Beyond the horizon and behind your eyes
Beneath layers of a blind lovers guise
Upon the wings of a thousand transclucent birds
Among mimes, braile and silent words

I offer you this kiss

Before gurus, gods, and holy men
Among the stolen jewels in a poets den
Amidst magicians, merchants and the divine
In the cellars of Gregorian monks and forbidden wine

I offer you this kiss

On a platter of delectable delights
Across seas and mystical Moroccan nights
Among the dance, music and stories of time
Between gates of heaven, hell and passions of crime

I offer you this kiss

From the finest shades of subtle hues
From a palette of transparent blues
Tiptoeing through Dali’s lucid dreams
Waking beside waters of eternal streams

I offer you this kiss

Among flights of staircase piercing skies
Stripping secrets and half naked lies
Upon a bed of burning incense sticks
I part that perfect line between your perfect lips

To offer you this Kiss
A kiss is sacred, and sometimes people go about giving it so freely, like the shake of hand.

Poetic Surgery, Copyright © 2018,  All rights reserved.
AS 4d
A beginning and a life of noise,

all drama and no poise.

Never aloud to enjoy the simple joys.

Silence my favourite choice,

a quite place where I rejoice.

Away from the world,

nature my friend.

The importance of time in my hideaway den,

enjoyment of being alone.

By my own,

I truly find a healing home.

Moments to spend and tend,

happy with company on the weekends.

No more overload,

giving the the time owed.

To refuel,

to continue to grow and work on my unknown.

© 2018
Abigail Sheard
still crisp
against my skin

silky camisole
i am armoured today

walking into
the dragons den

hoping to gain
much gold to craft
into treasure

but the dragon is wily
and hoards against
the thought of loss

be brave
my linen knight
your village needs this
research grant meeting

— The End —