Scarlet Keiller
Scarlet Keiller
22 hours ago

There is a girl somewhere, somehow;
impossible and true. She shouldn't exist -
she should have evaporated so long ago
yet somehow she kept on breathing and existing,
condensing and condensing
until she finally moved with solidity.
She sang in sorrowful silence,
was free in the terrors of the night,
lived and loved
regardless of the loss in her heart.
She survived because life told her not to
and now she is there, running
pure and clear as a dream,
wild and crazed bewilderment
shining in her alive eyes.
That Latin beauty, she is vivid and gleaming
in the light which shines
true and bright and effervescent.
She will be waiting for the liquid to return
and to dissolve into transparency once more but,
as she always forgets,
she will never die out.
We are all like her
in some way or another.

~~ For Katy. ~~
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Alexa Santini
Alexa Santini
4 days ago

You call it Trump's America
Like hate is something new
You blame just half of America
For something we all do

Human nature begs for us
To criticize and demean
While the only way to find a way
Is somewhere in between

To speak our mind freely
And honestly spread our words
To be kind and fair but also just
To speak what must be heard

For everyone to love themselves
For all to have a friend
For all a warm bed in the night
For every broken heart to mend

Something for all to strive for,
Peace, hope, and love
But humans always screw it up,
So we must ask God above

To keep everyone safe at night
And have liberty to say
How we feel, think, hope
And never discriminate as we pray

You call it Trump's America,
Like insults have never been thrown
I ask you please, before you hurt,
Take a look at only your own

Words, actions, deeds and intent
Make sure one has never been done
To hurt, scathe, to cause fear or pain
If you have, I ask you, run

To whom you have hurt and apologize
For whatever thing you undertook
For it is by forgiveness alone
That this world will clearly look

Upon what it has done
And what it can do
For before we move forward,
We must look backwards too

You call it Trump's America
But I see it as our own
A place with much good soil
For seeds of love to be sown

Look around our America
And see what you can do
To spread the seeds of peace
And maybe water them too

"Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you,"
--Calling anyone names is never going to get anyone anywhere. --Sadly, all of America is tied up in petty fights, when there are so many people without basic needs in this world. --We are all responsible for the words and actions we say and take. --Put someone else before yourself today- and see what happens. --If everyone is a teensy bit better every day, this world will soon improve drastically.--
#love   #peace   #world   #america   #forward   #kind   #hypocrite   #apology   #forgive   #trump  
Timothy hill
5 days ago

Transduction, she was of power towers above a world with unlimited

Eltric mood either or kind of style.

You and me forward no back wards.

Center of a pulse are nozzle pours freely.

Warriors of time always on her side.

Molding reason, and never waves of good bye.

Failures only occurs when guilt gets its way.

Minds think minds blink so how or why do we age.

Age is not meant into death.

Think of death as a whole with bits missing.

Drinks are funny-ly spelled to mandela effect possibly.

Diet sodas for instances die t.

Die is nighters or resume of false death.

"Die is actually, dimensions is every thing.

When you think of a flower in full brilliance and color.

It glows green, and pink in certain growth stages.

Female the word is made in the same purpose.

Fe is iron on the periodic table.

Hence the word female strong male.

The metrics of life.
#love   #life   #mystery   #soul   #kind   #grit  
Hailey Allen
Hailey Allen
5 days ago

A person can want,
But will he get?

It's like saying he's crippled,
But can he sit?

You can desire
For a kind word
Or be a liar
Now that's absurd

I didn't expect a like
But I was amazed that some were polite

All I'm trying to say
Is that with your kind words you made my day!

Thankyou, everyone, for liking my poem called Like.
#love   #poem   #like   #kind   #encouragement  
5 days ago

i have been blessed,
and oh baby
you’re my kind of man.
you drive me crazy,
and you’re driving me mad.
i’m fine with it, it’s no hassle at all.
as long i can be with you,
when it’s just the two of us.
i want you
and i need you to show me your world;
show me your paradise,
take me there, baby.

inspired by "my kind of woman" by mac demarco
#of   #perfect   #my   #kind   #youre  
WJ Thompson
WJ Thompson
7 days ago

I am fascinated and enamored
         by the jewelry of a woman's heart
who after being torn apart
         only grows softer, gentler, and kinder.

Just saw The Beauty and the Beast. Inspired. Though, I suppose this poem doesn't exactly capture what was happening in the movie, but it reminded me of a couple girls I've known.
#heart   #woman   #kind   #gentle  
Ben Jr
Ben Jr
Mar 18

Say we fix the people,
Make them honest and good,
Say we brush them rust to gold,
Into something we choose,

Say we dress them nicely,
Make them compassionate and kind,
Say they all became heroes we want them to be,
With a phenomenal strength in mind,

Say we abolish hate,
And we all throw love around,
Say we end all conflicts,
Every one puts their weapons to the ground,

Say we change this world,
Into something we'd want it to be,
Say its all possible,
And it starts with you and me,

#future   #world   #good   #people   #mind   #you   #me   #kind   #possible   #fix  

I am the rolled up sleeves before it's socially acceptable.  Before 3:00.
I am the rooftop climber and the moonlight gazer.  Swinging in the bitter wind.
I am the patient one.  The tag along.  Often kind but on my own.
And always off in my own mind.
Completely different.  And yet the same.
I am one.
  One of a certain kind.

Good luck.... (:
#poem   #poetry   #of   #one   #a   #kind   #verse   #scribbles   #sean   #certain  

by Arcassin Burnham

I feel like..i feel like,
i feel like being close to you is not gonna hurt...
if i run..if i run,
if i run out of time,this won't be good to you...
bet you you noticed,
bet you noticed all the times i was there for you...
i was saddened..i was saddened,
I was saddened by how you would react..
The miles of love we've ran for days has never came to pass and,
And each time we sacrifice something that never caved in,
Too many feelings we embark,
I've only loved you from the start , then it faded away in the dark.


Swearing this piece of cloth on this floor would remind me of all the playful times,
there is no secret that i use to love you more than you assumed i did when i was out of line,

And saying things i didn't mean,
it did not seem like it was a dream,
from kissing you in all the various forms in your possession when i bleed,
new blood,
of forgotten love making we created ,
i was thinking maybe it would be something more authenticated,
you mistake it,
for an open relation,
that wasn't so,
but you moved on like a central station,
and i..
Started from the bottom,
just add some rocks in..
Dealing with my problems,
containing my sins..


Mysterious Girl,
you don't have to owe the world a proven doubt at all,
when the only thing you do is fall,

like the leaves that posses gravity like we all do,
its not your fault but we all deserve to have a helping when
we have no way out of this hell we call a world in its weakened state as
when they relate to a common goal and a familiar phase,

Mysterious Girl,
Don't cry,
please dry those eyes cause the man himself will join us shortly.

#love   #words   #life   #darkness   #emotion   #feeling   #kind   #feels   #pleasant  
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