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usagi 2d
I wait for me,
the way I used to wait for him
But this time I shall be received
Jun 12 · 50
usagi Jun 12
what makes you think I owe you my presence,
time, or energy?
I am not a fountain made to quench your lethargy.
So please. Move.
I owe you nothing
May 15 · 384
usagi May 15
He feeds me words so appetizing but he leaves me so feeble and starved
Why awaken something you can not satiate?
Apr 27 · 535
usagi Apr 27
My heart aches
But I can't tell if it aches cause it misses you
or because it misses me.
I've tried every remedy
Apr 2 · 247
Parts of me
usagi Apr 2
When the luminous parts of me shed light on the darkest parts of you; that scares you doesn't it?
So will you run? Or will you bask?
Mar 28 · 545
usagi Mar 28
You put a spout on your love and you decisively let it drip,
I am a waterfall of never ending flow to quench thy lips.
You and I are not the same
Mar 25 · 429
usagi Mar 25
why am I more afraid of losing you than I am of losing myself?
your loss, my gain
Mar 24 · 301
usagi Mar 24
I have been hurting her by forcing her to love in moderation
and accepting love in moderation
How could I have done that knowing that everything about her was intense
Mar 18 · 165
heart on your sleeve
usagi Mar 18
I'll take every piece of your heart into my hands; and I'll carry it no matter how heavy.
I'll remind you that all your pain and heartache makes you so very mighty.
I'm ready.
my love, you are so very mighty and I'll always be ready
Mar 5 · 54
hold on
usagi Mar 5
I know i'm little but
can you hold all of me?
you know what I mean?
Feb 27 · 80
come down
usagi Feb 27
you used to make me float and fly
now your dose don't even hit
and somehow I don't even get high
what happened, ****?
Feb 27 · 286
radiantly somber
usagi Feb 27
smog all over your head
you're hanging on just by a thread.
I'm worried about you. I worry about you,
but then you flash me a smile that tells me
your gleam of interest to live burns deeply,
and I've never met anyone so radiantly alive yet somber.
the most beautiful paradox I've ever laid eyes on
Feb 25 · 189
o b s e s s e d
usagi Feb 25
It was love; I got the impression
I'm in love but is it obsession
Feb 24 · 1.0k
what'll it cost you
usagi Feb 24
they said fall in love
he said fall for me
but no one ever told me it came with a fee
Feb 23 · 921
bitter sweet yu
usagi Feb 23
you're a salty and sweet dream
praline and cream
usagi Feb 18
I can't have you in this life time
so I shall bound you with a spell
and find you in the next
usagi Feb 12
my emotions do not rule me,
they are simply just  a part of me.
Feb 7 · 603
usagi Feb 7
my coffee grows cold
as did my love
Feb 2 · 136
hold me close
usagi Feb 2
How silly the notion that he could ever hold and mend the cracks that chipped so deeply they created craters and voids as deep as black holes.

how silly indeed.
hold me, or don't . What difference would it make?
Feb 1 · 77
today's luver
usagi Feb 1
In this moment I  have all your love, and I know it may be fleeting
Nonetheless, I shall bask and bathe, till the days preceding
love me today; forget me tomorrow
usagi Jan 28
planting my blooming thoughts of you,
as deep as I hope you will root in me,
seeds I hope you will put in me,
for the flowers I will grow for you.
lets grow together
Jan 24 · 947
skinny dippin
usagi Jan 24
dip your fingers into the richness of my soul
     dip yourself into the depths of my love
          dip your body into the thickness of my thighs
wanderlust in my love
Jan 21 · 131
usagi Jan 21
pick the shallow girls to feel deep again
usagi Jan 11
mimic the motions
but it'll never the right emotions.
Jan 7 · 536
break me more
usagi Jan 7
shatter me to specks and flecks
i'd give my heart to you yet again
it was worth it
Dec 2020 · 137
vanish in vanquish
usagi Dec 2020
i pray you never reappear
Dec 2020 · 629
water power
usagi Dec 2020
Afraid of drowning, you polluted my waters
in hopes of dampening my devine super powers
Dec 2020 · 208
la fleur
usagi Dec 2020
Yanked me from my roots as if I were a ****,
he never did know he spilled all my seeds
For I was a flower
and he was a plucker,
I fell to the ground, and into the earth
I shed my former self, this is rebirth.
I grew in unexpected places, in ways you thought I never could.
I grew in unexpected places, in ways I always knew I would.
Dec 2020 · 157
usagi Dec 2020
Wreck my sanity
but you'll never wreck me.
Nov 2020 · 176
usagi Nov 2020
i don't sleep
but i dream.
Nov 2020 · 194
usagi Nov 2020
I'm not unbreakable--
patch me up anyway
Oct 2020 · 539
empty are your promises
usagi Oct 2020
i promise it will be better
i promise to understand
i promise to fill in the gaps
there shall be no more mishaps

i promise i promise i promise,
things will change can't you see
its meant to be
i promise today i promise

i promised you yesterday
I promised you a better tomorrow
but heres the thing you see;
tomorrow never comes
and i never did lie.
tomorrow is related to today, but it never is today.
Oct 2020 · 104
Save yourself
usagi Oct 2020
He wont save you.
You've always known he wouldn't maybe even couldn't save you.
He never has, never will.
He's not coming.
So what are you waiting for?
save yourself
always save yourself
Sep 2020 · 237
usagi Sep 2020
I wana be like poetry
but you don't even like to read
Sep 2020 · 104
usagi Sep 2020
His sorrow was so inexplicably radiant
Aug 2020 · 107
time piece
usagi Aug 2020
timing is truly as fickle as they say
you can't turn back the clock
you can't take back what you forgot to do,
or take back what you did do.
often when you're ready, the opportunity has passed,
and the window has closed
and the time that was so fickle, is no longer in your favour.
Aug 2020 · 284
moon in cancer
usagi Aug 2020
So soft
more soft
too soft
shouldn't be soft
but couldn't be anything more than soft
perhaps couldn't be anything less than soft
beneath soft
not as soft
couldn't be strong without being soft.

so be soft, as soft as a moon in cancer
Jul 2020 · 236
soft are your lips
usagi Jul 2020
I mourn for your lips

So much that I feel aches that send speckles of darkness sinking into the pit of my stomach
and your smile alludes the impression that you are satisfied by this
and I discern the notion  of my lips having been touched but never really kissed

yet still, I mourn for your lips

lips that I have kissed, that never kissed me.
Jul 2020 · 984
phantom pains
usagi Jul 2020
If only my scars were on the surface of my body. Then maybe you’d understand the burden of pain I have held.
Mar 2020 · 264
Let me
usagi Mar 2020
the walls are transparent, yet so thick.
Let. me .

I am muted,
and subdued.
Let me be

I was red,
now I am grey

Let. me.
Feb 2020 · 162
usagi Feb 2020
its as easy as pretending it never happened,
very well feeling as though its all thats happened.
Jul 2019 · 244
If I were enough
usagi Jul 2019
I ached to feel the comfort of someone turning my pages
eager to read, cover to cover
agreeing in contentment
because I was enough
maybe even more than enough.
Mar 2019 · 150
Pretty Prospects
usagi Mar 2019
Leave me with nothing;
nothing but nostalgia that'll hurt so good
it'll pinch my chest
and send whirl winds through my stomach
yet I'll love it,
just like I loved you.
Dec 2018 · 343
habituating habits
usagi Dec 2018
love is habituating
as are broken hearts
Oct 2018 · 230
usagi Oct 2018
Fell slowly out of love with he
and gently into love with me
Sep 2018 · 2.2k
Love for 1
usagi Sep 2018
We wreck havoc on one another in the name of love. We leave inoperable scars upon each others souls and leave one another strangled for air, plundered of all vitals. We call this love, and we recycle these events, these feelings onto the next person without realizing that we are generating and regenerating feeble souls, stripped of their ability to love. What a tragedy love has become.
Jul 2018 · 275
fond absence
usagi Jul 2018
You must have kissed me a million times before , I thought to myself
but today you kissed me and it was as if  our lips did not recognize each other,
and I couldn't even recall the last time you had kissed me.
as I moved my lips and swirled my tongue,
I realized our love was no longer young
and we had grown apart without saying a word
Jul 2018 · 746
usagi Jul 2018
I was angry at my father for abandoning me
I was angry at my brother for not guiding me
I was angry at my mother for not protecting me
I was angry at him for not loving all the pieces of me
Every moment of every dayI was enraged
I wept and wept in the name love
but truly I was brimmed with grief
the grief I felt
from the love I did not give myself.
#fury #anger
Jul 2018 · 755
usagi Jul 2018
Repeatedly she dies, all just in one life time;
it seems she dies religiously
she hopes each time, death would lead her to nirvana
but instead she wakes up
just to realize she is exhausted and still stuck, alive.
Jul 2018 · 187
usagi Jul 2018
love & anxiety;
they might as well be synonymous .
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