Druzzayne Rika
Druzzayne Rika
5 days ago

The beautiful memories
  made just yesterday
    faded way from eyes

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Mar 14

If we could wish ourselves away,
How many stars would be left to shine,
And how many would fade?

Hands turning white, clasped in prayer
Eyes closed tears flow where's her saviour?

Got a bad case of Old Mans Blues
Too young to feel like this, but what's my use?
Pining for a love that will never be mine,
And you wonder why I lie when you ask are you alright?
I'm not alright! I'm not fine! Why do I answer when I'm always lying!
Death defying but don't feel alive! Like something deep down has given up the fight!

I wanna scream! Just let me end
I wish to not exist, no point in pretence
Nothing is okay, everything's just the same
I wish I could fade so that no one, no one knows my name...

Let's burn it all, I'll ignite the fire
Just watch the smoke rise, higher and higher
Suffocate on the these toxic fumes
Skin bubbles and blisters, strained under abuse

It's almost time, can you feel it now?
The monster inside has finally devoured
Licks his lips and gnaws the bones...
Why am I always so cold, and so alone...?

Imagine we could wish ourselves away...
How many stars would be left to shine
And how many like me, would fade away....

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I can make a man light up a smoke
           the moment I walk into the room
and he wouldn't even know why
                       his fingers went fumbling for his cigarettes

He let love blind him once before
           and he replaced a crutch for
a crutch

I could let him touch my naked skin
          and promise I won't disappear
but I only prove to burn as bright as the tip of his cigarette
                       until I fade out for him too

#love   #cigarettes   #fade  

We’re fading, fading.
And I miss how you always felt like a fresh spring day under my fingertips.
I miss the colours you brought with your laugh; life wasn’t just all black and white.
But you disappeared into thin air, just like the smoke from my cigarettes.
I inhale, I exhale.  
I’ve tried to keep a piece of you with me in every word; in all those songs we danced to.
Why is it I can never cry, but I think about you telling me that god’s plan involves you leaving too soon, I can’t stop.
Crimson stains every pillowcase and the oceans of your eyes look like something I could get lost in but wouldn’t be able to get out of.
It all fades away;
The feeling of soft lips against pale skin.
All that’s really left is the ghost of your touches and this black and white sky I've been stuck under.

i love you seems so inadequate to describe what i feel for you.
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A flower in the midst of winter
You blossomed in my desolate heart
Just when I thought my winter had ended
And spring was about to come

You faded away

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sturdy stem of throns
a fragile soul grow
strung like barbwire
withering very slow

soft to the touch
older day by day
no longer admired
perfume fading away

folding over in sorrow
petals they slowly fade
from the dying rose
losing beauty it has made

last petal crumbles
dusting Earth's floor
for the dying rose
happiness is no more

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My body is drowning with sorrow today
but what I feel and write is nothing by cliche
my painful thoughts play
and I let my mind fade away

I used to hate being sensitive but now I just let it in. Pretty much to write shitty poetry, to share my misery for everyone to see.
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Jan 28

Through the light door I went..
I traveled through space passing by stars and nebulas..
I was on a trail made of different colored light beams..
I was going so fast..
But yet could not feel it..
It was as though I was not moving at all..
But I was..
And then I arrived!

I arrived to a place made entirely of light.  The structures, the ground, and even the people were all made of light.  All except me.  I could not see myself! It was very strange.  I was also invisible to everyone here.  I walked among the light world unnoticed to all.  I walked and walked until I was outside the light city.  I came upon a forest with light trees and grass.  I took a light trail and followed it to a river made of blue light.  The luminescent water flowed just like the water back home.  I then decided to head back to the city and found that the light trail I walked on is no longer lit.  In fact everywhere I had set foot seem to be losing its luster and shine.  What remained was a trail made of nothing but darkness.  My dark steps were being looked at by all the light beings.  I could sense a rise of panic.  What have I done!  I do not belong here! I need to get back!

A light world that knows no darkness
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Jan 27

Let us smoke and let us drink a little too much until we who are only but fragile creatures, fade.

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Skewed, and Angled.
Perception of time seems so vulnerable, at least able to be captured.. mangled.
Away it flies, yet draws closer by the second; quilted with its own set of rules and manners.. entangled.. in itself.
The ultimate healer, but kills all, besides itself, "In time." Dividing a fine line between happiness and misery..
Above rides the wind, and below, the waves.
Neither can go back, or skip ahead.

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