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3.5k · Jan 2019
Last hug
Taylor - Sweety Jan 2019
The moment has arrived,
The moment where I had the last glimpse of you
The moment that I hugged you tight, giving final farewell
The moment that I felt your last touch, which still remains under my skin
The moment when I wanted all the clocks in the world to stop ticking
The moment when my heart was aching
The moment when my tears were breaking their flood gates
The moment that I dreaded for, since the day I met you..
The moment that slipped the earth under my feet..
The moment that tore away my belief on eternal love..
The moment that I died inside
2.4k · Jan 2019
Waiting for you
Taylor - Sweety Jan 2019
I will not complain that you left me..
Every minute that you stared at me, made me feel that I look beautiful too..
Every laugh you shared with me, made me feel that I can be happy too..
Every touch of you made me realize that I still can feel love..
Every moment that I spent with you made me feel that life can be beautiful
Yes, I will not complain that you left me…
I will wait for your return..if not this life.. Next life it is..
Yea, you are worth the wait..for me.
1.8k · Jun 2019
Taylor - Sweety Jun 2019
Imperfections are beautiful..
they make us stand apart, from the crowd..
they are not always meant to be plowed;
They are not liked by any
and camouflaged by many,
but they are closer to my heart..
as they are evident on me like a schardt
Imperfections..I will not disown them for any flagships..
Because imperfection is what defines our relationship;
1.6k · Jan 2019
Cure ?
Taylor - Sweety Jan 2019
Do you know if someone discovered a cure for broken heart?

A medicine to erase your memories from my brain
An analgesic for numbing my heart pain..
Atleast a sedative that can make me forget your name..
so that my tears dont have to drain..
and I can be free from your hain..
1.5k · Jan 2019
I might see you
Taylor - Sweety Jan 2019
Hey pink.. come back to me..
Powder my cheeks with your hue..
Polish my nails with a shade of yours..
Put some maybelline punch on my lips
Add some dazzle to my tulle gown..
Blush a little on my sandals..
Because I might bump in to him today...
1.2k · Feb 2019
Taylor - Sweety Feb 2019
I lied when I said I came for a coffee..
I swung by your cubicle to have a peek at you;
I lied when I said that I missed the exit..
I wanted a few extra minutes with you in the car;
I lied when I said I was super hungry..
I wanted you to invite me for dinner;
I lied when I said I loved movies...
I just wanted to sit beside you for those two short hours;
I lied when I said I wanted to learn that software from you..
I just wanted a license to be around you all the time;
I lied when I said I won’t miss you
I just didn’t have the courage to ask you to stay back
But I am not lying when I say that you are in my every single thought since you left;
Now I am lying to myself every single day, that I had never loved you in the first place
1.0k · Jan 2019
I wish
Taylor - Sweety Jan 2019
I wish I had the  power to stop the clock when you were in my arms
I wish I had the strength to confess my love for you..
I wish I had the courage to hold your slipping hand when you were saying your final goodbyes
1.0k · Jan 2019
Don’t read me wrong..
Taylor - Sweety Jan 2019
I am NOT missing you..
These empty roads where we used to walk hand in hand are missing you,
The coffee shop where we always got our first brew is missing you,
These four walls, which used to resonate with our laughter are missing you,
Those flirtatious post-it notes which went back and forth between us are missing you,
Waiter at our favorite eat-out who was always challenged with your complex order is missing you
My car, that travelled all the places with us, is missing you,
That old couple at the beach who used to see younger themselves in us are missing you,
That pretty pup who used to walk with us, hoping to live with us, is missing you,
The giant cardigan, which tucked-in us together is missing you..
My cheeks that are now drenched in tears are missing you..
No….don’t read me wrong,
I am NOT missing you.
Taylor - Sweety Jan 2019
I promise that I will always be there for you..
when you are tired, I will kiss your eyes to fix your weariness..
when you are sad, I will be a clown that will make you laugh
when you are mad, I will wrap you around in my arms and soothe you
when you are lost, I will not rest till I get you back..
when you are happy, I will share your joy..
I will not leave your hand in life's ebb and tides..
I promise that I will always be there for you...
765 · Mar 2019
Taylor - Sweety Mar 2019
I fell like dialing your number and hearing your voice,
But I don’t want to be that weak person, between us;
I rather will find other reasons to be weak;

I would rather breakup my sobriety
and drink up before its noon;
I would rather cryout in public
I rather quit nonsmoking tag,
I rather gulp chocolate and giveup on calorie counts
I rather text myself hearts,
and prove that I am weak;

Yes,I will not call you; I am not weak;
732 · Jan 2019
I am NOT missing you
Taylor - Sweety Jan 2019
I am NOT missing you..
These empty roads where we used to walk hand in hand are missing you,
The coffee shop where we always got our first brew is missing you,
These four walls, which used to resonate with our laughter are missing you,
Those flirtatious post-it notes which went back and forth between us are missing you,
Waiter at our favorite eat-out who was always challenged with your complex order is missing you
My car, which travelled all the places with us, is missing you,
That old couple on the beach who used to see younger themselves in us are missing you,
That pretty pup who walked with us, hoping to live with us, is missing you,
The giant cardigan, which tucked-in us together is missing you..
My cheeks that are now drenched in tears are missing you..
No….don’t read me wrong,
I am NOT missing you.
724 · Jan 2019
Incomplete story
Taylor - Sweety Jan 2019
Its about our incomplete story...
He was there.. she was there..
He saw her captivating eyes and fell in love..
She felt his heart and fell in love::
He took a step forward and spent her days with her...
She took a step forward and shared her dreams with him..
He praised her beauty and she bowed to his flattery..
He gave her hope and she gave him the fondness of her arms..thinking that it’s beginning of a new story.. new life
He left her and she kept staring at her phone for his text.. for his missed call..
He never missed her.. and she woke up in the middle of every night searching for his warmth
He moved on and she kept waiting for his return scribe an ending to their incomplete love story.
565 · Jul 2019
Still happy
Taylor - Sweety Jul 2019
You gave me something to lose
don't worry I am happy even with your residues
542 · Jul 2019
Taylor - Sweety Jul 2019
I don’t have to work hard to earn you,
I don't have to be worried if we had an opposing view;
I can trust you in my dark days,
you stand with me in all my life's phases;
we are not related in blood,
we were not even born in the same mud;
we don't have to share promises
we don't have to sing the same choruses
we are no soulmates,
we are best friends, a bond no dictionary really elucidates;
500 · Mar 2019
Save me
Taylor - Sweety Mar 2019
Many people walk in to our life's tracks
some leave and some stay back;
my poor heart couldn't differentiate,
didn't know that it shouldn't take the bait;
it miss took you for a soul mate,
and ended up in life with a checkmate.

oh my dear heart, have some wisdom,
don't lead me in to cognitive autism;
help me break my bond with him,
don't let my lips sing his hymn;
save me from drowning in his memories,
bring me a time machine to escape these centuries.
481 · Mar 2019
Taylor - Sweety Mar 2019
I am neither a major in literature
nor a follower of shakespeare
I am no native English speaker,
not a creative writer
I just write what I feel about you,
and people think I am a poet
476 · Feb 2019
Taylor - Sweety Feb 2019
they do not mean only pain;
or don’t just depict suffering..
drop by drop, mist by mist
they have the power to move coldhearts;
and can outsmart a hundred words;
they are a blessing, only to a privileged few,
they roll only for a precious few;
they were always with me when I missed you,
they moisted my dry sleepless eyes, when even my brain had no clue
I treasured every drop that rolled over my cheeks
oyesterized them more dearly than pearls,
as they are not just any tiny water droplets,
they are full of irreplaceable YOU!!
Love you, miss you
470 · Jan 2019
You are never forgotten
Taylor - Sweety Jan 2019
I will not let a tear roll..because I know you will never be mine
I will not show my feelings ever.. because I don’t want you to surrender

I will never call you.. because I don’t want to know that I am ignored
I will never text you.. because I don’t want you to feel obliged

I will never miss you.. because you were never forgotten
461 · Jan 2019
Love at first sight
Taylor - Sweety Jan 2019
The day was bright and sunny
Bees were humming melodies
Flowers bloomed like innocent smiles
Colorful butterflies painted the garden
Winds spread chanel perfumes..
Clouds sent blessings in showers..
Cheerful conversations surrounded me
Laughter set the mood of the day..
Life seemed beautiful, promising..
It was the day I first met you.
442 · Feb 2019
Inexplicable Memories
Taylor - Sweety Feb 2019
From stealing glances,
till accidental hallway meet ups,
From completing each other sentences
till waiting for each other’s good morning texts,
From sharing laughter
till caring for each other’s palate
From sneaky coded conversations
till longing for each other’s touch
Some of the best inexplicable moments of life were with you;
Hope one day you will know how special you were !!
434 · May 2019
Ubiquitous Darkness
Taylor - Sweety May 2019
Ubiquitous Darkness
Its when my eyes can only see your face in a large crowd.
it's what happens to my brain, when you touch me..
It's in my deafening ears, when all I can hear is, your voice..

Ubiquitous Darkness..
Its when I cuddled you at night...
locked you tight in between my arms..
staring in to your hazelnut eyes..
expecting you to kiss me on my lips..

Ubiquitous Darkness..
its a room full of your memories that entrapped me..
A feeling that doesn't leave me..since you left me..
An emotion that I carry on my sleeve now..
An inclination that started growing up on me..

Ubiquitous Darkness, a vibe that I want to get rid off, to watch a beautiful sunrise with you by my side....
427 · Feb 2019
Taylor - Sweety Feb 2019
On the brightest sunny days, I miss you;
Even on the darkest nights, I miss you,
When I am with my friends I miss you,
Even when I think I can get over you, I miss you,
When I am drunk, I miss you
Even when I am happy, I miss you
I know that I just find reasons to miss you.. because
I miss you, no matter what; AND
I love you more, when I miss you;
Taylor - Sweety Feb 2019
If walking distant miles will make me forget you..
I will walk to the moon
If falling from a height will erase my memories of you..
I will nosedive from mt everest
If holding my breath will suffocate you out of my system..
I will swim oceans holding my breath..
385 · Jun 2019
miss you
Taylor - Sweety Jun 2019
walking on thorns in search of roses,
hiking through woods for catching the early sunrise..
I tried different ways that can make me happy..
even one night stands quick and snappy..
nothing could fill the gap you left in my life..
realized that my only jive was in being your wife...
wished you could come back to me..
our disagreements and fights were put to sea..
370 · Feb 2019
Taylor - Sweety Feb 2019
I saw the beautiful bronze sunrise and wished you good morning
unfolded those joggers and rattled myself up from deep mourning;
straightened my fuzzy hair,
updated our Instagram fanfare;
wired some lashes to the eyes, that you once admired,
though your presence was the only thing that my heart desired;
gasped my delight at our picture, an old memory
and freed my grief to remember you in a reverie
planted your favourite peach in our nursery
and that's how I celebrated our Anniversary
352 · Jan 2019
All over..
Taylor - Sweety Jan 2019
Never knew that love can end painful..
Never realized that heart breaks can be so baleful..
No one ever mentioned that seeing another in your arms can feel like 1000 piercing knives..
I curse my fate for not getting to be your wife..
Never felt darkness on a bright sunny day, tearful on a beautiful spring day..
I will do all over with you again, inspite of knowing that you will not be mine ..forever ...anyday..
349 · Jun 2019
Taylor - Sweety Jun 2019
watching you tell tall tales..
like I was in a beautiful dream..
wishing for the dusk to give way for the dawn..
so that I can have a glimpse of you again..
you gave me many beautiful moments
a life full of YOU to resonante..
339 · Feb 2019
Not in depression
Taylor - Sweety Feb 2019
Please do not get me out this darkness,
I am not in depression,
please do not get me out of this aloneness,
this is my heart, where your memories go on a procession.
338 · Feb 2019
Hate you
Taylor - Sweety Feb 2019
I hate you..
Not because I am tired of these running tears when I hear your name..
Not because I long for your touch when I see a couple holding hands..
Not because you never remembered my birthday
Not because you were not bold enough to accept that you loved me..
Not because I am tired of staring at ceiling at nights..missing you..
Not because I am dreading of being alone in a summer party..
But because I want you to be happy wherever you are and with whomever you are ..
but because I want to relieve you from my ******* of love..
Yes, indeed I hate you.
335 · Mar 2019
Accepting love is not easy
Taylor - Sweety Mar 2019
You said you never loved me,
and had no intentions to be my would-be;
it is fine if you wanted to leave,
please do not ask me not to grieve;
I cannot accept that I have been wrong, all the while,
I do not think I am yet senile;
I would rather think that you were terrified,
to accept the fact that you were too mesmerized;
because loving someone just requires a heart,
but standing for and accepting the love requires you to be a Lancelot;
321 · Feb 2019
Don't need anything
Taylor - Sweety Feb 2019
I don't need a card on Valentine's
Nor a bouquet on our anniversary...
I won't ask you to remember my birthday..
I don't need expensive diners on christmas...
I swear that I will never ask for a ring...
nor a tulle gown...
I just need the space between your arms..a tight hug every morning and a kiss every night...
312 · Mar 2019
Your smile
Taylor - Sweety Mar 2019
Need no riches, nor mansions;
can sacrifice happiness for life;
I am a simple person; All I wish to see, is you smiling back at me
308 · Feb 2019
Taylor - Sweety Feb 2019
I forgot your reminiscences that were keeping me awake at nights,
I shut out the thoughts that reminded me of you,
I put away all your souvenirs and pioneered on a journey without you,
I shrugged off at every mention of your name,
Everything hit a reset switch- the moment I ran in to you today !!
Now I have to push myself out of this graveyard again, mend my broken heart again,
Erase your memories again, write off your name again.
Looks like I will have to be born again..
303 · Apr 2019
Taylor - Sweety Apr 2019
Your smile..
Is the only hope that keeps me alive..
Makes me ignore the world around and dance in a jive..
Want to capture it with my lips,
but you are far away, so framed it in my heart drive away my eclipse..
301 · Mar 2019
let me float away
Taylor - Sweety Mar 2019
Don't judge my feelings for him,
love is not always sink or swim;
love has no destination, neither boundaries nor traditions,
a crime for which I am not going to appeal against any convictions;
love doesn't look for reciprocation
it just happens !! doesn't have any expectations;
pardon me that I have sinned,
let me float away in his whirlwind
301 · Jan 2019
Like you means
Taylor - Sweety Jan 2019
When I say I like him means,
despite my fear of heights,
I will fall for him blindfolded from any height

When I say I like him means,
Though I hate goat cheese,
I would eat it just to spend my time with him at the dining

When I say I like him means,
Despite my fright of speed
I would sit in a race car with him

When I say I like him means,
Though I am scared of darkness
I would walk miles at night just to have a glimpse of him

When I say I like him means,
Despite my impatience
I would wait for days, for him to text back, Because I know how busy he is

When I say I like him means
If he says his favorite color is blue
My wardrobe will change till every color of my dress matches to his taste

When I say I like him means
I look at his pictures 1000 times
And search for that glimpse of his fondness

When I say I like him means
I would go over his text messages over and over
To picture his mood in my head,  when he sent me those messages and for that one word where he might have confessed that he likes me too
298 · Mar 2019
I am not a disgrace
Taylor - Sweety Mar 2019
I am not a disgrace to the society
Love in itself is known for its notoriety;
It didn’t know that I was married,
killed the heritage and left the world worried;

Oh my love, you should know that I am unavailable,
don’t make me fall for the unattainable;
Don’t give birth to the feelings that once died,
I have a whole world of traditions to abide;

Let me lead this life in peace,
forgive me that I have to cease;
don’t forget that love never ends till it reaches eternity
can’t live with you, but swear to die with you; fighting all uncertainty;
294 · Mar 2019
Taylor - Sweety Mar 2019
Winter has passed, summer came and went by,
but the feeling of your presence has never gone away;
The only thing I say to myself everyday
is to not let your memories overstay;
But looks like my heart won the battle over my mind,
lost the war in keeping my tears confined.;
291 · Apr 2019
last time
Taylor - Sweety Apr 2019
I couldn't stop the gloom that engulfed me,
didn't imagine the low spirits that touched me;
It was the moment that I saw you for the last time,
realized that my life with you was just spent on borrowed time.
284 · Jan 2019
can you?
Taylor - Sweety Jan 2019
Can I have a look at you once , at least from a distance?
Can I hear your voice for a second, swear I will not beckon for more..
Can you call my name for one last time, I profess to treasure that chime forever..
279 · Jan 2019
Loved being with you
Taylor - Sweety Jan 2019
Sun shined up on me even In rains, when you were with me..
Love songs by Taylor Swift were playing in the background when you talked to me..
Cool breeze from ocean was touching my shoulders, giving me the best goosebumps, when you walked beside me..
Espresso tasted like sweet maple syrup, when I shared it with you..
Name calling felt like eulogy, when those words came from you,
Wrath from whole world didn’t matter, when you Stood by me..
Life was beautiful when you were with me..
271 · May 2019
Taylor - Sweety May 2019
It shatters you from inside,
can take you to the verge of suicide..
it is more troublesome than a chronic pain..
cannot be erased by any champagne..

can only be related through experience..
cannot be fixed by any grievance..
it's a roller coaster of feelings..
doesn't imply that you are a weakling..

struck me since you left..
its something that I did not elect..
not sure how to evade it..
a broken heart story wish I can rewrite it..
268 · Mar 2019
I will be there
Taylor - Sweety Mar 2019
Loved you from the bottom of my heart, its not lust,
have been waiting to have a moment with you since August;
Don’t need a night with you,
but not yet ready to bid you adieu;
I understand that we don’t stand a chance,
its okay, if I am not your fiancé
I just need you to know that I love you,
and I will never let you to fall through;
I will protect you, come what strife,
as our bond is not just for this life;
I will be there for you every moment,
Unfortunate it is, you will never know your proponent;
265 · Apr 2019
Your touch
Taylor - Sweety Apr 2019
Cheeks turning pink to red and vine
gasping for breath with a blank mind;
smearing dried lips with my tongue,
hearing songs that were unsung;
forgetting what to vocalize,
unable to hide the reactions of the surprise;
experiencing stunning silence amidst crazy talks,
unable to **** the crazy gwak,
this is what your touch does to me,
a feeling that I never want to flee;
263 · Jan 2019
Hate these nights
Taylor - Sweety Jan 2019
I hate these dark nights..
When I have to close my eyes..
Where I can see you all the time, but cannot feel you or touch you..
Yes, I hate these dark nights..
Which make me miss you more and more..
Which brings me dreams that can not be fulfilled..
Yes, I hate these dark nights..
Which promises me a brighter next day..
a day in which you don’t exist..
I hate these dark lonely nights..
261 · Nov 2019
Love you
Taylor - Sweety Nov 2019
Wished for the world to a standstill
don't care if time after this, is all uphill
Need no pleasures than just staring at you,
will swim oceans for your rendezvous;
260 · Feb 2019
Blue everywhere
Taylor - Sweety Feb 2019
This unending ocean and its waves,
trying to meet the skies at a no man's island..
its Blue everywhere..
a place where I can hear my heartbeat and each of your whispers
a place where I can spread my arms but can never lock you in-between them..
its blue everywhere..
a spot where your memories were buried..
a spot where my desires were sent to grave..
its blue everywhere..
its more than a color, more than a feeling, more than a place;
its where you and me can meet and live together forever
its blue everywhere..
242 · Aug 2019
with out you
Taylor - Sweety Aug 2019
The road I take no more matters
world drowned in silence with no more chatters;
what's the point of picking and choosing,
when every moment with out U is only bruising.
236 · Mar 2019
Taylor - Sweety Mar 2019
I wish I was the tide, that can kiss your feet when you stroll on the beach..
I wish I was the air that could touch your cheeks, staying always in your reach;
I wish I was the flower that you picked up, to be on your suit...
I wish I was the music playing from your flute;
I wish I was the one holding your hand on the altar today...
I wish you were the one who loved me day after day;

No worries, I will not stop loving you after today...
I will not let your memories cling away;

I promised to stay with you what may
and I will fulfill it night and day;

I will spread the cheer when you are sad,
I will be your smile when you are mad;
I will be the angel when you need me,
I will be the casket that will hold you, when you finally come to me.
236 · Mar 2019
Taylor - Sweety Mar 2019
You were never my date,
You are not my boyfriend,
You are not my Mr Perfect,
You definitely can not be my prince or the knight of love;
But you are my bestest friend, with whom I wish to share my life till the end;
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