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Jun 21 · 133
rose hopkins Jun 21
Long days, short nights
Green trees, blue skies
Bird song and butterflies.
May 4 · 187
Early May
rose hopkins May 4
We watch
The dandelion clocks
Shake their perfect orbs
And release
Their seeds
To dance away
And flower again
Another day.
Late spring
Apr 1 · 127
rose hopkins Apr 1
When every conversation
Begins with a challenge
And the truth
Is obscured
By a lie.
Mar 8 · 464
All Our Faces (repost)
rose hopkins Mar 8
Mother,aunt,we're all of these
Lover,nanny,friend and foe
Each different face,we're all of those
But in the end
At the heart of it
At the point that is
The crux of it
We shine our light
'Cos we exist.
For international women's day.
Feb 16 · 163
Love is..........
rose hopkins Feb 16
A warm cwtch
A safe place
A smiling face.
Feb 15 · 197
rose hopkins Feb 15
Blinded by arrogance
You hold the key
What kind of impudence
Ignores the plea
For fairness.
Nov 2021 · 475
The passage
rose hopkins Nov 2021
Like a sleepwalker
she passed through each day.
Voices chattered in her head,
Snatches of conversations
That she could not quite catch.

She dropped like a stone through her emotions
And lay in silence on the bottom.

Battered and bruised
She ached at every turn,
Or floated softly among the shadows
Guarding her spirit.

It seemed she had passed
Through a threshold of pain
That held her on the edge,
Like the new born......
And the shadows nurtured her
Behind the veil of her own consciousness,
Waiting for the memory
To rise up into the light of her being.

When it came she was filled with fire,
Warming her as it spread
through her soul,
And she knew a new knowledge
That was older than she,
Older than her previous selves ,
Older than the Earth.
Slowly,she raised herself,
Taller than she'd ever been.

Filled with courage
she stepped out,
Over the edge,
And she joined all of her other selves,
Embracing them with open arms.
Sobbing,she acknowledged herself
As she flew with her shadows
Back through time,
Back to her beginning
From whence she had first set out
In the darkness of ignorance.

The light shone so brightly,
Drawing her own light towards it
In a spinning ****** so intense
That she let go of herself,
Separating into a million points
of light as she joined the pool.
Her lights bounced off each light
They touched in an ecstasy of greeting.

Looking back ,
Towards the edge,
She watched the shadows
Nod their satisfaction
Before they turned away,
Fading into the darkness that was the Earth.
Rita,   Mado,  Thelma
Nov 2021 · 127
rose hopkins Nov 2021
No! Is a hard rejection
A negative adverb
An unwelcome word
By not asking.
Sep 2021 · 493
rose hopkins Sep 2021
Rough gusts
Sep 2021 · 683
Head in the sand
rose hopkins Sep 2021
In fear of it
We don't want
To hear of it.
Sep 2021 · 220
Remembering Rita
rose hopkins Sep 2021
Remembering Rita's quaint
Independent ways
The children loved
Her gentle ways
Her mind made up
She would not be moved
She lives on
In the memories she made.
May 2021 · 244
Haiku 128
rose hopkins May 2021
His demeanor was
cleverly ingenuous.
Quite ingenious.
Different meanings between similar words.
May 2021 · 150
rose hopkins May 2021
The spirit wriggled free
And flew
And through
The memories it knew
It grew
Spirit  free gathering knowledge. Death and rebirth.
May 2021 · 321
Late Spring
rose hopkins May 2021
It gives me the sweet scent
Of new mown hay
And the blackbirds song
In May.
Birdsong  fresh scents sunshine
Mar 2021 · 427
rose hopkins Mar 2021
BLT you challenged me
You made me rhyme deliberately
When through the years my poetry
Was written quite spasmodically
A year apart or every day
It didn't matter either way.
I haven't taken up the word of the day challenge for a while but it has been a good lockdown activity and it kick started me into writing more . Thank you BLT :)
Mar 2021 · 73
Happy days (haiku)
rose hopkins Mar 2021
Bare branched silhouette
Sky larks pirhouette
Blue sky
Spring's arrived.
Bird chatter, trees still bare,
Feb 2021 · 307
Haiku 124
rose hopkins Feb 2021
You can't steer clear
Of fear
It hides in you
Resides with you
Feb 2021 · 100
Isolation 4
rose hopkins Feb 2021
We suffer disconnection
No sign of reconnection
Face to face
Two metre space
Practice isolation.
Lockdown 3
Jan 2021 · 253
Haiku 135
rose hopkins Jan 2021
Chinese whispers
Distorting the facts
When passing on
Innocent chats.
Fact or fiction
Jan 2021 · 366
Hearts in love
rose hopkins Jan 2021
The moon is rising
Full and bright
She sheds her light

O'er the hill
The night's so still

Spangled starlight
Welcomes her
As she takes her place
And begins to stir

Hearts in love

Hearts in love
Who look at her

And she smiles her smile
That only lovers know.
Lovers   moonlight
Jan 2021 · 44
Grandma said 3
rose hopkins Jan 2021
Clean out the corners
The middle will
Clean itself.
look after the pennies
The pounds
Will give you wealth.
Wise words
Dec 2020 · 452
Late December moon
rose hopkins Dec 2020
I look through fingers of light
And feathers of ice
In the milky glow
Of a full moon
In a cloudless,starlit sky.
I can see for miles at midnight
As the midwinter frost
Settles on the land.
Dec 2020 · 141
Haiku 118
rose hopkins Dec 2020
Like a couple of earthworms
Wound around each other
Nov 2020 · 123
Haiku 116
rose hopkins Nov 2020
The emotion I  feel for you
Is gentle
Oozing with warmth
And love.
rose hopkins Nov 2020
To be a conscious being,
being conscious
is important.
aware,   awake,     alive,    to be,     haiku
Nov 2020 · 639
First frost
rose hopkins Nov 2020
First frost
Riming the landscape
A white dawn
Announced by the crow's harsh call
The waning moon hanging
In a cloudless sky
As the rising sun's rays
Twinkle on the frosted fields.
Oct 2020 · 137
Self respect haiku
rose hopkins Oct 2020
When you care about
What people think
You pander
To their need
Not yours.
Care    feeling    opinion haiku
Oct 2020 · 97
Pandora's box
rose hopkins Oct 2020
This ship of fools sets sail
across a sea so fair
to hit a sudden gale
that sends them everywhere.
This ship is just an open boat
packed so full of hope
it barely stays afloat.
Too late to change as fear unfolds
their last resort is hope.
desperation,  migrant,   hope,
Oct 2020 · 415
problem solved
rose hopkins Oct 2020
There's an elephant
in the boardroom
here's the scapegoat.......
in the tearoom.
haiku    elephant    scapegoat
Oct 2020 · 87
rose hopkins Oct 2020
The armour's tight.
A shield against
A shield against
Better to bury your head,
avoiding confrontation
than to be honest instead.
avoiding    armour     shield     confrontation
Sep 2020 · 216
time for change
rose hopkins Sep 2020
At this juncture it would seem
your ubiquitous problems
have become obscene
to make all this less operose
delve deep and
find the root and show
that you can stem the flow
at the fountain head
and choose the right
route instead.
BLT's word of the day challenge   ( 5 words)
Sep 2020 · 683
where safety lies
rose hopkins Sep 2020
I watch,
the ocean of emotion
welling up
through limpid eyes
in fearful, tearful panic
clutching at the straws
that are granddad
that true constant
BLT's word of the day challenge  "limpid"  =  transparency, clear, simple.
Sep 2020 · 613
Losing battle
rose hopkins Sep 2020
You purport that you
are always right
with verbiage, loud
designed to confuse
fomenting exasperation
with this constant fight
and sisyphean failure
to change your views.
merriam- webster word of the day for BLT's challenge.
Sep 2020 · 206
rose hopkins Sep 2020
You live your life
through the lies you tell
on a fairy tale trail
through the gates of hell

You point your finger
looking to blame
any but you
seems you have no shame

Insincere pleading
we don't want to hear
you turn on your smile
through crocodile tears

Hooked like a worm
you wriggle and squirm
turn on the charm
why don't you?
Sep 2020 · 298
haiku 106
rose hopkins Sep 2020
when you blot out the problem
you can also
blot out the solution.
Aug 2020 · 191
rose hopkins Aug 2020
I am the undertaker
the one who speaks
for kindred who need to shield.
I am the risk taker
behind the mask
holding the fort
the last resort
in this estival of unknown out comes
this is my testimonial,my task
my forte.
for BLT's word of the day challenge .......nearly a week's worth in one sudden inspiration.
undertaker-one who takes the risk and management of business,  kindred-related individuals or one's own family,  estival-relating to the summer,  testimonial-statement,   forte-one's strong point.
Aug 2020 · 238
isolation 3
rose hopkins Aug 2020
So much time and space
for the things
that have been smothered
and forgotten.
time on our hands,no excuse........
Aug 2020 · 59
clear path(of thought)
rose hopkins Aug 2020
Where you've been
and where you're going
and what will happen
in between.
haiku.....inspired by discussion on u turns and dithering.
Aug 2020 · 179
Jam making
rose hopkins Aug 2020
I made jam,
rhubarb with redcurrant,
rhubarb with raspberry,
but the rhubarb with apricot,
it was just the best jam ever
ne plus ultra
For BLT's word of the day challenge. The word is "ne plus ultra".
Aug 2020 · 487
The road remains the same
rose hopkins Aug 2020
Here she is,vivacious yet
despite the years of self neglect
She wears it well,she stood the test
she earned her badge of self respect.
Quiescent in her dormant state
the potential yaw she may create
she journeyed forth towards her fate
and the road remains the same.
BLT's word of the day challenge .Been rather busy this week so this contains three daily words "vivacious " "quiescent" "yaw"
Aug 2020 · 82
haiku 100
rose hopkins Aug 2020
the place where all life's experience
is stored
good or bad.
Aug 2020 · 171
kitty's holiday
rose hopkins Aug 2020
She sauntered in and looked around
poised,ready for flight
the resident cat made a growling sound
he's not in the mood for a fight
she sashayed past as he stared spellbound
at her sudden hot dog stunts
she arched her back and danced about
then suddenly up she sprunt
rife with mischief she leaped and bounced
and he rose,and left at once.
For BLT'S challenge word of the day "hot dog" and I managed to get yesterday's  word "rife" in there as well.
"sprunt" :- to make a quick convulsive movement,jump or run.
Jul 2020 · 160
The listening ear
rose hopkins Jul 2020
Silence is the backdrop
the canvas
on which the sounds of life are painted
an anomaly
only heard
by the listening ear.
for B L T 'S  challenge word of the day "anomaly"
Jul 2020 · 253
rose hopkins Jul 2020
À skilful move
Or sleight of hand
That's quick to fool
A game of chance
A slick trick.
BLT s challenge the word is legerdemain.
Jul 2020 · 338
rose hopkins Jul 2020
Brought forth
In the north
On a cold winter night
Born far from the sun.
BLT challenge for the word aphelion
Jun 2020 · 92
Analyze your argument
rose hopkins Jun 2020
Your sentiments may be right
or maybe you're just looking to cause  a fight.
Fairness and justice are not by anger met,
light the touch paper and see what you get,
or parse your words
and see what occurs.
BLT's challenge for word of the day .The word is "parse".
Jun 2020 · 244
all our faces
rose hopkins Jun 2020
mother,aunt we're all of these
lover,nanny,friend and foe
each different face,we're all of those
but in the end
at the heart of it
at the point that is
the crux of it
we shine our light
'cos we exist.
For BLT's challenge word of the day , the word is "crux"
Jun 2020 · 85
here for you
rose hopkins Jun 2020
I could assume that you're o.k.
or just re-tune the things I say
talk you through the years of pain
or show you that we're all the same
I could harangue you 'til I'm blue
but either way I'm here for you.
for BLT's word of the day challenge the word is "harangue".
rose hopkins Jun 2020
In our own space
we are everything
to the rest of the universe
we are nothing
Should have posted this yesterday for BLT WORD OF THE DAY "null" sorry , got overtaken and forgot to post .
Jun 2020 · 202
Tea time for crows
rose hopkins Jun 2020
I look out of my window, what do I see
crows congregating, cawing at me.
Capricious by nature with their noisy behavior,
shouting, come quick! there's cake for our tea.
I feed the birds daily and magpies and crows do regular flyovers to check ,they waste no time alerting the rest of their clan that food is served.
This is a poem for BLT'S challenge for word of the day. The word is  capricious.
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