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Words can slice and dice peoples' hearts
quicker than a knife ever will.
Words bring emotion and people will always remember how you made them feel.
Devoid of artistry.
Words become annoying,
they be meaningless,
wrung out.
yes wrested,
words only wound
the already injured heart.
Artless tales relate,
read my misery.
All artless,

© Тадеус 11-28-2014
Все права защищены.
Three words.
**Je. Suis. Charlie.
We will remember this attempt to take away our rights of free speech. Yes we will.
Life is not made up of things.
It's made up of **moments.
It doesn't matter how much thick your pocketbook is because you still could be poor in spirit.
Bury me deep within your heart
and let me stay there for a while.

Take me with you
wherever you go.

For you are already embedded
permanently in the tissues
of my heart.
By a while I mean forever. <3
is the only way.
I am convinced that love is the only way to world peace. It cannot be achieved through war, violence or heated arguments. It's through accepting and loving each and every person's differences that bring world peace and true happiness.
I want the kind of love
That's quiet

Quiet like tea and a blanket in the morning

I want a love that's soft
That's honest and deep and true
That's always there

Love that's not for show
Or for power
But love simply because love is felt

I want a love that accepts and encourages
I want a love that embodies peace
Love is groovy
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