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 Oct 2019 Noah
Quinn Adaire
Must you
 Oct 2019 Noah
Quinn Adaire
Must you be so annoying?
Must you be so rude?
Must you be so everything
That ruins the mood?

I say to the mirror.
“They got me in the first half, not gonna lie.”
 Jun 2019 Noah
Ben Palomino
 Jun 2019 Noah
Ben Palomino
It’s time
to take this paper
And tie it off around my arm
Until the vein is protruding

With my pen
I’ll penetrate my soul
Letting the ink flow

Allowing it
To erase everything I know
So I can escape the stress

On the youthful bliss
Of ignorance
 Jun 2019 Noah
Speak, Love.
 Jun 2019 Noah
As a conversation
Between a speaking person
And a mute
So her sparkling lines
And my flicker signs
Met and intertwines
Begging to scream love
That I can read in your stealing eyes
That I can feel in your soft lips
That I can hear and only here
In my ribcage cove
Where I imprisoned my heart in.
Tell me that you need me now
'Cause in my dreams you're still around
You've been gone for quite some time
It finally feels like you're not mine

Will you remember me?
'Cause I'll remember you
Yeah, you

You went out and found somebody new
And that still hurts
It's taken everything inside my bones
To say these words
Even if it's not with me
I just want you to be happy

I was torn and I was numb
I needed you but you needed anyone
I was bad but now I'm well
I had to lose you to find myself

Will you remember me?
'Cause I'll remember you
Yeah, you
Memories ****

— The End —