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usagi Jul 2018
ego traps
usagi Oct 2015
What do you do, when all is right
yet all is wrong
usagi Oct 2015
So much to say,
No way to say it.
usagi Mar 2017
Many times I am the best version of myself when
I am just me,
I'm not sure what this says about me,
but I do know I am cursed with a lifetime of loneliness
usagi Nov 2015
Comfortable silence .
usagi Aug 2015
I am a wall flower all on my own
I am much stronger when I am alone
Pity me not, for I am at peace
Alone in serenity I am at ease
usagi Mar 2018
I sat by the rocks on top of the cliff over the beach that was conveniently  placed behind my school.
Or rather my school conveniently placed in front of it.
I felt alone as I sifted through my notes and waited for him to come. I hoped he would come but I did not know if he would. I was used to expecting the worst, and I convinced myself this time would be no different.

Beyond the overhang of the cliff I sat, there was a man fishing, wearing a bright pink hat and yellow shoes. He stood on a rock all alone as he intricately moved his hands along  his fishing line. I could not make out the movements but I could tell he was well rehearsed.

I kept peaking over my shoulder to see if I would see him coming to join me but he was no where in sight. As I sat there watching the fisherman, I realized I was not at all alone. A contentness  fell over me as I realized that I was never really alone. Or perhaps that being alone wasn't really being alone when you can make peace with it.

In that moment I realized what I had always realized but was never able to make peace with:
We would probably wander much of our lives alone but we ultimately get to chose if we want to be lonely or not.
Some days I will feel lonely, and other days I'd find my fisherman in the distance to find comfort in.
usagi Jul 2016
His thread weaving through my silk cloth
Agonizing at first I thought,
he punctured exhaustively through my sheath.
Felt broken and torn from beneath
I then came to the realization; I was sewn up tighter and tougher than ever before

Thank you.
usagi Jan 2017
I am not a carefully prepared bouquet of flowers
arranged to please anyone
to create comfort
I am the raw uncomfortable, that they want to pretend doesn't exist.
I am a bowl of wild flowers
usagi May 2018
Easy on the eyes
Easy on the soul

— The End —