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Tulip Chowdhury Aug 2018
From me to you
and from you to me
it's only three words
that we need to say,
just THREE words
you know,
to make dreams come true.

Or is it really,
that simple to say,
" I love you!"

Why do we talk all day
but could not say,
those three words anyway?

Come tomorrow,
shall we try?
Tulip Chowdhury Nov 2017
Birth comes through warmth
as love is born amid feelings intense
and rain's source is in the evaporation
babies emerge from the warmth of wombs
while a seed germinates in a certain temperature.

And if death be cold,
is rain the death of water drops
rising out of the sea
and love is dies
when our feelings freeze?
Tulip Chowdhury Nov 2017
It's me, the real me you know
that I wish you would see
the psyche that stands before you
beyond attires of worldly need,
it's there only when you can see
really see you know.

Would the world a lesser chaos be
if we saw, really saw you know
what prevails beyond
all that allure us so?

What all that means really simple
you know
it's acknowledging the truth
for what is
beyond the colors of greed.

The soil gives life
to seeds that seek light
from deep within
I have found peace
in the eternity of my being
hold my hand, will you please?
Tulip Chowdhury Oct 2017
This darknes
can’t be lit
by sunlight, moon
of 100 wts or more.

I’m lost
walking blindly
stumbling, falling,
waiting for you
to hold my hand
and lead the way.

The darkness
in my being
can only be lit
by the one
holding my dreams.
Tulip Chowdhury Sep 2017
I am no fleshy being,
no blood or veins have I,
am light or energy,
like all living things.

The core of Earth
***** me in,
I'm hurling down, down,
no rocks or soil
stop me
till I touch the crust
the core
the lava and
then up I go
spit like volcanic fire,
high, higher
up till the sun,
moon and stars
take me in
and then I spread
as a light
another living being
in the infinity of the sky.

Thus, I exist
beyond a physical  being,
try to feel me
with the wind.
Tulip Chowdhury Aug 2017
It's alright to say, 'I can't'

I can't stop crying
reserved emotions
are like piles of snow
covering mountains
from top to bottom.

I can't hold back,
frozen tears will fall
like an avalanche
bearing my sorrows,
right now!
Not tomorrow.

I can't hold on
let me cry.
Tulip Chowdhury Jul 2017
Waves rushing towards the shore
big, bigger, high, higher
wanting to take over
what's coming
and suddenly
breaking into surf
giving in
to what waits
on the shore,

wind rising
growing stronger
raging, destructive,
like a mad man
hammering head
on a wall
but when over
giving up to
to the calmness
of  the summer day.

with the wind
and the sea
I am running
fast, faster,
know not
when I will fall
buckle down
to the ground
to end my flight
for once and all.
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