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It flies amongst the stars.
Flashes for a moment.
Despite the left scars.
Holds a place close, yet far.

It carries the fallen.
From mistaken paths.
To reaches impossible.
And develops new plans.

It creates new countries.
Raises dead soldiers.
Stamps unsung heroes.
With a feeling of free.

Hear its silent sound.
Open up your eyes.
Place it in your heart.
Elevate from the ground.

It helps us climb.
Better than rope.
Do you see its shape?
It is hope.

of the grea-
test wonders,
You will ever see,
Is a leaf falling while*
L o o k i ng  so  a l i v e,
W h e r e  the  o n l y
re a s o n they
d i e on that
I s

Dumping poems #latepost1
sorry to my unknown lover
sorry that I can't believe
that anybody ever really
starts to fall inlove with me.....
Sorry by Halsey.. such a sad song..
For you.. sorry that I am too blind..
Put a child lock
on the liquor cabinets,
and fasten me
to your kitchen sink.

Watch me drift slowly down the drain.

Watch shattered wine glass
stick between fragments of me
in the garbage disposal blades.

Watch broken sentences
arch over our faulty plumbing lines.

Watch pieces of you stick strictly to silver spoons.

Take the skin of your Cuban
and roll a noose around my neck
to yank the blaze from my throat
into the bile of my slip-ups
that pool on the kitchen floor
from an unattached pipe
that just can’t seem to keep
her pretty little mouth shut.

******* my thoughts from behind
and throw plates at the walls
of my shoulder blades
when you need to hear the question again
because it doesn’t matter what she thinks
if her face is nothing but
a cracked serving platter.

Force your hands
onto the authority of my hipbones.

Pierce your wedding ring
through my belly button for safekeeping.

Decorate my body
with super glue
so your words can stick to me.

Sort me in
with the pots and pans
so your voice
doesn’t have to clang against
my eardrums anymore.

Reorganize me
again and again
until you can’t wash the stain
out of my bottom lip anymore.

Pour me a drink
while I drip Taps into the sink
because when I realize
water isn’t strong enough
to make me forget how blood
runs so much thicker over my skin,
tears begin to slip so easily off my eyelashes.

Let my death
be a pail
brimmed with ex-lovers’
cries for attention.

Let me kick the bucket
this time
when they begin to drown out
the sound of my own.

Let me be a reminder
that not all channels
you lose yourself down
have to be man made.
 Mar 2017 Tulip Chowdhury
We start from nothing
And spring from dreams
Reaching through dimensions
And time.
I stand like a rock
Rooted to the earth beneath my feet
Know this place
Own this space
Whilst possessing nothing at all
Still I fly
Pondering reality
Dreaming with clarity
Knowing only
Love survives all.
 Feb 2017 Tulip Chowdhury
take*  this  to  heart  my  dear  valentine
'twas  ­never  meant  to  be  foreverly  mine
the  last  petal  fell
your  footprints  left  mine  

a  love   story  told  but  which  I'll  never  tell
hugs  in  mugs  have  now  grown  cold
a  cut  was  made  along  the  grape  vine  
th­is  love  story  that  will  never  be  told

it's  taken  my  heart  my  dear  valentine

win­e  glasses  were  drained  to  my  dearest  valenti­ne
a  sparkling  champagne  celebrated  that  time
sherry  go  round
whisk  it  away
now  cham-pain  drain  these  veins  of  mine
I  could  not  read  between  the  lines  anyway­

time  soothed  this  heart  now,  dear  valentine­
memories  have  spoken
it's  time  to  be  fine

take  this  to  heart  in  the  mean time
a  spirit  once  broken,  but  did  not  di­e
my  bittersweet  wine  now  petals  of  rosé

tim­e's  given  back  my  heart,  *valentine.
Snow covered ground
Fading under the sun,
Bare branches of nostalgic summer
Gazing at the still dark creek;
The earth breathe quietly
Burning fire at its core,
Making love like never before
To the teasing mistress of Spring.
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