My heart almost fell
Between the  g a p s  of our fingers.

What we pursue in life,
Is definitely two worlds  a p a r t .

It is what you do that I admire.
Those digital art,
Those vivid sketches
Transpiring before my eyes. .

Thats why I said:
It "a l m o s t " fell.

But I caught it when they said,
You are someone who prefer
Grinder, over Tinder.

Then, *Will you be my bestie?

This is a story of a girl
Who likes to sketch
Who saw someone do it better
Oh no, let's term it "best".

This is a story of a girl
Who works very hard..
Who saw someone do the same
He even sleeps later than she can!

This is a story of a girl
who likes someone else
Who thought she can never notice other else
But eventually she did. .

And eventually she failed.

This is a story of a girl.

I said:

          Love is without  e g o  . .
   but it comes with  s e l f   r e s p e c t.

And so, I said it.  
Just to defend my ego. .
We are but the same,
So do not weep
Even a single tear,
Or a single sigh
We'll just call it  " q u i t s "

This is not love, indeed.

Eternal Threshold Dec 2016

I close my eyes,

I     s e e    y o u
But I need to open them,
Coz that's what living
Is all about,

Y o u
L e a v i n g

I guess you re my leaving being
4 11 2016
Eternal Threshold Dec 2016

Have you tried to exist
With a twist?
A little garlic
and some cheese?

I call it
G a r l i c  P a r m e s a n
Chicken Wings!

Eternal Threshold Dec 2016

I'll give you the letters
For all the seasons
Not spent together
Coz my heart found you
Long, long ago
When I started to beleive
That soulmates exist.

Mar 13 2016
Eternal Threshold Dec 2016

All for democracy. .
W e  f o u g h t
History has turned its records
Blood spilt on every pages.
Journey long forgotten. . .

All for democracy!
Majority wins. .
So when majority is wrong,

Eternal Threshold Dec 2016

Are   m o r e   c o l o r f u l
When painted on your lips,
My little darling!
I'll show you how
To make the world blossom w/ dandelions
With a  g e n t l e   k i s s !
I'll teach you how to send it flying,
To reach boundaries,
Not even spaceships can reach.
I'll give you millions of it,
C o u n t l e s s   as the stars,
Lasting like the skies.

As years leap in harmony,
Those lips, will sing
Music not even heard of.
But I will keep it in tune.
Make it a curve
Like a  s m i l i n g  m o o n !
I'll make it as many as
Your favorite gumball machine.
Cause I will be your witness
And I shall  n e v e r  f o r g e t
Those lips
That called me in a name
I'll die to  p r o t e c t . .

I write this for my friend and her daughter
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