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autumn leaves bed holds
song of gold to lay me down
kisses by cold breeze

Shell ✨🐚
Oh, little grey cat,
come sit on my lap.
and snuggle like
my old departed
feline used to do.

Too independent
as cats tend to be,
maybe in time you
will perch on my lap
and purr contentedly.

Truth be told, I fully
understand your
affection shown is
way more about my
needs than yours.
Don't tell him, but
I actually admire his
independent ways and
the regal like dignity
that comes along with it.
he holds up for me
just like orange, red and
gold leaves. They're looking full of
color till they turn squalor. Then breaking

from the trees drift in a breeze. He's wiped
me off as a sneeze. The built-up he couldn't
resist, a tickle that had to persist. The poem

with a twist. The mask didn't fit. He wore
it snug, a burden for him to lug. Years of  
billowing dust turned the diamonds to rust.
 Jul 29 rose hopkins
I wish someone had told me
when I was much younger
To befriend
Constructive criticism
And tension or discomfort

Most things are a balance of fears
So what do I fear more
Or missed opportunities

I hope to lean towards
The rejection
The criticism
The discomfort
The tension
I’m hopes of encountering more opportunities
in a quiet garden
under one sun
i wait for birds to
twirl their feathers into
dream catchers until
my heart takes flight
I went to sleep at fourteen
and woke up at forty
A prisoner of reluctance
—casualty of time

(Dreamsleep: July, 2022)
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