Jan 11


to fall in love with a poet.

How strange it would be

writers of darkness who share their nonsense

in passionate form.

I'd fall in love with a poet

to dream with her

of what could be.

Oh to dream,

of one who understands me.

Is it you miss poet,

is it you

who understands me?

Ami Shae
Ami Shae
Dec 18, 2016

I dove in head first--
didn't think about it
let the huge bubble
around me burst--
ignored the warning signs
of shallow water all around
not the least fearful
of landing on the ground
instead of the murky, watery sea--
but the ground came fast
and slammed right into me--
still I got my ass right back up again
and climbed that huge ladder
all determined to be the one to win
and jumped this time feet first--
and yep,
still made that bubble burst,
but this time I landed smack into the sea
and swam far, far away from here
seems it was finally my time to just be free!

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Ignatius Hosiana
Ignatius Hosiana
Dec 13, 2016

Sometimes you need to be that person even you
doubted you'd ever be to reach those dreams that
were so far from reality and score such goals you
thought you never could... Sometimes you need
to tighten your fist of faith and beat the odds
for if you hit hard, even fate can hit the canvas...

Black Jewelz
Black Jewelz
Sep 28, 2016

Channel your energy.

Then don't change the channel.

Channel your energy.

Then don't drain the channel.

Guen Sy
Guen Sy
Sep 15, 2016

you love how your sun rises bright
though she always sets by noon
i promise to be by your side
like the persistence of the moon

but let me know if her brightness stings
if its past dawn and u couldnt sleep
let my waning light meet ur skin
take shelter in my muted dim

let my downy embrace envelope
your every lesion
cautiously i will stroke
every region
she must have missed

but who can blame her
no one is ever surprised about this
you can leave anyone in distrait
with that wicked smile on your face

now as we are on the verge of daybreak
shes rises back as a ravishing view
always as beautiful as our eyes can take
so who can blame you?

Renee 'Wisera'
Renee 'Wisera'
Aug 19, 2016

How did I become such a loser
How can I make my life better
How can I get all this done
How long can I go on

Amjad Alkadasi
Amjad Alkadasi
Aug 5, 2016

Struggle has been always
My eternal aim
As everybody makes me feel
It's a shame

As I will never give a damn
Or think to say something the same
Once they ponder or think it's ephemeral
I'd say it will continue to my funeral

I doubt them saying that's insane
As I'll just say the same

Since I knew them dooming
Goals and aims
and will always be looming

As you know hopes will haunt my thinking
sounds like they are trying to exorcise my dreaming
Creepy so it seems, I hope them thinking about conjuring
They are just virtues which are residing

It doesn't hurt that much,
I got my plenty sources who have been
And will always be
Supporting and backing.

So as I bet they simulate epics,
no hunch and so positive I am
they can be psychics
and shrinks.

Spike Harper
Spike Harper
Jul 28, 2016

For what it worth.
Every inch of me.
In pain.
And agony...
Not in the way you.
I anger.
At all the moments that remain.
Tucked away.
The quiet.
Deafens me.
Torment in the likes of hidden emotions.
Behind pleasant smiles.
I come crawling.
I hunt the ever elusive affection.
Most nights it remains just out of reach.
I cannot deny.
This desire.
Regardless of what i have sustained.
Each wound evaporates by morning.
And with each new moon.
Do i become.
A more perfect hunter.

To my robin

It's not how many times I  retreat,
it's how many times I come back
that makes a man of a boy.

Peter Watkins
Peter Watkins
May 31, 2016

Always the road is long and arduous.
The objective distant, the journey perilous.
Above all, you need to be patient,
because the only way is persistence.

Though your feet may be bloodied
and your mettle truly tested,
it'll get easier as you progress
and it'll all be worth it in the end.
You may even get a lift, with luck,
from another who sees your merit.

Perhaps others will treat you poorer
and they will make your journey longer, harder...
Such toxic people should be avoided,
if you want to avoid the hard shoulder.
If need be, you can do this alone...
It's your journey, the route's not set in stone.

Maybe you'll gain companions:
lovers, friends, colleagues...
You'll exchange burdens, share care,
look after each other under one and other's stare.
This can be good, this can be distracting,
as long as it makes you happy, who's really counting?

Just don't let your dreams fall to the roadside.
Your ultimate goal, should never be thrown aside.
Trust yourself, know your limits,
but push yourself to the limit;
rise above the challenges and keep fighting,
until you finally get all you've been reaching.

The road was always long and arduous.
The objective now close, still it's perilous.
Above all, don't run out of patience,
because you still need persistence.

A metaphor for life in numerous ways. Life is a test of endurance with a little bit of luck. Some of us are dealt a better hand, to such a degree that not all of us can reach the top. But strong determination in the head of a steadfast personality can carry a person anywhere. Remember to keep trying and never give up; you can make it to that final goal!
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