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Joyce Aug 20
it's easy to like you back
when you like me.
it's hard not to hate you
when you reject me.

all these conditions only complicate.
hearts beat even when you're asleep.
no ifs, no buts, no maybes.
isn't that how love is supposed to be?
love freely.
Joyce Aug 8
Sun and Moon
exist in the same sky,
but can't meet.
only in the shadow of eclipse.

You and I
live under the same sky.
anytime we can meet
if we make up our minds, right?
Joyce Aug 8
if you love her
let her know,
or let her go
you coward
Joyce Jul 29
the walls that protect you
are the same walls that imprison you
yes you're safe...
but safe exactly from what?
Joyce Jul 29
will you do me a favor,
a crease and a fold.
turn me into roses and hearts
for the dear one you hold.
turn me into a thousand cranes
and your wishes are sold.
turn me into envelopes
for the letters in the drawer gone cold.
turn me sideways, over and upside down.
turn me into something i can never become.
Joyce Jul 27
i wrote and wrote
spilled black ink on the paper
and watched it dry with the spilled crystals on my cheek
i laughed and laughed
at the lovely memories stuck on repeat
and the foolish things i did
perhaps i wasn't the same person i was before
and i'm thankful for that
Joyce Jul 27
it rained today
and i saw
hundreds of rainbows
reflected on the streets
as it is in the sky
LGBT pride parade on my way home
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