David P Carroll
David P Carroll
2 hours ago

I take your hand
And look at you
Feel your hands
Hold you against
My beating heart
As I rub my head against
Your head out hearts
Beating together in
Perfect harmony
Our hearts slowly beating
In happiness as your heart
Melts into my heart
Our lives shine like the bright sun
Our happiness in born and together
Inside our beating hearts
We set off in pure love into
The magical warm sun.

David P Carroll
Our Love
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David P Carroll
David P Carroll
3 hours ago

As I rise in the
Morning sun
Seen your bright smile
Next to me makes my
Heart smile seen
You smile makes
Me whole holding you
Close to me
Is a perfect moment
For my heart to remember
Seen your perfect bright
Smile makes my day
Having you inside my
Heart forever is a magical dream
Come true having you
In my life is perfection
No other women could
Never put a smile on my
Heart no other women
Is everything as beautiful as you.

David P Carroll
Beauitful As You
#you   #as   #beauitful  

Always Loved
I hold her
Tightly loving
Her rightly
As I hold her
In my warm arms
She feels loved
And cherished
I kiss her neck
She moans
Of love
In my arms
Forever she
Will be and forever

David P Carroll
Always Loved
#always   #loved  

As we are in
Love we love
Each other
In love we are
Truly in love
Our perfect love
We will
Always be
In true love.

David P Carroll
In True Love
#love   #in   #true  

Oh my sweetheart
I'm in love
Your truly beautiful
Your bright smile
Makes my heart smile
Every day
I love you
I truly do
I'm so lucky
To have you
I truly am
I truly love you

David P Carroll

As I take your
Hands we smile
Deeply in love
Share our happiness
Share our laughter
We kiss in our
Perfect moment
Loving you
Forever is my dream
All I say to you is?

I truly love you......

David P Carroll
I Truly Love You
#love   #i   #you   #truly  

I no I'm truly
In love with you
I truly am
In love with you
As I cannot dream
No more
Reality is true
I'm truly in
Love with you.

David P Carroll
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