Randy Johnson
Randy Johnson
1 day ago

When children disobey their parents, they may not know it's a sin.
If more children went to church, they might not disobey again.
Churches teach children to obey their parents, that's what they should understand.
Even though Jesus had imperfect parents, he obeyed their every command.
If I had children, I would take them to church every week.
I would teach them that God will always be there even when life is bleak.
If your children won't obey you, take them to church every Sunday.
That might make them have more respect, it might make them obey.

Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
3 days ago

If each wave on the sea
Was but a single life
We would all come crashing down
Around the knees of our children's lives

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Hayley Siebert
Hayley Siebert
3 days ago

I wish you knew me
but you don't.

Where were you!
I needed you!
As my father before, you left me

You two never left me when I was a babe!
When I was trapped in that glass box
The entrappings of wires and needles
of life machines, and sterile rooms

But, you left me now.

"You only did it for MY attention"
You are MY mother, it is natural for me to want your attention!
You always make it about "you"

Well allow me to do so.

I am ashamed of you!
You make me tremble and sick
You make me weep and cut
You make me thick with strife
You make me hate this life.

Why are my parents so toxic!

One's a woman beater, the others suicidal
This is about you.

I look at you, my mother and all I see is what I must force my eyes to see
Reality has come forward.
Truth has come forward.

You are the reason I do not want to become a mother!
Could I bear to put my own flesh and blood through
The horror you slew all us three through.

Could I bring forth life, only to want to abandon it in death!
Blame it! Shame it! Damage it!

How can I look to you?
When all I see is a mother who makes me hate my skin
My poor siblings, the 3 crucified

You think you know me.
The amount of men I gave myself too
Drunk and drugged myself up
Sliced myself as if I were butchers meat!
All because my Father and Mother are toxic!!!!

My father left me in life
You wished to leave me in death.
Me, Pig, Abby.
Look at your children. For you do not know them at all.

For if you did, why are each and everyone of us shattered?
Raped? abused? rejected? forlorn?


When they find me, you will know I was never selfish
If you could leave me in death, so can I

And 30 years will have never been reached from 1993

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4 days ago

Mommy, why does that boy look like that?
shh, don't be rude
Daddy where is that girl's dad?
now is not the time, I'm not in the mood
Mom, can you hear me sing?
darling, maybe later
Dad, will you play catch with me?
at a different time would be better
Mom can I have a couple bucks?
here you go
Dad can I borrow the car
drive slow

Goodbye, mom
Goodbye, dad

I'm sure you'll remain calm
since I wasn't even there
Its like I was never gone

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5 days ago

I understand you're doing what's best for me
but you have to let me be

I feel like i have no freedom. I can't even leave my house while it flurries on a saturday night.
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Terry Collett
Terry Collett
7 days ago

Jill can see them
in the garden kissing:
her mother and the man
she has brought home
with her just now.

Father has left,
gone off
with the skinny woman,
who Jill saw with him
at the theatre,
whom he said
was a friend
from work.

She stares at them
in the garden
kissing and holding,
she smiling and he
standing smug
and satisfied.

Her mother had
the man to her;
he had looked at her,
smiled, spoke trifles,
then looked
at her mother
and spoke
of other things,
leaving her alone
as he and her mother
walked off
into the garden.

He'll probably
stayed the night,
probably share
her mother's bed,
as her father used to do.

She turns away
from the window
and sits
on the edge
of her bed.

She feels
out of it all,
feels put aside,
put out of mind.

Her father brought
his friend home
while her mother
was away.

She stayed
the night too,
in her father's room,
in his bed.

She heard
their laughter,
the friend's giggles.

She had crept
to her father's room
that night,
listened at the door.

By sounds she heard
she pictured,
she never saw.

#girl   #lovers   #parents  

A young girl's life ended
without the opportunity to grow
made all reason incomprehensible
shrouded the family in agonising woe

Her nascent bubbling personality
not given the light to flower
taken from this life
too soon for a final hour

Her mother may have questioned her God
her father may have denounced his belief
broken hearts may never have truly mended
prolonged time may never have healed grief

Her mother may have believed in heaven
her father may have returned to Mass
but their faith would be fully realised
if rejoining her came to pass

A personal piece. A tribute to my parents and my sister who passed away in infancy.

Some kids play with action figures, and some kids play with footballs.
Some kids play inside, and others prefer to be outside
in the muck with a pigskin in their hands.
Some kids grow out of having big dreams,
and some kids don't.

Azure skies accompanied with green grass,
Cut with cleats and muddied from drills.
All while August weather beating down.
This is when the high school football players first feel the anxiety.

The tension growing between their hands as
Receivers and Quarterbacks.
The power felt by the opposing player as the linemen
defend their team,
defend their titles.

Win or Lose,
A place where money and social standing,
have no place,

Where field is an unforgiving land,
And time goes by faster than it should.
Four years on that field,
After that there is college ball.

Stadium is larger,
Expectations more great.
but the field is exactly the same.

But at what price does this come with fame?

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Mom and dad I am
Glad you are my
Thank you guys
For being my
You guys can put me
Up for adoptions
When you guys find
Out that I have
a disability but
You guys don't
Put me up for
Adoptions you guys
Keep me and teach
Me and you guys
Love me unconditionally
And you don't have to be
My parents but you guys
What to be my parents
And care for me
Thank you guys for being my
© Amanda Kay Hill

Dec 31, 2016

May ravens sing to you
May they brighten Winter's dreary walks
As fallen leaves crunch beneath your feet
And the sky grows a melancholy gray
May cheerfulness run forth to greet you
With happy, outstretched arms
May no rain or darkness sadden your day
May only beauty, wishes, and dreams
Dance inside your head
Happy Birthday, Dad!


Sorry for my long absence from HP!!
We (my parents and I) have had a LOT
Come up lately, so if I'm not always
On here reading and writing poetry, please understand!!
However today I knew I had to write something...
Today is my Dad, Timothy's birthday!!
Sorry if this doesn't sound like my usual style,
But it was quite randomly written!!!
Enjoy anyways!!!! :) <3
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