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Jun 2014 · 2.4k
VRO Jun 2014
The smell of freshly cut grass remains the same.

Life is relevant world-wide.

Your life doesn’t change when you move towns, switch jobs, buy a new car, get a new haircut (though, those are very exciting things).

Your life changes when you develop new perspective. Sometimes, that means re-learning what you always knew.

Time is sacred, whether it’s real or not, we’re caught in it. Don’t deny it. Don’t dislike it. Embrace it.

Worship every breathe you take in. The Earth gives air to you, willingly. Receive it, gratefully.

When you are aware in every moment, you are meditating. When you are meditating, you are aware in every moment. This cycle is holy. When you come to realize your awareness in time passing, in each air breathing, you come to realize your perspective.

Don’t forget to smile. It will solve many of your thoughts that lead to nowhere, many of your worries for nothing.

Accept all change. Recognize that all is the same.

Life is still relevant world-wide.

The smell of freshly cut grass will still make you sneeze.
Jun 2014 · 775
Panoramic Scenic Overlook
VRO Jun 2014
Way up on the mountain
stands a tree so tall and bare
leaves once growing
a life without a care.

And way down in the valley
lies a stream so long and still
rocks a million
rolling down the hill.

Go ahead, take a gaze
read the horizon like a book.
Go ahead, be amazed
at this panoramic scenic over look.

Look up at our sky today
the clouds are morphing in their form
a darkness creeping
here comes the storm.

You can feel the electricity
in the air
a cool front wind
whistling in your hair.

You can hear the heard from here
running miles towards their den
flocking together
looking out for the kin.

Go ahead, lay down
feel the rain kiss your skin.
Go ahead feel the ground
and let the vibration in.
lyrics to a song I've written. music link to come soon.
Jun 2014 · 3.4k
VRO Jun 2014
tug on your heartstrings,
remember what it is
to be human and
to feel.
nothing is more resonant
than a reverberating vibration
of positivity, in sorrow and in joy.
Jun 2014 · 715
Haiku || Beat ||
VRO Jun 2014
does the brain tell the
heart to beat; or does the heart
know how on its own?
Jun 2014 · 10.7k
Self Love
VRO Jun 2014
grow your own set of arms
to wrap around your inner harms
hug yourself and squeeze tight
as much as you feel alone at night
remember, you are right here
treat and hold your self dear,

you cannot take love away
from yourself, so love yourself
Jun 2014 · 7.9k
VRO Jun 2014

what a glorious time of week.

laundry hangs on the clothesline,

the ghosts of the week left to dry

as we softly stare out the window, chalky panels

between crusting paint. Attempting to

listen to the silence,

muffled by words, we discussed

a day free of demands, and the boy

in his blue shirt, with his ball.

If I were to wish anything on anyone

it would be a year full of

Jun 2014 · 5.7k
VRO Jun 2014
Wake up with the sun.
Watch the sky turn a pastel sorbet.

Feel the wet in the still air.
Feel the refreshment of the moving wind.

On the way to school.
Pass neighbors and village folk with alms awaiting

Monks giving morning prayers.
Sun begins to show its orb just over the tree tops.

Clouds are rare and welcome.
Watch the sky turn a pale blue.

Day passes, never asking, always abiding
as we watch the sky turn.
Jun 2014 · 1.1k
Moon & Tide
VRO Jun 2014
One night, I saw her.
The light. Her cheeks.
The shining grin
coming and growing and fading and going in
a matter of weeks.

She's always phased me,
the side of her she never lets me see.
Were you once a part of me?

What do you go home to?
You're always alone, always alone
always alone.
Will you let me show you you're never alone,
never alone
never alone.

To all the lovers' who made their letters
put in a bottle tossed out to sea
they're just as lost as we are
they're just as lost as we are.

To all the lovers' who made their letters
put in a bottle tossed out to see
they're just as lost as we are
they're just as lost as we are.

You'll keep your distance.
I'll keep my space.
At first, it seems as though a boy-girl relationship poem. But really, it is about the relationship between the Earth and the Moon. Read it through again with that in mind.

Also lyrics to a song for Morning Arms.
Jun 2014 · 2.5k
Haiku || Identity ||
VRO Jun 2014
I ask who I am
why and how. I answer, such
questions come easy,

have faith, grand canyon.
Your layered identity
was once an ocean.

— The End —