David P Carroll
David P Carroll
21 hours ago

We walk hand in hand
Together in the rain
Our lives never apart
Our hearts always together
We smile in the rain
Sing and dance in the rain
I hold you close and whisper
I love you, you smile
At me and kiss me you whisper
To me I love you forever
My dear sweetheart Dave
Only you could make
My heart smile as bright
No other man could
Truly love me as you
Do Dave I love forever
And Dave we shall
Never be torn apart.
David P Carroll.

David P Carroll
About David P Carroll
David P Carroll
David P Carroll
2 days ago

I love you my lover we sing a song of pure happiness and joy together forever our hearts will sing a song of joy and happiness forever beating together inside each other's hearts.

David P Carroll
I Love You
David P Carroll
David P Carroll
2 days ago

Our dream
Of pure happiness
Together forever
Loving you so much
Forever inside my heart
All I truly do is truly
Love you my one beautiful
Love forever together
Our love grows strong
Our hearts beating together in
Perfect harmony we smile
Forever together with love
Happiness our hearts
We grow in love forever
Our hearts entwined in
Love loving you forever
Is a perfect dream
Holding you in my
Arms forever our hearts
Smile as your heart melts
Into my warm heart
Our love is real together
Forever we shall always forever
Be truly deeply in love.

Always In Love
David P Carroll
David P Carroll
3 days ago

I take your hands
And kiss your lips
We embrace in true love
Our hearts beating together
In true love as I show you
True love forever we smile
And laugh our hearts
Smiling in true love
Forever together
In love I kiss you
Your heart smiles
Inside my heart
Always forever together
Your heart shall always
Smile inside my heart
Your truly beautiful
My only love forever
Inside my heart you
Will be truly loved forever
My beautiful pretty princess.

David P Carroll
True Love
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David P Carroll
David P Carroll
3 days ago

As I take your hand on life we share our pure love together forever inside each other's beating hearts always forever together our love is real our love is happiness with you forever I shall always be truly in love.

David P Carroll
David P Carroll
David P Carroll
4 days ago

As I take your hands
I look you in the eyes
I kiss you slowly
Run my fingers through
Your blonde golden
Hair together we share a passionate
Romantic moment of pure love
Our hearts beating together
Inside each other love is special
Always together forever in side
Each other's beating hearts
As I run my hands across your
In my arms kept warm always
Together forever you shall always
Be inside my beating heart our hearts smiling forever together always truly
In love.

David P Carroll
Always Truly In Love Together
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David P Carroll
David P Carroll
5 days ago

Oh she is
My baby my
Baby, baby girl
I need you in my
Arms tonight my
Baby I just wanna
Love you tonight oh baby
Let me love you forever
Your my baby forever
In my warm arms my
Beautiful baby shall
Always be in my arms.

David P Carroll
Oh She Is My Baby
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