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Oct 17 · 190
HELLO poetry
& GOODBYE to prose
As I speak THE rhythm goes
Emotions & THOUGHTS
The electricity that SPARKS my art
Opposites, raps, heart & MIND
Now I gotta end this little POEM of mine!
Oct 3 · 180
A fall song.
SUMMER, fall, winter chills
The kitchen is HOT mixing a meal
Autumn colors & HARVESTED ripe
Winds of prosperity from MORNING to night
Apple cider with brand NEW sweaters
Red, yellow, orange LEAVES
I love this WEATHER.
Fall equinox the twin of Spring. Winds of  prosperity & everything. (Express + Embrace)
Sep 27 · 106
Don't Lust
DENIAL of truth only one knows
Neglect of WISDOM when it shows
Surely its dark & can't see the why
Soft spoken WORDS to a hardened heart
Shootin' my LOVE it's worth the shot
Real recognize REAL & I love to watch
You grow, GLOW & radiate
With more CONSIDERATION it's less fake
In moment of truth don't HESITATE
- Don't Lust
Do right the thing! Use logic & wisdom in everyway, #StayClean
Sep 21 · 425
LOVE is real, love is fake
LOVE can heal, love can hate
LOVE can hurt, love can peace
LOVE is deep, love is sweet
Love is lost, LOVE is found
Love is here, LOVE is around
Love is up & LOVE is down
Love is me & LOVE is proud
Love is self cause LOVE is true
With freedom of speech I LOVE YOU TOO!!.
I wrote this as my first day back on (Hello Poetry) inspired by a co-worker & I remembered my account & went from there. Hope you enjoy & if you don't let me know too. #PEACE #GuardYourLight
Aug 2015 · 324
In a daze...
My alone time...
My alone time is spent,
Thinking about,
What could have been & what was,
The resting from being strong,
When my heart was weak,
If my eyes are blank,
My mind is deep,
In the abyss of,
Memories & feelings,
Drowning in the waters of,
Old to new,
Resting time we all need,
Even if the stare is brief,
Your eyes can see,
Your eyes can blind.
In a daze...(My alone time)
Thinking out loud.
Aug 2015 · 360
Is it worth it?..
Is it worth it?
Every inch, Every ******
Every mile, Every bus
Every smile, Every hug
Every frown, Every mug
Every lie, Every fact
Every tear, Every laugh
Every year, Every time
Every hustle, Every grind
Every up, Every down
Every one, Everybody
Is it worth it?
Is it worth it?..
Aug 2015 · 265
Poerty #1
The pain I see,
The pain I feel,
Hopeless minds & ignorance kills,
Trap by death but the blind can't see,
Soul full of wickedness,
Chained to the edomite tree,
Chosen by blood,
Cursed by name,
I wish you could feel & see the pain...
Everyday living in this corporation!
Jul 2015 · 388
Love is real...
Love is real,
Love is real when you feel it,
Love is real when you taste it, say it...
Love is real when you think it,
Love is real when you are loved,
Real love is capitalised!
Never take a chance to cry,
Love is not an argument,
Love is discussed,
Love is real cause Love is us,
Love is open never close to darkness,
Love is embracment from me to you,
Love can't be thru cause its you,
Love is real!
My thoughts on love in a moment of reflecting on how it can be.

— The End —