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imnthea 5d
I was born without language so I am still figuring out
How to say without shouting out loud or without tears
No I haven't acquired that skill of using my words appropriately
I still hesitate

                                        I  am my main concern. I think of myself more then anyone else. I am selfish so I need my time for myself.
imnthea Sep 17
I was always in search of answers

                     Now I am in search for the question.

Finally in this grey time I understood the value of
                                     'What, why'
imnthea Sep 17
Did u feel it too?
Can u see it in me?
This feelings I keep feeling
This constant feeling of temporary
Is it not obvious ?
That I can't settle in one topic
As I have firm believe that it is temporary
It won't matter in a few seconds from now.

Can't u see why
I am unable to make decisions
Or give opinion
As it keeps changing
My thoughts and idea keeps fleeting
Too fast for me to keep track of it
Can't u see it too that it is temporary?
imnthea Aug 27
I may not be suffering but I get this feeling that I might be in need
of stat dose of your compassion,
Your understanding and little bit of
love with trust and patients.

finally I can  be functional
Fully myself and then maybe I can do the same for you!
imnthea Aug 27
I like to Lose myself in a crowd,
          there I always find
    a company of many like me
We stare at each other and wonder
               of things that
            was and might be
  but what is will be concern of
       yesterday and tomorrow.
  Today we live without worrying
about judgement and consequences.

In the crowd I usually find
                                         a mind alike...
imnthea Apr 16
I smile quite often this days
Mostly halfway
I know I am not unhappy now
And I can't remember what was it
But I am sure this isn't it
imnthea Apr 16
I took a short break for a while
I am still taking that break for a while
Such long time has passed me by
I no longer know
where I was suppose to go
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