I am broken into
f  i  s  h  e  s.

It sent water
Gushing down
My  c h e e k s
Lacks integrity:
A loved one
Being kidnapped. .
Taken away in an
E n v e l o p e,
And I can't remember how
I am crying
Over a paper.

Yeah, my love one was kidnapped in my dream. And I cant understand how a love one could be a paper I'm crying all over for. A human paper? -_-

This drean is from a minute ago

D r  e  a  m  i  n  g
We immerse ourselves,
In different reality,
And we wake up not knowing
If we already did.

Right now, i just woke up.

I have memorized
the sound of your mind,
And it's like mine.
What a  t r a g i c  sight,
We're totally alike

Dumping poems #latepost2

of the grea-
test wonders,
You will ever see,
Is a leaf falling while
L o o k i ng  so  a l i v e,
W h e r e  the  o n l y
re a s o n they
d i e on that
I s


Dumping poems #latepost1

E v e r y d a y
I open my eyes
There are alot of things
I want to say,
Words left unsaid,
Deepest secrets,
Beyond regrets. .

But with every thought,
It seems to choke,
My voice is buried,
Deep down this earth.
I might be thinking
Of the wrong person:

A p p r e c i a t i v e  but
U n d e s e r v i n g

I might be making
the same mistakes again. .

And those words so precious,
Will just  d i e   on   a i  r ,
Then, I might lose the will
To spell it again,
To the right person,
Who's not here
Y e t .

Messy construction hehe

A      s t ro n g   g r i p
Will   s u r e ly   h u r t. .

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