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Polar May 13
We refuse his coin
Only favour will do
We wear suits now
Not rags of old
Evolved as we are
We wear our scars
And walk with pride
With revolution
We defy
Polar Jan 2022
We are but moments in time,
Atoms smashed together.
Formed into transient alliance,
Only to part then reform
Into an endless cycle of renewal.

We survive
Creating memories as we go.
Briefly touching and connecting
With others.

In cognizance of this
All meetings have meaning.

As we smash our way through life,
It’s imperative we connect
And make some sparks

Before we fade away...
Slide into the dark.
Polar Jan 2021
She questions
All seeing and feeling
With hope for a future
She fights alone
And weeps in silence

We should listen

Deeply wounded she fights on
As parts of her die
Her vision never leaves the sky
Staring towards the heavens
With a prayer on her breath and resolve slowly weakening

We begin to hear

Small acts become large bolstered by numbers
She finds breaths become easier
Only as we fight for her soul
Can the world become whole
Polar Jan 2021
In the hilltop forest
They swirl, dance
Lost to the music
Lost to themselves
It resides…
They still to listen…
Feeling as much as hearing
Howls, calls and coos
In a pulse the music returns
And the world goes dark
Twitching violently they hit the floor as one
Speaking in tongues
Harsh messages are heard, absorbed
Then silence followed by subdued light
All that remains is the omen
With kindness only we survive
Polar Jun 2020
We lay together viewing city lights dance

Against starry skies

Illumination only we see.

Shades of people pass by

As night chill prickles skin.

Interlopers hiding in shadow we cling

Weighted by it's gravity.

Brought back to each other

As light begins to play with shadow

Loving in the dark we feel most free.
Polar Mar 2020
'Those the Gods love
They must first destroy"
Euripides 5th Century B.C.

Never fear as shadows draw near
Those who sit through the night are first to see the dawn.
let the warmth and light of morning wash over you
As the darkness of night passes
Let the song of the universe soothe your soul
And the memories you created
Be left as a gift
Let the beauty of your life
Be carried into spiritual immortality
And part of the essence of you be retained within me
Peace be yours forever
Polar Mar 2020
We step into existence from beyond the veil
With our fate stamped upon our souls.
Marking distinctions between science and faith
We find ourselves advancing through the cycle of life.
The Leapster or Leap Year baby
Shares a joke with the cosmos
Flouting our concept of time
To be born within times eternal spring
In life's cycle of ever green
We look to the stars
In order to be seen.
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