Welcome to my lil alcatraz
I know it looks real whereas,
these bars aren't real
just like these chains of steel

Im so tired of this fight
I just can't seem to find light
sitting in this corner of mine
sitting in this corner of mind
There must be a way
other then wait for my decay

I just hoped you would see,
believe me I not crazy !
Why can't you see how it's heavy ?
please, please just don't leave me.

Stewart barns
Stewart barns
Nov 4, 2016

Locked away all you see is four walls
A locked door,
Laying down wishing you was home
Phone calls, but no ones ever home
Try again tomorrow
Mail seems never to appear
They said they wrote you
But it never made it here
They threw away the key but
Couldn't take my mind
So every other night
I let my thoughts roam
I let my hands write
Let my soul rest
While I watch the time fly

#mind   #free   #room   #cell   #jail  

My head hurts, mom
Please come and take the pain away, mom
I'm not holding my breath, I can't breath
No one understands my brain, but me
The way I think, the path I've lain
and when the dead comes and whispers in my ear,
I'll make sure that you come and hear.
My tears keep stealing water from the ocean
and every effort I make ends in lost devotion.
My heart hurts, mom
Please come and take the pain away, mom
I don't know who I want near, mom
Everyone I want can't come here, mom
It's my natural instinct to run to you, mom
But, I try my hardest to show you I grew, mom
I'm not some little girl with an innocent mentality
But, I am someone who tries to escape reality
Two attempts and I've failed, mom
I'm feeling better but my mind is still jailed
I will keep my mind locked up for now
And only let thoughts out that you allow.

I hope you all like it. Let me know! -Roots
#mom   #reality   #thoughts   #now   #instinct   #mentality   #grew   #jail   #fail   #allow  

Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!
Your campaign crowds so chanted.
You took it in and smugly smiled
while they all railed and ranted.

But lock her up for what? I thought.
She's been investigated.
For alleged conflict of interest,
she has been exculpated.

So if such accusations,
when even proved untrue,
provide sufficient grounds for jail.
They'll have to lock up... You!

You can also see this and my other Trump poems at: www.trumpoet.com
Link to video of this poem: https://youtu.be/8hQso2tHwZM
Written January 14, 2017
#lock   #conflict   #interest   #prison   #jail   #donald   #trump   #clinton   #hillary  
Dec 24, 2016

Yesterday I wrote to a judge
on the behalf of an old friend
who has done the unthinkable.
“Sitting where you are,
Your Honor,
you could not possibly know
the boy”—the

What do you call it when
the desire of an “I
told you so!” stales
to nothingness.
Silence. Everybody
is invincible

“30 years.” the voice came through
the collect call from County.
“They gave me thirty, thanks
for nothing,” said the

But now there’s nothing for you,
but time and prison wine.

#drugs   #abuse   #anxiety   #ptsd   #prison   #crime   #substance   #jail  
Shannon Lee Rohn
Shannon Lee Rohn
Dec 23, 2016


How many chances do you need to get the hint?
How many times have you told me I’m a piece of shit?
The unforgiven man will go to hell,
Because he couldn’t stand after he fell,
How many times does it take to see that it’s real?
How many more times must it be for my heart to turn to steel?
God will not forgive you,
As you burn in hell,
God will not forgive you,
As you sit in an 8x10 cell,
We pray to God and end with Amen,
It’s not over again, 'cause it happens again,
The judge said
“If you strike her again you’ll go to jail,”
“I’ll send you to prison with no bail,”
The unforgiven man will no longer be,
The unforgiven man can no longer see… that
God will not forgive you,
As you burn in hell,
And God will not forgive you,
As you sit for your last time in jail,
That beautiful girl you had to kill,
Now you must know how it feels,
To sit in jail, and rot in Hell.


#hell   #abuse   #murder   #jail  
Isaac Middleton
Isaac Middleton
Dec 17, 2016

I am wrapped in a girl I say I love,
But I say it as I say half lies like, "that dress looks good on you."
her inability to form full coherent thoughts without at least the use of
"like, you know, blah blah blah,"
who expresses herself in vague pop culture catch phrases,
  she barely got a high school degree,
and I know, don't judge a fish on its tree-climbing abilities,
but I need one
who knows the intereor of Thoreau,
who knows the difference between Rembrandt and Picasso,
who feels the pain Alan Ginsberg felt
when he sat on the bay and cried to a sunflower, who can relate to a polar bear
when she looks it in the eye through zoo bars and says,  
"you and I are the same. And I'm so sorry."

I don't really know much.
#trapped   #bars   #recycle   #bear   #jail   #zoo   #reduce   #isaac   #polar   #reuse  
Erin Nicole
Erin Nicole
Nov 27, 2016

Years ago we sat there in the church.. talking away. You were the only one that got me. The only one that understood my life. You are my old friend. Best friend. Brother. Bub, I miss you so much! I can't wait 9 years. I can't wait till I am 23. I would do anything for you. When I have the money I will call you! When I am 18 I will come see you! There is no one on earth that could hold me back from seeing and talking to you. My parents don't like the fact your in my life and they don't like you. But screw it. Screw them. I am done and nothing can stop me now.

To my loyal and trusting brother Richard Allen Lima.
#love   #missing   #cuts   #brother   #missyou   #jail   #closedin   #behindbars  
Werner Scheepers
Nov 18, 2016

Slowly losing sight on the important things in life
Stuck on screens, different scenes
The endless pursuit of happiness
Just another day wasted by…

Living in an outside jail
Losing track of the beauty made
Seeing the world through postcard mail

Taking the same road
To the same place
For days on end…
Caged,in the same routine

Living in an outside jail
Losing track of the beauty made
Seeing the world through postcard mail

Just keep smiling
There will always be another sunset on the horizon
Just keep tryin'
One day we'll be sitting,looking out on the ocean...

#life   #world   #technology   #jail  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Oct 11, 2016

Shouldn't we make all the politicians,
Famous or not first bear as prerequisite,
Bear the mandatory minimum sentences?

It'll be really revolutionary for the civility,
For it could be revolutionized - the polity,
Won't it narrow down the differences?

HP Poem #1176
©Atul Kaushal
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