Oh, you fickle little words, or more so, you ink scribbles resembling flocks of birds.
I have been asked to descry meaning from you, from such language.  It's a clairvoyant mission that will only promise me anguish. My mortality,  my fears, all of the limits holding me shall be broken and  then finally, my own identity, I'll vanquish.

D Lowell Wilder
D Lowell Wilder
May 10, 2016

Chant with me. The words. Mea
Culpa. I am sorry it’s almost always
English.  Je suis desolee.
But, the Power
of our club is your language and mine are blood kin.
I may not understand your meaning, but if you’re writing:
I will get your Drift.

Always moved and grateful that so many writers share their work here.  Thank you!
#of   #gratitude   #writers   #english   #many   #limits   #languages  
K Balachandran
K Balachandran
May 8, 2016

In the wondrous story book of night,
               I fully absorb and contemplate,
You were the one omnipresent,
               in light years far and flames near.

                                   As orbs of light, in many intensities and hues
                                                     the ray of infinite grace that envelops,
                                      That feels like the caressing of lotus petals,
                                                    was you my eternal beloved.

Soft, frothing moon light has been
         at times of pain my true consolation,
The moving comet my source of wonder,
          that takes me to you in imagination.

                                             A reader, I was keenly searching.
                                                      ­for meanings of things in light and dark
                                               Being another character formed
                                                        of­ dust sedimented from many stars.

You are enshrined in the diamond
               temple of my mind's still center
making you my lover was
               in honor of my yen for sublime.

                                               The story book of night has pages
                                                         on spirited mornings, noons and dusk
                                                  your benign presence in each step,
                                                           ­ moves galaxies and milky ways.

I see your moving eye brows
   in the tumult of dark rain clouds,
Your intense eyes flash love to me
    when in pain,if  I feel some doubt,

                                                     In waves one after another of ocean,
                                                          ­   your hands embrace me to assure,
                                                       mountain wind from far distance
                                                        ­     brings your songs nightingales sing.

I am a living monument that's breathed
         from the elements , to keep on loving you
not ever a  jealous lover,I am like  a millioner
       ready to sacrifice all just for your presence.

                                                Is there any other lover with such care
                                                  who bring  boundless grace, like you?
                                                   you've the very same eyes of my mother
                                                          ­ that reach me the moment I fall.

In days I am moving within a dream
       for which, you are the creator, moving spirit,
I turn the pages of storybook of night
   whenever I want to be closer to your warmth.

                                                    A mirror you are reflecting my candor,
,                                                        ­ more than anything I ever yearned for,
                                                     You are the river that flows along  me,
                                                      ­   to the ocean, eternally seething in wait.

#love   #moon   #night   #star   #journey   #eternity   #limits   #galaxies   #nightsky  
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