Delta Swingline
Delta Swingline
6 days ago

Over the logs and dirt of a camp ground, you still shine. A blazing, bright fire.

Fire is also an element of destruction, of rage, but also of love. The burning red love you have for someone.

But my favourite type of fire is blue fire. Looking like the polar opposite of burning red hot, blue fire is hotter than red.

And to think that a full rainbow can come out of the flames of chaos.

How beautiful is the colour of destruction...

Poetry prompt: Use the words "Red" and "Dirt" in you next poem. So here's what I got.
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By Arcassin Burnham

Watching the flame burn out quicker than most of the times
When I've seen a lot,
Going back to the times in school when I was an outcast and
The feelings were shot,
I'll put myself on display for enemies and envyers just to see,
I have confidence in myself like all you should have in empathy,
Still searching for a way to get out of this place but its still a
problem now,
too much sweat on my face and brow kinda leaked from depression
and disarray,
distorted vision and constant pacing in a room with a broken face,
Looking to the past,
i'm so glad you should ask how i'm doing every time you gain popularity,
turn around and laugh,
when i would speak to you in a world full of starving kids that don't
do half the things you do,
ignoring is key but later on in life you're gonna need someone to
vent to when your days are through.


Sometimes we could all look for love in 72 places at once,
And all the others just wanna criticize and bring you down,
instead of being positive they're blunt,
But they just need a little leg room , a leg room,
to get out this stress they afflict on you,
its hard to be positive i understand too,
by all these little reckless things that we do,
we need a little leg room , leg room;
decisions don't come easy when we choose,
Be around people that'll understand you,
by all the lovely things that you do,

Blinded by the light but it'll teach us,
taunted by the strong knowing that the're really just like us,
living all through the system with your bible in your hand,
but not knowing they're getting ready to judge us,
if this wasn't hard enough,
to gain what we earned in this stuff,
a society that's corrupt,
you would have thought that we were stuck,
you see depression is a given in this world , we can't adjust,
please trust,
and give your time to people that don't sell out or backstab,
we ain't a free people,
guess thats why we just need to laugh,
when was the last time you ever had fun with your dad,
and all the embarrassing things he does and had a great tact,
i don't know why i mentioned that,
But i just need a little leg room , a leg room,
but really this my gift to all of you.

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Jan 21

the pulse of raging flame
sitting in wait           deep
within the core of light

the flicker of spark ignites,
like the screech of dead, cold metal
along your wooden floor
as I fight the need to scream
and break your vaporizer--

this slumbering dragon
sitting in my chest
with billowing wings of
emerald green and burnt-orange
like a whirlwind of autumn leaves twirling
crescent magic of destruction
pulling and pushing
this rage up and down
until the tendrils of flame simmer
and I stand on tip-toes to kiss
your soft lips, the smoke
escaping as exhaust and love, tender--

Katie Murray
Katie Murray
Dec 17, 2016

two years
one month
and nine days ago,
i met a girl

this girl was,
in one word,
b u r n i n g

but volatile,
she was a fusion of
cold skin and
blazing heart

the heat of her
drew me in
sending my soul of
brittle fingernails and
parched conversation

up in flames

10 / 03 / 16
#love   #flames   #girl   #fire   #passion   #infatuation   #burning  
Dec 9, 2016

There’s a fire in his eyes
Burning so very bright.
A fire unlike any other.
A fire that keeps you warm but give you a breath of cold air
A fire that holds you close but lets you run freely, as you are his ember
A fire that speaks peculiar words but are a melody when whispered in your ear
His body is a fire.
Burning bright and beautiful, bold flames.
But engulfed in himself.

#short   #flames   #fire   #him   #burning   #selflove  
Daisy Vallely
Daisy Vallely
Dec 8, 2016

I roam from here to there
Until i’m everywhere
And everything
Dancing in the graveyard of my past
And cracking the bones of our memories
Beneath my nimble feet.
I dance until my soul is dust in the wind
And travels across bodies of blues,
And greens,
As purple women swim nude
Before my eyes.
Their energy morphs into beams of light,
Until all that’s left is the fantastical flame
That allows me to channel the beauty
between the connection and separation
Of places,
Purple faces,
Blue auras,
Green eyes,
Red flames
That burn beneath me
As I dance into a continuum of an infinite evening,
Draining my body,
Falling to my knees and praying for Death…
We are familiar friends.
Boney fingers grasp the curves of my waist
As the silence is our music;
We waltz for centuries in this one moment
And I watch history unfold
before the purest lense of perception;
A kaleidoscope of fear and love,
Like two opposing warriors holding hands
And sharing secrets.
Death clothes me in invisibility
And whispers through my translucency
of purple faces,
Blue auras,
Green eyes,
And the sky beneath us bursts into red flames,
Where i dip my toes into the extreme heat
Of everything that i am in this life.
The fire consumes my existence,
And I wake up in a cold sweat
Covered in the salivation of my dream,
Spat out by the portal of mystical entrance.
I’ve never been the same.
So I always dance;
Swiftly, smoothly
Celebrating nirvana
And thanking Death, swimming in his dark nebulous,
The only thing that shades me from the blinding sun,
And I await the universe to kiss my eyes
And release me from this endless wander
In a world so ambiguous.

#flames   #dance   #death   #green   #blue   #red   #purple   #bones   #graveyard   #aura  
Nov 23, 2016

The first time I saw him in 2 years all I could manage to choke out was "where do you stay" and "I'll pay you as soon as i can"
I dreamt of him that night. I dreamt of dew covering the ground, chlorine, and dead things. Dreams of sugarplum fairies danced around my head.
You know, they say "relit cigarettes never taste the same and that's all I've got to say about rekindling old flames" but I imagine you would taste like the last time I kissed you- salty.
Because as soon as our lips touched I started to cry. Because I knew it would be the last time. Because we were too young. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be with you again.
I wish I could roll you into a joint and get high off you. I wish you didn't talk like one of the bad guys, like a gangster.
I wish you never learned what it was like to be without me.

I miss you every day... n.t.d
#love   #flames   #sad   #depression   #loss   #lust   #dreams   #dreaming   #old   #high  
Nov 16, 2016

you were a hurricane with black stained wrists
sinking in false contradictions
haunting my rib cage
i should've cut loose
but the mirrors of my memories
captured sorrows of madness
not even a simple sign
could light up my

the ink was a betrayal but never surrendered
#poem   #metaphor   #flames   #memories   #black   #emotion   #light   #wrists   #write   #ribcage  
Nov 14, 2016

What I Meant:

cue tumblr poem prompt

What I meant
the last time I said
"I love you":

You are destroying me
but I'm letting you,
You are a fire and
your arms around me
make my thoughts scream

This is not
just an impulse
not just a match
I'm lighting up,
This type of love
will never burn out
no matter how
many times
our lips will be
coated in ash.

I would rather decompose
than leave you,
so cover me
in a veil of your flames.

- Crimsyy

#love   #flames   #boy   #relationship   #i   #what   #you   #meant   #veil  
Nov 4, 2016

you started a riot with flames
i could feel the fire burning my skin
but you never looked back
just a blank stare
chasing smashed
creating a perfect
all my artistry

set me on fire
escape everything
#flames   #words   #poet   #dark   #perfect   #emotion   #write   #stare  
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