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Oct 25 · 74
Angel's Secret Admirer
Noah Oct 25
In love with you, but you do not know it yet. For now I will leave you my roses upon your doorstep. Leaving you to wonder who fancies you so. My sweet Angel I am never letting you go.
Oct 25 · 16
Edwards Message
Noah Oct 25
I will be gone so quick you won't  have time to miss me..
Take care of my heart ,Ive left it with you.
Oct 25 · 138
My Only Friend
Noah Oct 25
Please don't leave. I know its selfish but when your gone I am left with the person I hate the most, Myself.
Oct 21 · 79
Noah Oct 21
Seeing the one your in love with ,In love with someone else is so sadly frustrating.
Noah Oct 21
**** me please nobody would miss me , you would do them a favor, because I am  myself people leave. Pull the trigger as I am crying softly.
my lowest point
Oct 6 · 309
Noah Oct 6
They tell me "I love you" but its not just what you think your supposed to say. Its what you know when your ready. I love you means I have no other words to  describe how your my everything.
Because half the I love you's I hear they leave and say it wasn't what they mean. Im waiting on my world to come. I just met  some stars along the way.
Sep 5 · 33
Noah Sep 5
Pick myself off my bed the the annoying song of the alarm, just wanna fall back a s l e e p ...  NO, wake up. I get dressed. I get ready. Maybe skipping breakfast. I go down to the starbucks down the block with a double shot latte.You know i stayed up all night might grab another, Getting dropped off. Drown myself in music. Walk down then into school. Open the door sit down.Heh always the first one they float in one by one. The teacher stands she opens her mouth " algebra 2" who even decided to make math 1st period,,, Cross Multiply..divide..find X. Like I am going to the store and using that as a skill...My thought wander. **** the  coffee never worked and I am fast asleep half way through 2 period mumbling about a argument between X and Y ... counting  Z zzz... *asleep
Sep 5 · 117
Noah Sep 5
Why does my heart take five seconds to fall in love with someone like chill
I don't even know his favorite color yet. But its already reciting its vows. Such a sad thing to find it broken .
Sep 5 · 145
Noah Sep 5
" Well, You talk like yourself but i hear someone else.
Yea you look like yourself but your somebody else."

credit to flora cash
Jun 17 · 123
Noah Jun 17
I tasted you lips. they were bittersweet. turns out you already shared them this week.
**** cheaters :/
Jun 5 · 44
Noah Jun 5
how could you do that with a child attached to your body. Living in your womb.
How could you not care about what it would do.
How could you leave her crying on the table and you walking out the hospital room doors. With 100% of methathine inside her veins.
How could all you leave was a name and the sad pang of your heartbeat streaming through her ears.
How could you.  
Not even come back.
How could I still want to find you.
And ask a why?
How could you hurt me..... Im Damaged and Broken your heartbeat is still my favorite song.
Jun 5 · 72
Noah Jun 5
Searching for empty words but here was only U.
Jun 5 · 399
Noah Jun 5
Fake people don't surprise me anymore, real people do.
Jun 3 · 43
Noah Jun 3
Lips. They produce words that can hurt,that can love,that can feel, that can break and can heal. I miss your lips on mine.
Jun 3 · 909
Noah Jun 3
Is it just time for vacation? Beacause everyone I seem to know is leaving.
They don't say goodbye. I wonder where they go. They bring there suitcases  full of our memeories.It must be a beautiful place. Away from me. Must be why they never come back.
Jun 3 · 231
Noah Jun 3
She asked if I was loyal.I  grabbed her face gently and said. "If I wasn't loyal I would make you unhappy .And I never wanna see you anything less than happy." Your smile is my sun on a rainy day.
May 31 · 89
Noah May 31
no matter if you yell or scream whisper or move  i already know your saying
we hate you
You get mad when i don't wanna talk to you or be around your sad i spend my time in my room well maybe if you stop treating me like im my mother then i would hate you less too

May 31 · 63
Noah May 31
Its the big thing until they are hungry for more than good looks..
May 31 · 45
Noah May 31
So many people who make me laugh who make me smile , but babe your the one that got me blushing , that got me crazy ,that got me rolling on the floor, got me smirking , and my smile so big you can see yourself in it.
May 31 · 107
Clouds Cry Too
Noah May 31
Smiling all day but she drowns in sorrow.
Laughing these days just figure it out tomarrow.
When shes quiet when you complain your dad didnt do what you wanted wonder why shes broken hearted.
May 3 · 197
Noah May 3
He looked at her as she walked into the room.
But then  he couldn’t pull his eyes away from her view.
Then his negativity caught up.
The devil on his shoulder saying...
                * shes so beautiful why would she like you?
   So he forced himself to tear his eyes away.

But then she looked back at him.
She just couldn't keep away
But then the voice inside her head said “ *
he’s so handsome why would he want me?
And she dragged her eyes away.

Too bad they never knew , too back they walked away.
Low self esteem  poem idea... insperation was a quite couple at the mall
May 3 · 110
Sappy Love Songs
Noah May 3
* your my tylonal when im in pain, that i take when my head hurts, your my sunshine when it rains, your my coffee that I need in the morning,your my smile when im feeling blue, you kinda make me feel like the feeling you get after your first kiss except everyday you make me feel like this,your my water when im stuck in the in the desert, if life is a movie than your the best part, your like a tall glass of lemonade on a summer day, your exactly what I need,your so beautiful sometimes I stop to close my eyes*”
**Mixture of best part by Daniel Caesar and H.E.R. And Lemonade by Jeremy Passion
Noah May 3
Your a field of flowers I want to be in all day.
Noah May 3
Your a rose a beauty to me despite the thorns.
Noah May 3
Your a sunflower simple but sweet.
May 3 · 56
Noah May 3
Your  hair floats like a balloon.

Your eyes are the color of smoke.

I was the key and you were the keyhole.

We used to go together ...

But when I tried to get to you we just didn’t connect.

You must of changed the lock now its for someone else to open.

But now you’ve left me here I have no one else to open so im just sitting here....


     ­                                                           *USEL­ESS

May 3 · 110
B s A t C a K b
Noah May 3
Your lies have hurt , why do you talk sweetly to my face then turn around a spit them out with hate. Why do you pass around bad rumors like a mad note, if your trying to be funny well its a sad joke.
You hurt me but I did not see it until it was too late. I cut off the chain that connected us. I bought a ticket to fly away from your negative space. Then I will rinse myself with soap so your hate might just wash right away.
May 3 · 26
One Night Stand
Noah May 3
My fingers dance up to your neck and then to the zipper of your dress. In a pitch black room but my lighthouse is you.
Holding you here you smell like lilac perfume.
I wake up . It was all my imagination...
The smell of Lavander on my pillow.
Wishing it was of your lilac scent so I can continue my dream.
May 3 · 34
Mother Nature
Noah May 3
It starts as a sprout vunrable and weak it needs support.
Then Its stem turns stronger until it can stand on its own.
Then comes growth it will be taller than all the other trees.
Then comes time where it learns to adapt and has wisdom of the past.

“Im  like a tree , I have grown tall and strong, I have gone through hard times and I have had people try to knock me down. When it was time to fall I left memories scars. Stories , memories. So you could learn how to be a tree too.” - Grandma
May 2 · 40
Noah May 2
when I wake up im afraid that people will forget my name.
that somebody else might take my place
May 2 · 147
Noah May 2
Its just plain delicious , its pretty healthy , I could eat it every other day. Too bad Im not wealthy up to 15$ for a meal thats not a price I wanna pay. But Its delicious. Im saving my money to get one on saterday.
Poke is like sushi in a bowl I like mine with tuna and salmon with eel sauce and some toppings like cucumbers wonton crackers  and Pineapple Juice.
May 2 · 131
Passion Fruit
Noah May 2
I hate  the water , but I'd jump in for,

I hate this cold but If you shiver I will take off my hoodie and warm,
I hate math but I would do a whole page for,
                ­                                 YOU
* If your real and you find me someday Im just saying Im here waiting,
waiti­ng for...
as long as forever*)
Waiting for the one right now im chilling being single
May 2 · 168
I need a flashlight
Noah May 2
In the dark.
I let myself shiver.
If I had a lover .
I wish they would hold me.
I wish they were there.
     So I don’t focus on the monster that’s not there reaching for my neck.
But  instead,their heartbeat when I put my head on there chest.
Like a flashlight in a dark tunnel.


* to bad I left it in the basement and it’s out of batteries*
    Like I am weak when they leave me
Lonely and confession I’m still afraid of the dark and my parents hate my part on the electricity bill.
Noah May 2
Joy walked out of her house and pruned the roses in her yard.
She saw a tiny figure from afar. She wiped the sweat from her head and look ahead. Happy looked nervously at the house and beautiful Joy. Nervous acompanied him. He walked faster because he might spin and walk away, Scared also came. He bent on one knee when he was in front of Joy and said” will you Marry Me.” She looked at him with Exitement over her shoulder. Three years later Joy had two children , twins . She named one , Life and the Other,  Emotion.
The nurse named Mrs. Care Kindness laughed with Dr. Joke Humor as the two twins held each other on the table.”I guess Life is full of Emotion.
That last part though ...
Apr 16 · 59
Now I understand.
Noah Apr 16
That, you were stressed out, money was tight, big sister always wanted to fight, so you told mom you needed to say goodbye, i dont know why you chose her but you got with Big sisters tenth grade teacher. Then you realised it was a mistake and got back with mom your lucky she took back. All that ****** up my social life. But I understand that you were confused and you thought everything that was right. I forgive you Dad, I’ll be just fine. - Noah
Apr 16 · 410
Penny Pan
Noah Apr 16
If you wanna be a kid be a kid . If you dont wanna grow up you have time, I grew up too fast I left my childhood behind.If you want , you can always have mine.
To my Little Sis who has a imagination that goes to space.
Jan 23 · 31
Haha Memories
Noah Jan 23
All these flavors and you choose to be salty.... > u <
Jan 22 · 31
Noah Jan 22
When you talk to someone sometimes your simple hello brings them out of their hell.
Jan 21 · 137
This.Is a lie.⬇️
Noah Jan 21
Jan 10 · 53
Noah Jan 10
When i pick up the pencil its a part of me and what I write is how I feel its what I see when I type down the words I see them magically appear. And all the flow and the composure im left with no fear. All the thoughts I have go on the paper , time is endless there is no such thing as later.
Jan 10 · 106
I don't know why
Noah Jan 10
I don't know why i still love, why im still holding on , my feelings are here ,are yours gone?
Jan 7 · 20
Thank You
Noah Jan 7
Thank you guys some of my poems are should be a novel... But thanks for reading them and leaving likes and commenting and EVERYTHING. Im so thankful for my readers and followers... Y'all AMAZING.... :P Sorry you have to deal with my ****** side
Jan 7 · 179
Grow Up Little Girl
Noah Jan 7
Grown Up is all she wanted to do to be a big girl was  going to be a dream come true. Well she grew up and reality hit. Yes i can go on a roller coaster by myself yes I can have a phone ... I get all these privileges. But Im not a little girl. I don't have the sweet innocence of a child. I don't have the mind of a child that doesn't care what people think because I care. I don't want to but I keep going back  and now the big girl wants to backwards and be a little girl. A happy girl a free girl.
Im watching my little sister grow up into this generation and Im teaching her not to care what people think of you that your image is beatiful and not to let anyone change that. I should take my own advice .... New Years Resolution?
Noah Jan 6
I love you he said it make my knees go weak.
I love you he said , I couldn’t speak .
I love you goodnight he said it was sweet.
I love you he said in a whisper ,goodbye oh why did you make me cry.
I love you he said , Hey Kaleb? Is that another lie?
It’s funny how the affect of ones words can change how you feel when they hurt you. I love you is just a sentence but it means so much.
Dec 2018 · 54
Noah Dec 2018
I was never good enough but I was never nothing. I was always worthless but that’s gotta be worth something . I fell in love and I fought I choked and I lost my heart was broken but I’m learning from the mistakes. I might not be pretty but everyone is beautiful in there own way. I might lie but its because I’m scared to be judged by the truth.I  have never been kissed but some words have there ways and when I’m really sad I always say to myself  hopefully there are better days.
Honestly I’m really proud of this one 1.its actually a poem and not a dramatic life update 2. It shows a tiny bit of me behind the mask I wear 3. I sure a lot of you can relate in your own way ❤️
Dec 2018 · 23
Perfectly Imperfect
Noah Dec 2018
She looked at the screen she saw the  skinny ,sculpted, beautiful people lock into a kiss and she wondered. Is this what you have to look like to be loved ? I have to have perfect cheekbones , and beautiful eyes, a  hourglass waist  plump lips, a bright smile? Long hair,curves,to wear the perfect clothes? Jeans and a crop top? All i want is love she thought why do we have to work so hard ? He grabbed her face and kissed her and he said I love you I don't care if you don't look like the girls on the movie screen its your sweetness and kindness and compassion.  You are you and thats what I love about you.
Dec 2018 · 464
Noah Dec 2018
Just a simple hello could make someone’s day
I hope it made yours
Dec 2018 · 582
You Promised.
Noah Dec 2018
Im sorry your not the top of the list when I want to call someone.
Its because most of our  phone calls end in stupid arguments.
We have been getting better but Its not all the way there yet. When I call now you always say I need to help this customer sorry I have to go. All I want to do is go home. I call and  I ask for you to call later but you can't do that. You say your going to call but you never do, I have to go to the phone and call YOU. But your asleep. I know its not your fault your busy.You promised to call later, you promised to come see me today. But Mom, don't make promises you can't keep.
She did come see me today
Dec 2018 · 651
See You guys when I can
Noah Dec 2018
Im going to keep this  because  It applies for every time i log out
Dec 2018 · 77
Noah Dec 2018
Her soft brown skin has gone away with the harsh cold wind.
she is now one of the many ghosts around here. I miss her.
she went back home. I was the last to know.I never wanted her to go.
I hope shes happy. I hope she's okay.Her face is bright in my mind like a lovely dream,  yes she was lovely and she was a queen.
#atachment to willow
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