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Victoria G Sep 2012
I curl into the night

Without bones

Slide off my chair

Without my spine

I close my eyes and drift away

Without a thought

I disappear into the woodwork

Without color

Almost a person but not quite

Without a soul
Victoria G Jun 2014
I've written this letter too many times
in my head on the back of napkins
Starbucks' receipts journal pages
I stopped addressing them
because who else would they be for?

They all start with I'm sorry
because I want you to know that I am
but they trail off into explanations
rationalizing what I did
to somehow be your fault
and instead of mine, as if
I was some damsel and you were some
mustache-twirling villain.

Once again, I'm sorry.

I was less and you more naive than I pretended.
I wasn't helpless I was selfish
I just want you to understand that it was never
your fault; it wasn't even mine.

We played our cards, but I've seen enough movies
to know that the house always wins.
I missed the opportunity to leave while I was ahead
so I got out before I could lose anymore
hoping you wouldn't notice.

I want answers
(do you know what happened?
could you tell how gone I was?
did you think it was you?
what would you have done?
what if?)
but I don't deserve them.

Good night, darling.

I'm sorry that I stopped saying
I love you.

Know that it was not because
I no longer meant it but instead because
I did.
Victoria G Jan 2014
At the airport
I am an American
Smiling (but not too much)
Polite and prepared:
My passport and boarding pass ready
My shoes slip easily on and off
I have no loose change in my pocket
I have one appropriately sized carry-on
and a smaller bag (as allowed)

On the plane I am Asian
I store my bag overhead
And get up when the
European couple who look like
they stepped out of a Dolce & Gabbana ad
try to get to the middle and window seats
The tired, smiling flight attendant looks relieved to see me
and calls me xiăo jiĕ
when offering me my in-flight meal

At the airport
I am an American
Surrounded by people coming home
Customs glances at my blue passport
And asks if I am a student
I can't find my ride
and my cellphone doesn't work here
I try to use the airport wireless
I am an American.
Victoria G Mar 2014
I used to see the future in clearly defined terms
The geometry, the surety comforted me
(Rocking chairs on the porch
TV in the den, us on the couch)
But now it all seems wrong.
Water spilled on a crisp ink drawing
(An empty swing on the porch
TV by the bed, me on the couch)
I have to take off my glasses
Because your edges are too harsh
(Maybe I won't have a porch
Or a TV, I'll be on my parent's couch)
Victoria G Jul 2010
The sky won't fall and **** me today.
The ground won't open up and eat me today.
But what if it does?

The world isn't going to blow up in my face today.
The universe isn't going to vanish before my eyes today.
But what if it does?

The grass won't turn blue and red today.
The sea won't turn yellow-orange today.
But what if it does?

My cat won't sprout wings and fly today.
My dog won't learn to speak and sing today.
But what if it does?

My life won't get any better today.
My smile won't make an appearance today.
**But what if it does?
Victoria G Oct 2013
I sit doing my calculus homework
The homework that I should have done yesterday
The numbers swim in front of me
Until they spell out your name
I take your derivative
To find the critical points
And realize that our entire
Has a downward *****.
I still ride that curve down
Pretend I am falling in love
Instead of falling deeper and deeper
Instead of what is really just
Begrudging tolerance.
My homework remains undone.
Written in March 2013
Victoria G Dec 2013
I've never smoked a cigarette
But I think I know how it feels
My misguided love is as addicting
And every breath of mine, you steal

I breathe the smoke into my lungs
My insides turn to dust
I can't find a way to give you up
So I drink your poison from the cup

I don't care if you will **** me
As long as you hold my hand
You know I'd give up my own life
To save the ground on which you stand
Victoria G Sep 2012
I’ve decided that this is the last thing

I will ever write for you

So I will try to make it count.

You deserve more than the unread scribbles

Of an unremarkable poet

And I’m sure you will receive more.

I’ve realized that I care too much for you

Because in the end, these poems are for me

More than they are for you.

You will not see them,

For I will not show you

But in my heart I know, and that is enough.

This is not the best thing I have written for you

But I smiled at you yesterday and you smiled back,

So it doesn’t matter.

It is time to let you go,

In fact, it was time to let you go a long time ago,

But I remained hopeful.

This poetry does not flow,

Does not rhyme as I hoped it would

But neither did we.
Victoria G Feb 2012
Sometimes when I’m by myself
I imagine me with you
Running off to far off lands
With so much left to do

We rule the world with iron fists
And giggle behind closed doors
We ponder the meaning of our dreams
And what we were made for

We steal hotels and sleep in jewels
And stare up tall skyscrapers
Staring off into infinity
In this town made of paper

Then I see you and I say hello
You didn’t hear or answer back
I don’t mention our adventures
Because of the confidence I lack

I’ve fallen in love with the idea
Of you as a perfect person
The more intricate I spin this tale
The more my affliction worsens

You aren’t the one who comes with me
To distant far off places
You’re two very different people
With very similar faces

But I let myself imagine
That beneath your boring shell
The swashbuckling endearing daredevil
Lies inside as well
Victoria G Jan 2011
You may think Halloween's great
But it's the one holiday that I really hate
All the little sweet-toothed children
Always forget to brush their teeth

Even the one's that normally floss
When it's me vs. the candy, I've traditionally lost
Oh Halloween, I despise you
And all the cavities you bring

The SweetTarts and the lollipos
Caramel apples with nuts on top
Hershey's and Reese's
Skittles and all their sugary pieces

M&M;'s and Snickers
Why don't we just give out stickers?!
Jolly Ranchers and Gummi Bears
Instant cavities, everywhere!

So when October comes to an end
I wait for the patients they're sure to send
Filling after filling after filling
Children crying while I'm drilling

I don't like it, despite the business it provides
On the night of October 31st, I always hide
Not wanting to fuel the tragedy that always ensues
I hate Halloween, I really, really do.
Victoria G Apr 2014
You would pick at a wound
till it bled once more,
if that could illuminate
what opened it the first time.
While I would rather let it be,
till it either heals or festers,
only paying it any mind
if it began to cause me pain again.
Victoria G Jul 2013
Before you can tell anybody
You have to tell yourself
What people say you should already know
Even though I didn't.

How could I tell anyone else
When just trying to tell myself
Ended with me unable to breathe
At 3 in the morning?

I didn't feel relief
I didn't have a revelation
In the end,
I mostly felt resignation.

Nothing is more lonely
Than realizing
That you don't know
Who you are.
Victoria G Jul 2013
This thing
It sounds like an illness
But I don't feel sick
I held my head between my knees
Till I remembered how to breathe

I don't feel wrong
I just don't want
to burden anyone else.
I needed someone to hold me
Until I forgot what I was crying about

I didn't realize that I was now
"that kid"
And it didn't upset me the way I thought it would
I can't tell anyone
Nobody needs to know.

I'm okay.
*I will be
Victoria G Feb 2014
I finally have enough distance
to tell you that
I was in love with you
I reasoned myself out of it
gradually backed off
so I wouldn't get hurt
The only thing I lack now is
the guts
to see what your reaction will be
when you do what I did
a thousand times
a thousand different ways:
imagine the could have been.
Victoria G Apr 2014
Sometimes when you wake up
your dreams are forgotten
as quick as breath on glass

But sometimes they stay
long after you've woken
well into the afternoon

So sharp and clear
that you begin to wonder
if it happened or not
Victoria G Jan 2014
Last night
I was thinking of you
as I fell asleep
So I dreamed about floating
in an Olympic-sized pool
The chlorine welcomed me
like an old friend.

And I saw your legs
Hanging in the pool
Heard your laughter
Muffled by the clear blue sea.

Later, you kissed me
but I turned away
and it landed on my cheek
like a dive off the highest board
into the deepest end
where I stayed
as it faded to black.
Victoria G Jan 2014
Last night
I was thinking of you
as I fell asleep
So I dreamed about floating
in an Olympic-sized pool
The chlorine welcomed me
like an old friend.

And I saw your legs
Hanging in the pool
Heard your laughter
Muffled by the clear blue sea.

Later, you kissed me
but I turned away
and it landed on my cheek
like a dive off the highest board
into the deepest end
where I stayed
as it faded to black.
Victoria G Oct 2014
let me go
let me float
in the pool by myself
till I sink to bottom
like the stone that is my heart
maybe as the chlorinated water fills my lungs
I’ll finally have some clarity
as the blue water fades to white maybe
I'll finally know how to do what’s right
Victoria G Aug 2010
I thought that I loved you
I thought that I cared.
I thought that I was the one who would always be there.

I thought we were perfect.
I thought we were right.
I thought we would talk for hours into the night.

I thought that you'd miss me.
I thought that you knew.
I thought that you'd call me out of the blue.

But I was careless
But I was wrong,
And they were right all along

We lasted a day.
Not even two.
But I'll never, ever forget my time with you.
Victoria G May 2014
I'm sorry dear
but I must confess
that I haven't been
at all the best
at keeping up my end.
I've pulled away
In a such a cowardly way
And I really am apologetic
However, I'd be lying
if I told you that I regret it.
I'm just not the person
You wish I was
Though I've managed
to convincingly fake it
The keyboard lets me
lie with ease
with each "I love you"
"Thank you" and "Please"
Although the former
I've been saying
less and less
because once again
I must confess
the feelings
that I once adored
but eventually
began to abhor
and successfully managed
to ignore
have simply left
and are no more.
Victoria G Aug 2014
I'm tired of tricking myself into thinking
that what I'm doing will result in anything other than
crushing defeat shattering disappointment failure
Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, three times, every time
Perhaps I should consider a different approach a different hobby
besides misplacing my affections and misreading social cues
Victoria G Jul 2013
When my thoughts can't form
Coherent sentences
I can put together
My fragmented thoughts
Into stanzas.

When the tears sting my eyes
Or the anger boils inside my stomach
Or the anxiety makes me feel like
My chest is caving in
The words bring me back.

I send these love letters
Apology notes
fanciful thoughts
And midnight musings
Off into the world
In the hope that
Someone feels the same
And my voice
Reminds them of their own.
Victoria G May 2013
She moved away when I turned 9.
She's the best drummer I've ever met.
He used to sing Ocean Avenue when we walked to class.
He said that no one could keep secrets quite like me.
He told me to learn how to say no.

It didn't seem as important as it does now.

She was half my height but had twice the heart.
She was the nicest friend I ever had.
He'd wake up at four in the morning to go running.
He read a lot of books and never spoke to me.  
He wasn't quite the fastest swimmer on the team.

I wasn't quite the slowest.

She likes shelves and the color red.
She hates sloths.
He is the fastest swimmer I knew, but I'd never seen him swim.
He told me that he liked my haircut when I hadn't cut my hair.
He told me I owed him four years.

I don't owe them anything.
Victoria G Jan 2011
Rolling out of bed

Getting in the car

Staring out the window

Empty eyes looking far

Sleepwalk through classes

Fake a convincing smile

Answer arbitrary questions

Dying inside all the while

Talking to people

Even though it feels so fake

Trying to make it through the day

Is almost too much to take

Getting home is a relief

Then you collapse into a chair

Trying to keep the semblance of a soul

That you hope still remains there

Falling into a slumber

Full of manufactured dreams

Feeling your sanity slipping

Feel it spilling out the seams

A short six or seven hours later

If you’re lucky, sometimes ten

You’re awakened by the blaring

Telling you it’s time to start again
Victoria G Sep 2012
It’s the last minute of my entire life

And I could spend it on you

60 seconds of your smiling face

Of your infectious laughter

The last moment of my entire existence

And I could give it to you

Let you fill my thoughts

As I quietly drift away

The last second of my time on earth

And I could think of you

Of your beautiful murmurs

And your comforting shoulder

I have one thought left before I have to go

And I could think of you,

But I don’t.

I give the time

To the blue of the sky

The clean smell of the rain

And the feeling of freshly washed sheets

I think of biking downhill

With a bag full of new books

Stories in the pages waiting for me to look

Wind blowing in my hair

I remember freshly baked bread

On the vine ripened tomatoes

Home made chocolate chip cookies

Quite nearly almost burnt toast

But I let you grab my hand anyway

As my eyes close for the last time
Victoria G Nov 2010
If you wish for a prince
You're sure to get a frog
Or the thing that is more likely
Is to get no one at all

For a world that's full of people
It sure is a lonely place
Compared to insects and animals
The humans are the saddest race

There's so many people crying
Smiles drowning in their tears
All the giggles and the laughter
Buried by our fears

People say they're happy single
But no one likes being alone
I'm not really worried
My cat never forgets to phone

With all the happy TV people
You'd think there'd be less wars
Our miserable existences
Are all we can live for
Victoria G Nov 2013
I miss you
and I can't
do anything
about it
I'm so
I'm a bad
(to everyone else)
I can't tell
if you are doing better than me
I can't tell
if I'm doing a good job
pretending that I'm okay
I want to go home
(I've been home
but it's just a house.
And I was happy to see
its inhabitants
but I want to
inhabit your arms.)
I'm so scared
that I miss you
more than you miss me.
Paranoia and anxiety
and loneliness:
a recipe for
a broken me.
Victoria G Jun 2013
There's no point in thinking

about how much I like

the rain in September

When it's 77 degrees outside

even though it's almost 6:30

and the plants need to be watered

September is three months away

And if I wait that long

All your plants will die.
Victoria G Sep 2012
he was born in the summer

and lived in the sea

floated away into the sunset

in a coke bottle with me

we saw the whole world

from our glass boat

held on during the hurricanes

and tried to stay afloat

only after the hundredth storm

and another brush with death

did I realize that that if he died

the grief would take away my breath

one day we washed up on shore

and as we stepped onto the land

he let go and walked off until

all that was left was his footprints in the sand

the sadness hit me like I knew it would

but to my surprise, I did not die

I held my head up and walked away

only when December came did I let myself cry

the tears froze on my cheeks

and I put them away for a rainy day

I smiled at the sun and thanked her for the warmth

and she told me that it would be okay.
Victoria G Jul 2013
I miss you so much
Even though you're not that far away
You're just on holiday
And you'll be back
So I don't know what I'm fussing about
We'll be back on track
In a bit
I feel so much safer with you in my arms
Safe from the world
Your head on my shoulder
reassures the head on my shoulders
I'm waiting for you to come back.
I'm listening to songs
about feeling sorry for yourself.
(it doesn't help)
Victoria G Dec 2010
this is a poem about a girl
who didn’t think people would forget her
so she didn’t try to start over
she didn’t think people would move on
so she didn’t try to go forward

she thought their world would wait for her
when she wasn’t there
she forgot how easy it was
to forget one person
when that person is gone

she forgot that
just because they were her only friends
didn’t mean that she was theirs
she didn’t realize that
just because she didn’t want to get close to anyone else
didn’t mean that they wouldn’t

but she watched them
go on with their lives
clearly fine without her
when the her-shaped hole in their life
closed up like an old wound
she took one look at her old life
and finally decided
to stop walking backwards

but when she looked ahead
there was no one there
she forgot that in the midst of
trying to keep up with her old life
she burned every bridge into a new one

so now she’s alone
thinly connected to two lives
neither of which she  feels belongs to
floating in a lonely limbo
missing every train that has ever passed
Victoria G Jun 2014
I can see you slipping away
but I can't bring myself to
do anything about it
They say if you love someone
Let them go
Well then, I guess
We loved each other too much.
Victoria G Jun 2014
Some say that I'm a liar but it's okay
they say words don't matter anyway
if I didn't mean to hurt you
then I am free to go
Any marks that I've left
will melt with the final snow
I know I promised to love you
till my dying day
But darling, I'm a liar,
And my words just hold no weight.
Victoria G May 2013
The only reason I ever went downtown
was for music class
or orchestra gigs
or for LA Phil concerts,
but I found this cool bookstore once.

I walked around with you once
during a break between rehearsals
and you asked me if I thought anyone
actually lived here
"LA's just a movie set," you said.

I was downtown for an audition once
and they were filming Batman.
There was fake snow everywhere
and you told me that you and a friend
pretended to have
a snowball fight.

A snowball fight in Los Angeles.
Except when Los Angeles is Gotham
or New York
or Chicago
for the day.

No one is ever on the streets in LA.
Unless LA is Gotham
or New York
or Chicago
for the day.
Victoria G Jun 2010
If the world was like the British Secret Service
And all the nice guys were James Bond
And all the bad guys had cats:
There would definitely be Bond girls.

Good girls, dead girls
Shoot-you-in-the-head girls
Hiding-in-the-bed girls
While-making-out-with-Bond girls

Other-secret-agents girls
Super-******-villain girls
Some-random-at-a-bar girls
Not-wearing-enough-clothes girl

But then there’s a forgotten girl
An always being used girl
Bond never looks twice girl
Always there to help girl

Cheated by the hot girls
Laughed at ‘cause she’s a nice girl
Forgotten as a Bond girl
But an always there for Bond girl

So all you silly Bond boys
Put down your silly shooting toys
Stop kissing the villain-girl
And have a drink with the forgotten Bond girl
I do not own the James Bond Franchise
Victoria G Jul 2013
I want to tell you about all the times
I stayed up thinking
Wondering if in ten years from now
I’d meet you in a bar somewhere
And we’d both be drinking
Some expensive cocktail with
An innuendo for a name.
I wonder if you would still look the same
I wonder if I would still feel the same,
I’m sure the conversation would be awkward
But for that I take the blame,
Would I get and take a second chance
For the last uncomfortable slow dance
Of an event I didn’t go to
Because I couldn’t work up the courage
To finally go up and ask you.
Ask about the time when
You told me that you missed me
Though deep down
My thirteen year old self
Kind of wished you kissed me
Though I’m glad you didn’t
I realize that our friendship
Was better than whatever
The hell we would’ve been
Puzzle pieces from different sets
When I wake up, I do my best
I brush my teeth and wash my face until I finally forget.
Victoria G Jun 2010
Here is a poem

not written for you

here is a home not provided by you

this is a love

not given by you

this is the help

not offered by you

here is the truth

not revealed by you

here I  am not rememberd by you

so many things

not done by you

yet here I am

*waiting for you…
Victoria G Feb 2013
you called me
not to say hello
not to wish me a good day
nothing like that

you called
because you had a favor to ask
but I didn’t mind
I said I’d do it
but you didn’t say goodbye
we sat in the silence on the phone

till I said “okay”
only then did you hang up

the silence wasn’t even
five seconds
but it felt like a forever

i only said "okay"
to break the silence
but it felt like a confession
Victoria G Nov 2015
I know that no one my age knows what they're doing
but that does nothing to comfort me at all
I don't know if my decisions are right
I don't think anyone really does

But I feel like my choices have set me on a path
that I can't stop going down
and everything's moving too fast
and I can't even stop to look around

But, at the same time, I just want to get
where I'm supposed to be going

This is what scares me the most,
more than the uncertainty inherent in my youth,
that I'll never stop feeling like I'm on a train
that never slows down
and I won't reach my final destination
until I'm dead
and in the ground.
Victoria G Aug 2014
I've found that I lie so often
that the truth has become hard to tell
To all the people I've hurt
Worry not, they've saved me a spot in hell

I'll say that we share a favorite movie
Even if I've never even seen it
It's so much easier to say
"I love you" when I do not mean it

I'm sorry to the people I care about
Who have no idea how I feel
Trust me, the less I say to you
The more likely that my love is real.
Victoria G May 2014
how lucky I was
that so many best friends
happened to be
at my primary school

how fortunate that
his soulmate
walked into his
now-closed video rental store

how curious it is
that your maid of honor
was randomly assigned
as your college roommate

how strange it is
that so much of our lives
is simply dependent
on proximity
Victoria G Aug 2014
Does this make me strong or weak?
Have I got it backwards?
Isn’t it lonely to be so secretive?
Isn’t it lonely never being alone but no one knowing anything about you?
Who taught you that this is the way it was supposed to be?
Shouldn’t that have been a sign?
Where did the time go?
Can I step back from this?
Did I go to far?
Is this it?
Victoria G Apr 2015
do dreams mean anything or was freud full of ****?
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why is everyone more successful than me?
how to delete facebook
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Victoria G May 2013
He turns to me and says,
"One day, you are going to
wake up and find that the world has
passed you by.
You will wake up on your couch
by empty cans of Brisk and ghosts
but no one will have died–
Everyone will just be someone else  
but you will be the same.
Like a rock in the middle of a
garden you will stay unmoving while everything else
blooms and grows and reaches towards the sun.
People you forgot to keep in touch with will no longer exist.
I will be gone, I'll be someone else.
To you, I'll be the boy you
loved in high school,
who didn't love you back,
and the girl you sat next to in Biology who wasn't quite as
clever as you are is now a doctor and you are
I know that he is right, but all I say is
"I didn't love you."
(I am lying)
He shakes his head and gets up
to leave, but he turns one last time and
smiles and I pretend that he is saying that he
loved me back.
Victoria G Mar 2013
i go outside so i can look at the snow

i want to watch the little white flakes come down

land on my eyelashes

put some color in my cheeks

but it doesn’t snow where i live

i go outside and the sky is clear

the moon shines bright

like it is mocking me

so i go back inside

and turn up the music

because there are worse things to be than

Victoria G Sep 2014
there's nothing
quite like
being inexplicably sad
because what seems to be
so obvious
is impossible to put into words
for yourself
let alone for the world
Victoria G Mar 2013
I want to reach out
And hold you
I am too scared
To touch you
Our tenuous relationship
Is like spun sugar:
And too much
Makes my head hurt
Victoria G Feb 2011
A photograph in a library book 
That someone used as a bookmark
A picture of two little girls 
Forgotten between pages 72 and 73

Maybe they're sisters
Maybe best friends 
Maybe they're not little anymore 
Maybe they're no longer friends 

Distracted by the story behind the picture 
That single moment of joy 
Captured in bright kodak colors
Interested me more than the story

Was it taken to be developed 
Then used to hold a place in a book? 
Maybe they never finished reading
Or perhaps they just forgot.

The little girls are at the beach 
Holding hands, running into the waves
Oblivious to problems in the world
I wonder if they are as happy as they look. 

I decide to tuck it back in the book
Keeping it feels like stealing 
That memory was not mine to have 
So I return the book, picture inside

Maybe they'll come looking for their picture 
Or someone else will find it
And think up their own story
Maybe it will end up discarded

The novel long forgotten,
I remember the photo instead  
The picture's story overshadowing
That of some far off fantasy land.
Victoria G Apr 2011
If the crushing weight
of your existence
ever gets you down,
try thinking about
the planet you call home.
Realize everything you endure,
it has endured worse,
a billion times over,
since before you existed.
Then, your massive insignificance
cancels out how important
you think you are,
and for a while,
you understand
how it feels to be a cloud suspended
between a great everything
and a vast nothing
confused as to which is which.
Victoria G Sep 2015
I am a coward and you are a giant
When I close my eyes, I see you smiling
I can't help but think that we deserve a shot
But quickly chide myself for entertaining the thought
Because I am a coward and you are a giant
When I see your face, I can't stop smiling
I think of the way your hand sat on my shoulder
And what we could be if we were a little older
But I am a coward and you are giant
And the universe has no regard for timing
Maybe someday I'll finally be brave
And say this out loud to your face
Today I'm a coward and you are a giant
And if I said I could move on I'd be lying
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