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wordynerd Oct 2015
I was crying in the dark,
Trying not to fall apart,
And where were you?
I needed your arms,
Keep me safe and warm,
But where were you?
You said you'd never go,
But you left me all alone,
And where were you?
Wrists and thighs bleeding,
My heart stopped beating,
But where were you?
I tried calling out,
But no one was around,
Cause where were you?
wordynerd Aug 2015
my mind is at war. . .

and my body is the battleground.
wordynerd Aug 2015
Words are bullets
And every single one burns through me
Creating an infectious hole
Each one tears me down
And rips me apart

Words are knives
And each syllable flies toward me  
And opens a new wound
   Each blade cutting deeper
And deeper than the last

Words are machine guns
Tearing through and destroying me
Piece by piece, I'm torn apart
But no one can see
Cause it's all in my head
wordynerd Aug 2015
If I could
Wish a million things
I would only wish for a pair of wings
If I could
Fly up to the clouds      
Nothing you say would bring me down
Oh and if I could
Spread my wings and soar
You wouldnt see me here anymore
wordynerd Aug 2015
I wish I am the last thing you see,
Right before you fall asleep.
And maybe I hope that when you dream,
You'll dream of us, just you and me.
wordynerd May 2015
"What do you say? Let's forget the world."

You said with a seductive grin.

I didnt realize I was your forgtten world...

until you pulled me in.
wordynerd May 2015
Suppose she was a wildflower...
She didn't need to depend on any one to help her grow.
She just did it.
She absorbed the sunshine,
Drank the raindrops.      
She was wild;
Not like an animal but a beautiful,
Colorful,  innocent little flower.
She added to the world,
Made it a beautiful place,
And never realized it.            
She was a wildflower.
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