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Tom Lefort Jul 2021
Run your fingers along the lines of time
Scored across my skin, the marks of sin.
The aftermath of everything.

TS Lefort 2021
Tom Lefort Jul 2021
That passion burned through skin and bone,
A fire we both still kindle;
Consuming us, dividing us, defining us,
A love no man should shoulder.

Our bond we tore and cruelly cast asunder,
Decades deep we know it smoulders;
Choking us, blinding us, ruining us,
A loss no hope to hold on for.

TS Lefort 1987
Tom Lefort Jun 2021
Vinyl, old, crackle and turn,
Intimate moments scored into grooves;
Atmosphere burns,
A revolving truth.

Needle, record, goosebump skin,
Long played moments again and again;
Our favourite track
An unrepented sin.

TS Lefort 2021
Tom Lefort Jun 2021
I broke every promise in the book,
Turned out the everlasting light;
Exchanged my smiles with bitter tongue,
I really ****** it up.

I stole every hope you placed in me,
Burnt out the fire of love;
Replaced our dreams with sleepless nights,
I truly ****** you up.

I drank away apologies to swallow my regrets,
Poured out the spirits of my shame,
Repaid your trust with shallow lies,
I know I ****** this up.
Tom Lefort Jun 2021
The failure in us both runs free;
Bleeding out from wounds of love,
Snagged on broken bones of trust.
The futile attempts in all of us.
Tom Lefort Jun 2021
Fallen people are the common ground,
Relentless pursuits of no avail,
Desperate illusions of a promised land,
Flaying limbs no hands that join,
No hope no help no heaven;
Falling people screaming without a sound.
Tom Lefort Jan 2021
We kissed, I loved, you betrayed
My youth, a trust, perfect days.
You went, I mourned, nothing left,
I was, you were, my hope bereft.

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