Love isn't supposed to be reciprocated,
But I want a love that is. . .

Is it too much to ask for?
I've always said that being in a relationship is not because you have reached a certain age, it is because you have found the one worth spending every second of your life with. .
And for me, love that isn't given back to you is a love not given by you.

I told myself:

" I need to make this man a poem. "

So here I am, reminiscing an ordinary day. . .

I was one of those,
Who do not care:
University political parties, campaigns
And all the blabbers they make
Scripted promises turned
Public speaking competitions,
And yeah, i t   i s   h e l l !
But that day I heard a voice so deep,
E  c  h  o  i  n g   in space,
pounding through my brain. .
One of the clearest voices
I've ever heard, there he is
Standing for campaign.
And my wrong, he's full of vision
and selfless cause, giving my belief
a  s p e c  i al   e x cl u si o n.

A year has passed, with ordinary days
Lurking by. .

He transferred in our block,
From there I thought:

" I would want to know
              this person more. ."

There was no love, I'm sure.
But there is a jolt of mystery
On his face I'd die to solve.
I exerted  n o   e f f o r t,
but my curiosity is pulling strings,
I got to know him better.

One of the most well-rounded person
I've ever known,
Oozing with confidence
In everything he do.
His  ph il o so p h i e s
deserves a trophy too!
He is someone that
I would want to be
If I were a man, that I am sure!

We competed in a class debate, I won.
And there I thought,
That my achievement is worth
a  no b e l   p r i c e
worth the sought.

There is no love, but there is
f or e v e r    ad m i ra t i on.
To the voice which is not
just a perfect tone,
But has the best echo that deserves
a   w o r l d   c a l l .

There is consistency,
There is substance. .
The only thing I hope for is
May his beliefs not eat him
Coz too much meaning,
Brings sadness on his face.
A face which looks like
He discovered a problem
O u t   o f    w a y s,
Like cancer on its very last stage.
His wits are too powerful,
I see it killing his happiness.

So I wish him the same things I wish for myself:

To think less of what others deem
as   n o n s e n s e .

This is an unpolished poem, Ill get back to this when I have more time.

This is dedicated to a not so close friend.
Who I'm speechless for. This poem is not in anyway romantic, .

He actually won the stud council elections in our college as the VP.

I am broken into
f  i  s  h  e  s.

It sent water
Gushing down
My  c h e e k s
Lacks integrity:
A loved one
Being kidnapped. .
Taken away in an
E n v e l o p e,
And I can't remember how
I am crying
Over a paper.

Yeah, my love one was kidnapped in my dream. And I cant understand how a love one could be a paper I'm crying all over for. A human paper? -_-

This drean is from a minute ago

D r  e  a  m  i  n  g
We immerse ourselves,
In different reality,
And we wake up not knowing
If we already did.

Right now, i just woke up.

I have memorized
the sound of your mind,
And it's like mine.
What a  t r a g i c  sight,
We're totally alike

Dumping poems #latepost2

of the grea-
test wonders,
You will ever see,
Is a leaf falling while
L o o k i ng  so  a l i v e,
W h e r e  the  o n l y
re a s o n they
d i e on that
I s


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