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1000 · Aug 2019
rose hopkins Aug 2019
No more
curling into
my embrace
purring your
No more
gently at the door
my attention.
No more
racing madly
through the grass
chasing shadows
and sunbeams.
Oh Minnie
I miss your presence
but still
I sense your essence.
my beautiful cat Minnie was involved in a hit and run two days ago. She didn't survive.
807 · Sep 2019
Graves' disease.
rose hopkins Sep 2019
The rain hurts my eyes
like tears burning.
Tears burn my eyes
but not like the rain.

Rain brings regret
like tears.

But the rain hurts my eyes
weather's regret for sunshine?

But sunshine hurts my eyes
like a fire burning too close.

So now sunshine brings regret
always regret
for what I can't see straight
for causing a row
for feeling giddy
for seeing three for eight.

It's not my fault
I would change it
if I could.
graves' disease is an auto-immune disease arising from an overactive thyroid and triggered by trauma and stress.I was diagnosed with this in the year 2000,it was a  scary and painful journey but thanks to our wonderful NHS who saved my sight and put me back together and Women's Aid who rescued me from the trauma and stress, I am in a positive space and have been for about 15 years.My poetry has always been my therapy and reflects the space I was in when the poem was written.
772 · Jul 2019
When I was young
rose hopkins Jul 2019
When I was young  and time was infinite
I was spontaneous,impulsive, impatient.
Now I am older
and life is precious
and timeless becomes time
with an end in sight.
Love becomes more visible.
I am adventurous,
pensive and patient,
riding the next dream
into a timeless future.
695 · Mar 2020
Haiku 75
rose hopkins Mar 2020
Air flight grounded
travel banned
together in isolation
we stand
692 · Oct 2019
The shadow
rose hopkins Oct 2019
It lurks in corners
when I pass by,

It waits for me
behind the door,

It tumbles down
out of the sky,

It rises up
out of the floor,
whispering, whispering,

come to me.

Oh, shadow,shadow
on the wall,
don't swallow me.
one for hallowe'en.
from my collection "moments in time"  1987
683 · Sep 2020
where safety lies
rose hopkins Sep 2020
I watch,
the ocean of emotion
welling up
through limpid eyes
in fearful, tearful panic
clutching at the straws
that are granddad
that true constant
BLT's word of the day challenge  "limpid"  =  transparency, clear, simple.
683 · Sep 2021
Head in the sand
rose hopkins Sep 2021
In fear of it
We don't want
To hear of it.
641 · Nov 2020
First frost
rose hopkins Nov 2020
First frost
Riming the landscape
A white dawn
Announced by the crow's harsh call
The waning moon hanging
In a cloudless sky
As the rising sun's rays
Twinkle on the frosted fields.
614 · Sep 2020
Losing battle
rose hopkins Sep 2020
You purport that you
are always right
with verbiage, loud
designed to confuse
fomenting exasperation
with this constant fight
and sisyphean failure
to change your views.
merriam- webster word of the day for BLT's challenge.
rose hopkins Nov 2020
To be a conscious being,
being conscious
is important.
aware,   awake,     alive,    to be,     haiku
589 · Aug 2019
you left
rose hopkins Aug 2019
you left
you didn't say goodbye
you left
you didn't tell us why
we wept.
july 2019
rose hopkins Jun 2020
In our own space
we are everything
to the rest of the universe
we are nothing
Should have posted this yesterday for BLT WORD OF THE DAY "null" sorry , got overtaken and forgot to post .
493 · Sep 2021
rose hopkins Sep 2021
Rough gusts
489 · Aug 2020
The road remains the same
rose hopkins Aug 2020
Here she is,vivacious yet
despite the years of self neglect
She wears it well,she stood the test
she earned her badge of self respect.
Quiescent in her dormant state
the potential yaw she may create
she journeyed forth towards her fate
and the road remains the same.
BLT's word of the day challenge .Been rather busy this week so this contains three daily words "vivacious " "quiescent" "yaw"
481 · Nov 2021
The passage
rose hopkins Nov 2021
Like a sleepwalker
she passed through each day.
Voices chattered in her head,
Snatches of conversations
That she could not quite catch.

She dropped like a stone through her emotions
And lay in silence on the bottom.

Battered and bruised
She ached at every turn,
Or floated softly among the shadows
Guarding her spirit.

It seemed she had passed
Through a threshold of pain
That held her on the edge,
Like the new born......
And the shadows nurtured her
Behind the veil of her own consciousness,
Waiting for the memory
To rise up into the light of her being.

When it came she was filled with fire,
Warming her as it spread
through her soul,
And she knew a new knowledge
That was older than she,
Older than her previous selves ,
Older than the Earth.
Slowly,she raised herself,
Taller than she'd ever been.

Filled with courage
she stepped out,
Over the edge,
And she joined all of her other selves,
Embracing them with open arms.
Sobbing,she acknowledged herself
As she flew with her shadows
Back through time,
Back to her beginning
From whence she had first set out
In the darkness of ignorance.

The light shone so brightly,
Drawing her own light towards it
In a spinning ****** so intense
That she let go of herself,
Separating into a million points
of light as she joined the pool.
Her lights bounced off each light
They touched in an ecstasy of greeting.

Looking back ,
Towards the edge,
She watched the shadows
Nod their satisfaction
Before they turned away,
Fading into the darkness that was the Earth.
Rita,   Mado,  Thelma
473 · Jun 2020
Shame on you
rose hopkins Jun 2020
Where was your sense of compunction
as you held your stony faced head high?
What kind of messed up malfunction
gave you the right to let that man die?
for BLT's word of the day challenge , the word is "compunction" . my poem aimed at Derek Chauvin.
464 · Mar 8
All Our Faces (repost)
rose hopkins Mar 8
Mother,aunt,we're all of these
Lover,nanny,friend and foe
Each different face,we're all of those
But in the end
At the heart of it
At the point that is
The crux of it
We shine our light
'Cos we exist.
For international women's day.
453 · Dec 2020
Late December moon
rose hopkins Dec 2020
I look through fingers of light
And feathers of ice
In the milky glow
Of a full moon
In a cloudless,starlit sky.
I can see for miles at midnight
As the midwinter frost
Settles on the land.
rose hopkins Nov 2019
Throw another log on the fire
the wind's getting up
and the rain's turned to sleet.

Make a dancing ,crackling fire,
to fill up the room
with it's comforting heat.

There may be a power cut
but never you mind,
we'll sit in the light of the fireside glow.

We'll renew our love
without distraction
while outside the sleet turns to snow.
winter is upon us
431 · Aug 2019
my son, a free spirit.
rose hopkins Aug 2019
A flickering smile
from a stranger
with your blue eyes
I get a sense of you in me
like a butterfly
that flutters by
on the Summer breeze
"Be what you be
see what you see
one life, one reality."
my son, a free spirit, passed over in 2016. I wrote this in 2017 . He is never far from me x
427 · Mar 2021
rose hopkins Mar 2021
BLT you challenged me
You made me rhyme deliberately
When through the years my poetry
Was written quite spasmodically
A year apart or every day
It didn't matter either way.
I haven't taken up the word of the day challenge for a while but it has been a good lockdown activity and it kick started me into writing more . Thank you BLT :)
416 · Oct 2020
problem solved
rose hopkins Oct 2020
There's an elephant
in the boardroom
here's the scapegoat.......
in the tearoom.
haiku    elephant    scapegoat
366 · Jan 2021
Hearts in love
rose hopkins Jan 2021
The moon is rising
Full and bright
She sheds her light

O'er the hill
The night's so still

Spangled starlight
Welcomes her
As she takes her place
And begins to stir

Hearts in love

Hearts in love
Who look at her

And she smiles her smile
That only lovers know.
Lovers   moonlight
361 · Sep 2019
rose hopkins Sep 2019
Brothers together
brothers apart
brothers forever
share the same heart,
share the same dream
on the same stream.
Always together
mindful forever
of mother's love
and always wherever
they are.
They sing the same tune
they watch the same moon
they look out for each other
and fight with each other
yet mindful forever
of mother's love.
wherever they are.
356 · Dec 2019
rose hopkins Dec 2019
I watched you
smiling blue eyes
in conversation.
Sad, in my position
I watched everyone
but you ,
looked at me.
Contact !
Eye to eye.
Excited I looked away.

For weeks I held the memory.
350 · Sep 2019
The flowers in mourning
rose hopkins Sep 2019
The flowers are in mourning
for the gardener has gone
to tend the garden of the Lord.

The new day is dawning
the warm sun is rising
and the flowers think they're ignored.

But someone comes weeping
as the flowers they are gathering
that the gardener had so adored.

Bouquets they are making
they are not forsaking
the love that the gardener poured.

And the flowers are in mourning
as they lie on the coffin
of the gardener who's gone to the Lord.
for my dad 1983
350 · Apr 2020
rose hopkins Apr 2020
Disrupted lives
tears,fears and pain
will life ever
be the same again?
this morning's thoughts
347 · Jun 2019
rose hopkins Jun 2019
The moon rose,smiling
through the tree tops
where the day birds
her reflection
on the still,deep pool
of a slow moving river
and shattered
in a burbling brook.
338 · Jul 2020
rose hopkins Jul 2020
Brought forth
In the north
On a cold winter night
Born far from the sun.
BLT challenge for the word aphelion
329 · Jul 2019
To walk alone
rose hopkins Jul 2019
To walk alone
along the road of life
enduring stones of spite
because you
will not
accept the clothing
that they want to put you in
might not be nice
so compensate
with thrill of
what you are
and be content.
321 · May 2021
Late Spring
rose hopkins May 2021
It gives me the sweet scent
Of new mown hay
And the blackbirds song
In May.
Birdsong  fresh scents sunshine
311 · Oct 2019
Summer's end
rose hopkins Oct 2019
Blackberries ripening in the hedgerow
warn me of Winter drawing near
though the pleasure of Autumn
still to come
softens the blow of frost's cold cheer
and Summer's heat receding fast
more uncertain than Winter's blast.
september 2019
307 · Feb 2021
Haiku 124
rose hopkins Feb 2021
You can't steer clear
Of fear
It hides in you
Resides with you
299 · Jul 2019
wye valley
rose hopkins Jul 2019
Breathless in this valley
I contemplate with awe
the timeless,verdant landscape
rolling upward from it's floor.
I wonder at such symmetry
such sublime majesty
which captures my attention
and makes my spirit soar.
The river in it's urgent quest
to reach the open sea
with it's salmon forging upward
in their own urgency.
Nothing greener than the meadows
watered by the rushing Wye
except perhaps the wooded hills
standing green against the sky.
298 · Jun 2019
Life's ocean
rose hopkins Jun 2019
Ride the wave of life's great ocean
falling through your own emotion
taking stock of where you are now.
See the future like a promise
but you know you must be honest
to yourself before all else.
Feel the thrill of fear and pleasure
know them both so you can measure
what is right and what is wrong,
let your spirit find the answer
send it like a cosmic dancer
to the place where we belong,
and when a kind word softly spoken
mends the places that are broken
in your spirit and your heart.
Make each moment last forever
keep them close so you will never
lose your soul or lose your spark.

Jan 2006
298 · Sep 2020
haiku 106
rose hopkins Sep 2020
when you blot out the problem
you can also
blot out the solution.
290 · Sep 2019
Faith (haiku)
rose hopkins Sep 2019
My angel is ....
my spirit guide ....
my port in a storm .....
faith .....
in myself.
281 · Apr 2020
I heard you..
rose hopkins Apr 2020
I heard you, Brian Wilson,
your genius creativity,
your schizophrenic synchronicity,
through finely tuned
and balanced cans
way back in 1973.
263 · Oct 2019
haiku 55
rose hopkins Oct 2019
The life that we live
and the hope that we give
are the deals that we seal.
259 · Aug 2019
Enjoy today
rose hopkins Aug 2019
There is a message loud and strong
that wants to come to me.
I hear it like a distant song
floating, wild and free.
It echoes on the cool night air
and whispers in my dreams.
It leaves a feeling, soft and rare
and I know what it means.

The blackbird sings it, dusk and dawn
in the Summer time.
The robin sings it in the morn
of cold, bare Winter time.
Autumn blows it through the trees,
scattering on the wind
the golden leaves that say to me
"Listen and take heed".

Then Spring in all her glory, takes me by the hand
and standing in the sun's warm ray
amid bursting buds and dancing lambs
she says "enjoy today".
254 · Jul 2020
rose hopkins Jul 2020
À skilful move
Or sleight of hand
That's quick to fool
A game of chance
A slick trick.
BLT s challenge the word is legerdemain.
253 · May 2020
setting the scene
rose hopkins May 2020
It's time to groom
to spruce and smooth
to prink the plume
and prance and preen
to set the scene.
word of the day for BLT
253 · Jan 2021
Haiku 135
rose hopkins Jan 2021
Chinese whispers
Distorting the facts
When passing on
Innocent chats.
Fact or fiction
250 · Mar 2020
grandma said
rose hopkins Mar 2020
Always say please
and thank you
my grandma
used to say
follow this rule
and be sure
that  you'll
go through life
the right way.
244 · Jun 2020
all our faces
rose hopkins Jun 2020
mother,aunt we're all of these
lover,nanny,friend and foe
each different face,we're all of those
but in the end
at the heart of it
at the point that is
the crux of it
we shine our light
'cos we exist.
For BLT's challenge word of the day , the word is "crux"
244 · May 2021
Haiku 128
rose hopkins May 2021
His demeanor was
cleverly ingenuous.
Quite ingenious.
Different meanings between similar words.
240 · Aug 2020
isolation 3
rose hopkins Aug 2020
So much time and space
for the things
that have been smothered
and forgotten.
time on our hands,no excuse........
238 · Sep 2019
haiku 53
rose hopkins Sep 2019
your harsh words
like arrows through my heart
crushed me
****** me
into despair.
august 2018
229 · Jun 2019
A moment in time
rose hopkins Jun 2019
My wailing heart sobs
loudly in my ear
my aching eyes can't
shed another tear
I feel so helpless
looking at your pain
as you slip so slowly
to another plane.

Regrets grow larger
for you and for me
but we can't undo
what was meant to be.

And it's only a moment in time
flying swiftly out of reach
and my grief comes screaming
tearing me apart
no nightmare dreaming
this pain within my heart
and it's only a moment in time
flying swiftly out of reach.
from my collection "moments in time"
224 · Sep 2021
Remembering Rita
rose hopkins Sep 2021
Remembering Rita's quaint
Independent ways
The children loved
Her gentle ways
Her mind made up
She would not be moved
She lives on
In the memories she made.
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