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Time to write
No time to fight
dancing with rain drops on my tongue
acid rain couldn't sting as much
as the rain on my window pain
of flesh and lungs
smoke evaporates with a passion
and I feel
that i am no longer in fasion
I despise my  shallow, fickle existence,
no more, no more.
I like to walk on tight ropes made of rainbow bacon in my mind
Because deep below me, is everything I left behind
And through I creep through time, so slowly and surely
I rely so wholly on my insecurities
Because they excuse me,  
The absent quarters in my brain are filled and drained daily
Like ***** , abused in the onset of the tide
With hopes and ambitions and new dreams and ideas
That are briskly
And surely crushed in my sleep
Aghast i gasp in the horror of my anatomy
How poorly my blood vessles are fueled
So I shall bleed them dry
With out a doubt in my mind I am in the right
Yet my heart beats so sourly when I fight
For love

Why am I so wrong
Why is it that nothing goes to plan
And they say failing to plan is planning to fail
So I plan to fail so spectacularly they thought id planned it in the First Place

Loosing grip on reality has its drawbacks,
Mostly though
The drawbacks stand,
That their is no drawbacks
Not one at hand
So clasp me right, and rig me for full sail
I've caught a gale my dear,
And to the heart of the storm i shall sail
Slipping in my ear-buds,
To get my daily dose
Feeling so close to the sound that doesn't affect me
Flying over clouds only my mind can see
Bass wobbles, no duds

I'm addicted to the ripples,
My head lulls with a vengeance
"don't bother him man, hes gone"
Passers-by call to  me
So drunk on sound...
My cranium has better acoustics then the great theater
Rhythm's projected with shock waves and powered by hand grenades
I am a supernova charged by AUX
Watch anxiety writhe and burn in my wake
Every day He lies
To himself and the world around him
He dons clothing too dark for his skin,
He closes his eyes because when they open
He only sees whats inside
You could say hes so blind to it, that he leans on it
Every morning when he gets out of bed Like a crutch
Hes the kind of broken that can never heal
Hes the bundle of sin that will never be forgotten
Hes the ball of problems that forgot how to roll
Hes dead inside
for you my dear,
And she said
I don't think I love you any more
You never seem to call me lately
Girl I don't think you know me at all
Because I never thought I'd have to say this
But I don't love you
And I never did look at us
Burning down in flames for kicks
Ripping up roads for licks
But just know
I'm not Writing for your xo
I'm just Writing because it's over
You just try and stop me from loving  you, I dare you.
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