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Some things
in the stories did not happen
as they happened in the stories.

We can know that


while it's called today,
some things in the stories

Just hap, as if this
were the story, happening
perfect as told and somethings
that do happen here
happen not
as they happen in the stories,

we can know, this is so.
Aha, first glimpse beyond today
I don't want another Vietnam,
Iraq or Afghanistan

I don't want another wild fire
Flash flood
Or hurricane

I don't want another mass shooting
Circumstances which are dire

I don't want to hear
All these cries
I don't want to hear
All these lies
I don't want to know
All these scams
No, I don't want to come over
And hold your hand
I don't want no stinking badge

I don't want a see a magic
I don't want to wake,
Out of this slumber

I don't want to know
What I'm supposed to do
Supposed to see
Supposed to be

No, I don't want to
be your friend
I don't want to have to extend
No, I don't want to have this conversation

I just want silence
And the end.

What then?

Blessings they come everyday
In everyway
There is beauty in the lullaby in the winds
The starlings, a river flowing
From this tree to another
The woods green in the fall sun

Which way is it going to be today?

It's going to be
What it's going to be

I don't know

I don't want to know
But it's all a blessing
So they say
Which is it going to be

Surely one more breath and to our present,
We'll keep on fighting
while we
 Nov 2018 William A Poppen
I got well spaced out
I looked at the universe
And got drunk on stars
Fun one xxxx
 Jun 2018 William A Poppen
I didn't do it last night
I couldn't do it last night
It's driving me crazy
I feel as if I need to do it
The urge is making me
want to do it deeper and deeper

I feel like a smoker who hasn't had a cigarette within hours
They need the nicotine, They need their new drug

A rubber band is not as good as a blade
It never has been
It never will be

A rubber band stings
it doesn't scar
it doesn't permanently leave a mark
it doesn't make you bleed like a blade would

What does a blade do?
A blade is something that you can really control
You control how deep you want it
You control where it'll strike next
You control how long it'll last

It's like a power
A ****** power that's very addictive
I feel as if i'll explode without it
As if i'll go mad without it
As if i'll die without it

I need it
I want it
I have to have it
~ G.P.O

I made this on June 19, 2017
I am happy to say that I no longer feel this way and I have improved
The moon calls my name
fate shivers in terror.
Is he now late
or is this a piece of horror?

Stormed by mind tapes
inscribed by good days.
Weights of shared affection and passion
are now buried in the sand of memories and imaginations.

The earth weeps,
as it is being whipped.
The world's greatest gift,
Is about to be enclosed in it.

Darkness embrace the earth,
Stings of viral sadness is felt.
Loved one's soaked in the river of tears,
My beloved Mom was drenched in the rain of fear.

As the earth opened it mouth,
Memories from good old days began to replay,
Of how we rushed home from school at the end of the day
to see your loving face.

Running back through time,
I recall how you answered many of our questions with just a stunning smile.
Turning back the wheels of the clock,
I am overwhelmed by the affection you showed your flocks.

Six feet down,
the heavens frown.
Hoping we meet again,
never to part again.

My tear filled soul can only say I MISS YOU.
Dedicated to the loving memories of my father Late Pastor Ejiro Sajini
Like Jacob,
I too wrestled
with an angel

or God,
but not overnight,
but years down

the dark dawns
of depression,
not overcome

or undone,
but going over
the same ground

seeking the essence
not the glitzy show

or slight of hand
of money spinners
or the tall tales

of God-deniers,
but wrestling day in
day out with God or angel,

each night in dark depths
He comes,
no words exchanged,

but hand to hand,
arm to arm contesting,
then after combat done,

the time for resting.
how many poems are written about
love and hate
living life and welcoming death
happiness and sadness
the fearful and fearless
sanity and madness?

how many poems are written about
darkness and light
the sun and the moon
the stars and the galaxy
the universe and our planet?

how many poems are written about
the trees and the rivers
the mountains and the valleys
the animals and sea creatures
the oceans and the land
the sky and the clouds
nature and everything it provides?

how many poems are written about
anxiety and depression
suicide and living life to the fullest
music and silence
philosophy and art
incarceration and liberation
coffee and tea
***** and drugs
war and peace
politics and religion
*** and celibacy
******* and addiction
and those who use it
for recreation and those who
believe it’s an abomination?

how people are drunk?
drunk on alcohol
drunk on love
drunk on books
drunk on ideas
drunk with magic
happening all around them

how many poems does it take
to sing?

how many words do you need to
piece together to end this poem?

as many as it takes
until everything is
swallowed into the
abyss of nothing
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