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rose hopkins May 2020
Falling,falling down and down
spinning,spinning round and round
am I dreaming,am I dead?
Am I standing on my head?

Hold me tight to keep me steady
give the word and I'll be ready
just as soon as I can see
where I am supposed to be.

Where's my glass I'll have another
here's to you and to my brother
and another for the road
then I'll head for my abode.
just a bit of fun......
rose hopkins Jun 2020
mother,aunt we're all of these
lover,nanny,friend and foe
each different face,we're all of those
but in the end
at the heart of it
at the point that is
the crux of it
we shine our light
'cos we exist.
For BLT's challenge word of the day , the word is "crux"
rose hopkins Mar 8
Mother,aunt,we're all of these
Lover,nanny,friend and foe
Each different face,we're all of those
But in the end
At the heart of it
At the point that is
The crux of it
We shine our light
'Cos we exist.
For international women's day.
rose hopkins Feb 2020
All these horror films
about the future
will all one day come true
and big brother
taking over
we do.
rose hopkins Jun 2019
My wailing heart sobs
loudly in my ear
my aching eyes can't
shed another tear
I feel so helpless
looking at your pain
as you slip so slowly
to another plane.

Regrets grow larger
for you and for me
but we can't undo
what was meant to be.

And it's only a moment in time
flying swiftly out of reach
and my grief comes screaming
tearing me apart
no nightmare dreaming
this pain within my heart
and it's only a moment in time
flying swiftly out of reach.
from my collection "moments in time"
rose hopkins Jun 2020
Your sentiments may be right
or maybe you're just looking to cause  a fight.
Fairness and justice are not by anger met,
light the touch paper and see what you get,
or parse your words
and see what occurs.
BLT's challenge for word of the day .The word is "parse".
rose hopkins May 2020
Don't play me that Egyptian stuff
it sets my spirit weeping
for I was gave to Horus once
when I lay softly sleeping.
Anamnesis  means recollection,especially of a supposed previous existence
rose hopkins Jul 2020
Brought forth
In the north
On a cold winter night
Born far from the sun.
BLT challenge for the word aphelion
rose hopkins Oct 2020
The armour's tight.
A shield against
A shield against
Better to bury your head,
avoiding confrontation
than to be honest instead.
avoiding    armour     shield     confrontation
rose hopkins Feb 15
Blinded by arrogance
You hold the key
What kind of impudence
Ignores the plea
For fairness.
rose hopkins Sep 2019
Brothers together
brothers apart
brothers forever
share the same heart,
share the same dream
on the same stream.
Always together
mindful forever
of mother's love
and always wherever
they are.
They sing the same tune
they watch the same moon
they look out for each other
and fight with each other
yet mindful forever
of mother's love.
wherever they are.
rose hopkins Jul 2019
A moment past midnight
I greet
the first day of the rest of my life
and kiss
good bye to yesterday.

The memories remain


filed away
with the lost dreams and regret
for the love
that somehow became conditional.

I can't change this.

Tomorrow holds the future
bright with hope
and new dreams
and lessons from the past

demanding change

demanding space

demanding recognition

I can change this.
rose hopkins Aug 2020
Where you've been
and where you're going
and what will happen
in between.
haiku.....inspired by discussion on u turns and dithering.
rose hopkins Jul 2019
Colour me a picture
in a kaleidoscope of words
change a sheet of plain white paper
to a message to be heard
painting in emotion
in shades of pink and blue
filling in the detail
in every other hue
'til my mind aligns
with your mind
seeing what you see.
rose hopkins Apr 1
When every conversation
Begins with a challenge
And the truth
Is obscured
By a lie.
rose hopkins Dec 2019
I watched you
smiling blue eyes
in conversation.
Sad, in my position
I watched everyone
but you ,
looked at me.
Contact !
Eye to eye.
Excited I looked away.

For weeks I held the memory.
rose hopkins Jun 2019
A single rose danced stiffly
in the cold December dawn
her petals turned
like blood red lips
to greet the Winter sun.

Her sisters had danced
before her there
but they knew better times
hot blue skies and leafy trees
the intimate kiss of honey bees
in a world that sang
and chirped and hummed with life.

But even though the sun is weak
and all around is in retreat
the wind blows cold
and days are short
she holds her head with pride
to take one final curtain call.
rose hopkins Apr 2020
Disrupted lives
tears,fears and pain
will life ever
be the same again?
this morning's thoughts
rose hopkins Jun 2019
Distant stars
shine down on me
tinier than they.
The moon
in all her glory
softly lights my way.
recedes from me,
rushes by,
becomes the distant past
with my memories
and I.
rose hopkins May 2020
When you instigate an action
that creates a bad reaction
you need to find a quick distraction.
word of the day poem for BLT
rose hopkins May 4
We watch
The dandelion clocks
Shake their perfect orbs
And release
Their seeds
To dance away
And flower again
Another day.
Late spring
rose hopkins Aug 2019
There is a message loud and strong
that wants to come to me.
I hear it like a distant song
floating, wild and free.
It echoes on the cool night air
and whispers in my dreams.
It leaves a feeling, soft and rare
and I know what it means.

The blackbird sings it, dusk and dawn
in the Summer time.
The robin sings it in the morn
of cold, bare Winter time.
Autumn blows it through the trees,
scattering on the wind
the golden leaves that say to me
"Listen and take heed".

Then Spring in all her glory, takes me by the hand
and standing in the sun's warm ray
amid bursting buds and dancing lambs
she says "enjoy today".
rose hopkins Jan 2020
Everything or nothing
a meeting of minds
on a blank canvas,

I paint the picture
that lives in your head
in shades of blue
while you
to watch and wait.

in a cruel irony
my love and I
together and alone,
mourning the years
through sorrowing tears
in a pageant of grief.

He views you
as the thief
the invader
the liberator
of the love he took for granted.

I'm left
as nobody and nothing.
rose hopkins Sep 2019
My angel is ....
my spirit guide ....
my port in a storm .....
faith .....
in myself.
rose hopkins Jun 2019
You walk in the door
sour eyed
pretending to be sober
you cross the floor
veering wide
and almost falling over
I stare at you
the baby cries
and I start feeling guilty
rose hopkins Aug 2019
Finally I am destroyed
broken on the wheel of life
cast away into the void
by the winds of change.
My orphans wander
through life's maze
that brings them now
to take my place.

And my tears fall
to see them so.

I am the meek
the old and the weak,
the blinded beggar
on the street,
the little boy soldier
who dies in ignorance,
the young girl exploited
in her innocence.
I am an endless trail
of life and hope
crushed underfoot
by the greedy and heartless,
the selfish and Godless
who steal the soil
from my roots.
written in 1987 about the state of the world and the victims of corruption,greed and plunder.
rose hopkins Nov 2020
First frost
Riming the landscape
A white dawn
Announced by the crow's harsh call
The waning moon hanging
In a cloudless sky
As the rising sun's rays
Twinkle on the frosted fields.
rose hopkins Oct 2019
Don't focus
on the negative
that's the world
you'll live in.
thought for today
rose hopkins Apr 2020
I am looking at a raindrop


In that raindrop is

A whole universe

In that universe is a constellation
we call
the Milky Way
and in the Milky Way
is our Solar System.



are in that Solar System
standing on the planet Earth

and I

am looking at the raindrop.

How much of me can you see?

How much of you can I see ?
written following a radio program ,mid eighties, with James Lovelock discussing his book" Gaia".It set off a train of thought  about how  insignificant we are in the whole scheme of things.
rose hopkins Mar 2020
Always say please
and thank you
my grandma
used to say
follow this rule
and be sure
that  you'll
go through life
the right way.
rose hopkins Jun 2020
When I was young grandma said
walk as if you have a book on your head
that way you will foster
good posture
with every step you tread.
BLT challenge for today the word is "posture"
rose hopkins Jan 2021
Clean out the corners
The middle will
Clean itself.
look after the pennies
The pounds
Will give you wealth.
Wise words
rose hopkins Sep 2019
The rain hurts my eyes
like tears burning.
Tears burn my eyes
but not like the rain.

Rain brings regret
like tears.

But the rain hurts my eyes
weather's regret for sunshine?

But sunshine hurts my eyes
like a fire burning too close.

So now sunshine brings regret
always regret
for what I can't see straight
for causing a row
for feeling giddy
for seeing three for eight.

It's not my fault
I would change it
if I could.
graves' disease is an auto-immune disease arising from an overactive thyroid and triggered by trauma and stress.I was diagnosed with this in the year 2000,it was a  scary and painful journey but thanks to our wonderful NHS who saved my sight and put me back together and Women's Aid who rescued me from the trauma and stress, I am in a positive space and have been for about 15 years.My poetry has always been my therapy and reflects the space I was in when the poem was written.
rose hopkins Aug 2020
the place where all life's experience
is stored
good or bad.
rose hopkins Sep 2020
when you blot out the problem
you can also
blot out the solution.
rose hopkins Nov 2020
The emotion I  feel for you
Is gentle
Oozing with warmth
And love.
rose hopkins Dec 2020
Like a couple of earthworms
Wound around each other
rose hopkins Feb 2021
You can't steer clear
Of fear
It hides in you
Resides with you
rose hopkins May 2021
His demeanor was
cleverly ingenuous.
Quite ingenious.
Different meanings between similar words.
rose hopkins Jan 2021
Chinese whispers
Distorting the facts
When passing on
Innocent chats.
Fact or fiction
rose hopkins Sep 2019
your harsh words
like arrows through my heart
crushed me
****** me
into despair.
august 2018
rose hopkins Oct 2019
The life that we live
and the hope that we give
are the deals that we seal.
rose hopkins Feb 2020
One door closes
another one
rose hopkins Mar 2020
Air flight grounded
travel banned
together in isolation
we stand
rose hopkins Apr 2020
is when the only place
to hide
is inside yourself.
written whilst worrying about all the victims of abuse trapped in isolation with an abuser :(
rose hopkins Mar 2021
Bare branched silhouette
Sky larks pirhouette
Blue sky
Spring's arrived.
Bird chatter, trees still bare,
rose hopkins Sep 2021
In fear of it
We don't want
To hear of it.
rose hopkins Jan 2021
The moon is rising
Full and bright
She sheds her light

O'er the hill
The night's so still

Spangled starlight
Welcomes her
As she takes her place
And begins to stir

Hearts in love

Hearts in love
Who look at her

And she smiles her smile
That only lovers know.
Lovers   moonlight
rose hopkins Jun 2020
I could assume that you're o.k.
or just re-tune the things I say
talk you through the years of pain
or show you that we're all the same
I could harangue you 'til I'm blue
but either way I'm here for you.
for BLT's word of the day challenge the word is "harangue".
rose hopkins Sep 2019
Hold out your hand in friendship
because we've got to share the world
you know that life will die if starved of affection
you've got to love to save the world.
Well you know you must
if it's only just
saying no to greed and pollution
calling time on war and corruption.
Stand up, you must be counted
and count the friends that stand by you
with your neighbor stand shoulder to shoulder
and take control before they do.
Well you know you must
if it's only just
courage in the face of oppression
trusting in the word of your brother.
Come on, you know you want it
a chance to live your life in peace
speak out against mass destruction
against envy and deceit.
Well you know you must
if it's only just
holding out your hand to a stranger
hoping that you'll get what you're giving back.
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