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i had no idea what love was
until it disappeared
or the joyful sound it made
until silence was all that i could hear
or the beauty that it held
in a single tear
i had no idea what love was
until love disappeared

i had no idea what love would take
until it was gone
took apart this wanting heart
left behind this weary soul
would i have let it get this far
if only i had known
i had no idea what love would take
until love was gone
My heart can't beat for anyone but you.
Which is why I seem to lose interest in everyone else.
 Dec 2018 Austin Ryskamp
 Dec 2018 Austin Ryskamp
Why do you come here small bird?
I have no food for you,
you trust me, with all of your feathery innocence.
yet still, you do not understand.
I am broke.
and a bird too.
 Dec 2018 Austin Ryskamp
i like it when
i force the wet out of your burning eyes

i like it when
your soul breaks at the sleight of my hand

i like it when
your smile fades away from your beautiful face

i like it when
you throw yourself at me so desperately

i like it when
you miss me like i miss feeling you
beneath my fingers
underneath my weight
behind the curtain
coughing up love
bleeding out care
and screaming with happiness

i like it when
we play hide and seek
and when i leave
you never know where to find me
maybe i'm at the bar
maybe i'm making you jealous
maybe i'm making love

maybe i'm delusional
maybe i'm irrational
maybe i'm weird
maybe i'm scary
or maybe this is what you call love
 Dec 2018 Austin Ryskamp
 Dec 2018 Austin Ryskamp
Where did all
the light go?

Sizzled out
of sight—
the sunshine
left me alone tonight.
 Dec 2018 Austin Ryskamp
eye contact and a smile
it’s where those beautiful connections begin...
 Dec 2018 Austin Ryskamp
I care too much.
About what you say,
It keeps me up night and day.

I love way too much.
I keep giving to you,
But your gifts to me are few.

I think way too much.
All the loud thoughts,
In my brain tying knots.

I want too much.
For your attention,
For your praise and consideration.
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