Kyle Fisher
Kyle Fisher
2 days ago

Skewed, and Angled.
Perception of time seems so vulnerable, at least able to be captured.. mangled.
Away it flies, yet draws closer by the second; quilted with its own set of rules and manners.. entangled.. in itself.
The ultimate healer, but kills all, besides itself, "In time." Dividing a fine line between happiness and misery..
Above rides the wind, and below, the waves.
Neither can go back, or skip ahead.

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6 days ago

drops of honeydew melon,
and soft summer kisses
powdered lemon pastries,
and late evening embraces

autumn breezes,
and gingerbread spices
midnight whispers,
and stories exchanged

frostbitten winter,
and silent nights
cider that burns,  
and the eyes of a stranger

did feelings fade,
are you letting go
tell me my love,
for only you know.


#love   #eyes   #kisses   #fall   #summer   #winter   #goodbye   #autumn   #stranger   #fade  
Alison Latres
Alison Latres
7 days ago

What's that sound, that lovely ring?
It calls my name and I slip away.
Don't miss my name, or anything..
It is just not my day.

Another slip from this world,
A dimensional gap in my mind.
I'm pulled away, and storms curl
On the outer and inside.

You call my name, I do not hear
I'm gone now, too late
Just like that, I disappear
And fully dissipate.

#life   #death   #people   #emotions   #gone   #things   #fade   #release  

the things other people say
can no longer cause me
to fade away
the voices inside
of my head
are killing me instead

it's completely obliterating me.
#words   #people   #say   #head   #myself   #inside   #voices   #fade  

As I gaze upon this white blanket of snow
I realize that forever there will be
so very much I do not know--
but one thing I do know beyond any doubt
is that someday when my world ends
you will forever hold and carry my heart about
and keep it safe, tucked inside with yours too
and our love, our warmth for one another
will forever live on just as the snowflakes do--
for even though they'll melt
and someday fade away
they'll reform again
some fine cold, winter's day
and when the snowflakes fall down to you
my heart will be embedded in them
and my love will be forever true...
(just as I know your love will forever be
with me too)
©Pamela Rae 1.06.2017

for those we leave behind...
#love   #heart   #fall   #winter   #true   #forever   #fade   #snowflakes  
Dec 13, 2016

memories fade like people...
people come, people go...
and with them.. so does everything you knew about them
but everyone has that one person...
who seems like they will never fade..
no matter how hard you try.

#leave   #memories   #people   #try   #everything   #fade  
Arcassin B
Arcassin B
Dec 8, 2016

By Arcassin Burnham

Touching The Skin,
Scriptures depend,
Doing things that sin won't be held accountable for then again,
Heart turned to stone in a matter of seconds way before the end,
We tempted to love and just give it a try but she left me for a friend,
Sacrificed a love for a another she was aiming after tricking me
Making me think that we could be a trustworthy couple that will
Handle anything when it comes to taking care,
I was ready for marriage and we all knew you didn't care,


Daffodils where the old well use to be laying out a piece
Of cloth in the moonlight,
My memory doesn't serve me well feeling all the things
That I feel held in this life.

#love   #words   #life   #loss   #lost   #lyrics   #marriage   #wait   #fade   #sentences  
Jan Harak
Jan Harak
Dec 5, 2016

I see you dancing in your words
and I see you smiling too
I hear the music of your life
that brought me to you
and into the night
carried by Pegasus
to reach the stars
those distant memories
until you fade out
a wonderful reverie

#star   #memory   #fade  
Maggie J
Maggie J
Nov 21, 2016

Why haven't you faded?
Why am I still nervous when I see you walk towards me?
Will we be awkward now?
We'll be awkward now.
We're easy
Will we know what to say?
We'll run dry within the hour.
We go on for days
Will we still like each other?
We'll realize we've grown apart.
We know each other 10 lifetimes and over and over again
I wish we didn't
It would make things so much easier
I want you to fade away
Bc I am afraid.
I am afraid of what it means
if you don't
that you aren't
that you haven't
I'm afraid it means I'm weak
I'm afraid it means I'm selfish
I'm afraid it means I'm the same
Please don't let me be the same.
As a year ago
A month ago
A day ago
I'm afraid bc I know you still love me
But I'm afraid to love you back now
Bc what if that means
I'm stuck forever?

If I can just let you go
If I can just not love you
If I can just let you fade
It means I've stepped forwards
Oh how backwards.
Shouldn't I want you to stay
As I change
And grow
And become...
In fact
I think it's all I've ever wanted
And I do
But I need more time.
Oh, my love.
I need more time.
Just to know it's real
Just in case it isn't
Don't fade just yet.
Not yet

Kayla Perkins
Kayla Perkins
Oct 27, 2016

I'm just a face for every picture,
Just a memory in your head.
Just that girl you won't remember,
Not a word I ever said..
I'm just a whisper in the wind,
Just a cold place in your heart.
Youll never remember me,
Though I was here from the start.
I'm a cold chill runnin up your spine,
Faint voice with a familiar song. .
I'm a shadow in the darkest night,
The one who was there when things went wrong.
Just a piece of broken art,
The footsteps in the snow.
The puzzle piece that doesnt fit,
But thats something you dont know.

Pay me no attention,
I'm just that dumb little girl,
Who couldn't seem to find her place,
In this messed up little world.

#love   #sad   #depression   #lonely   #world   #disappear   #corrupt   #fade   #messedup  
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