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Tahiya Nuzhat Jul 2018
Grey areas so vivid
Black and white of buried lies;
Convictions so frail, faith so faded,
Its a blunt sword-
A duet of silent lullabies.
Tahiya Nuzhat Nov 2017
Strength and vulnerability goes hand in hand
Yet so little do we understand.
So awkward is our disposition towards love,
So assertive we are to claim our pain,
The hand that gives is the hand that takes-
How do I judge the sky I lay under
When it holds both the sun and the thunder?
Tahiya Nuzhat Aug 2017
Give me a howler
A scream, a shout or a whisper

This stillness that binds the sky
Break it down, and let it thunder
Why is the water so still?

Yet you feel the hurricane
Underneath it all
Underneath it all.
Tahiya Nuzhat Aug 2017
The moon spoke through its light
You know not that which you do not see,
Don't resist the darkness of uncertainty
Let go of your fears and embrace me.
Tahiya Nuzhat Jul 2017
May be I am searching for magic
In the sky
In the places
In the faces -
Dang it I will not only survive
I will thrive!
I will reset my DNA
For the love of my daughter to come,
I will release my preconceived notions
And build a better world for my son.
And even if my open wings can only cover my nest
They will carry a Kingdom within
Where doubts had no place,
And fears have been put to rest.

And if so shall happens, that the ghost of uncertainty returns
They will know how to swim,
They will know how to fly -
**** it they will not only survive, they will thrive!
Tahiya Nuzhat May 2017

There is a space within pain -
She saw it as a sacred gain,
To hold on to that which is gone
Inside that space she remained.

Through pain the past was still present
Through that space, she denied death of those moments
Moments that carried parts of her heart.
Pain meant connection and continuation
And  a hope of preservation
Of a chord that has been cut.

Within the space of pain, she felt alive.
Tahiya Nuzhat Feb 2017
Snow covered ground
Fading under the sun,
Bare branches of nostalgic summer
Gazing at the still dark creek;
The earth breathe quietly
Burning fire at its core,
Making love like never before
To the teasing mistress of Spring.
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