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Sasha Scarr Jan 2019
Not to die, but to reclaim life?
That's punk rock as ****!

What about your loved ones?
NO! What about YOU?
What do you do for YOU?

You can beat this, but what if you don't want to?
It gets better, but what if that doesn't concern you?

You never asked to be conceived, and born, they can't respect your autonomy.
I'd **** myself before any man, any judgement or any disease.

I never decided how or when I would be born, but someday, I WILL decide how I die.

Suicide is punk rock, because you ARE your own god.
Sasha Scarr Jan 2019
I was young when you attacked.
Young and hopeful, taken aback.
You told me I would die like you, and do things I'm not meant to do.
Then, I couldn't comprehend, why you'd meet your untimely end.
Inside me it began to stir, strange things I suddenly remembered.
Another me? From a different time? Or maybe later down the line?
I was calm, and I was fierce.
Goodbyes were often insincere.
I left my wife  and child behind.
Because of this, they would die.
I was torn, but I was free.
They had not known what happened to me.
I was less than they deserved.
A conjecture, but still, ahead of the curve.
So I went on to see you again, I wonder what this visit contends?
I enter without warning, but here you are, prepared for me!
Your friend who stood behind the door, I dealt to him the killing blow.
I then began to feel regret, but wait! I haven't finished yet!
I wrap my hands around your neck, there and then I felt content.
A soul can't leave your lifeless shell, omega on your way to hell.
If I could watch you die again, I'll do it from my ink and pen.
Sasha Scarr Jun 2018
Take her body, squander her soul.
**** her mind, remove her control.
Take her eyes, so she cannot see.
Take her voice so she cannot speak.
Burn what little hope she has.
Take her peace, they'll remember her as: crazy, chaotic, ******, pyschotic, foreign, and mystic...
Despite how she fought it.

Corrupt her memories, pervert her art.
Take all she has left, and rip it apart.

When she's gone, tell the world how you loved her, but not how you hated, berated and destroyed her.
Sasha Scarr Jan 2018
I've never hated one as much, as I thought I hated you.
For all that wicked **** you did, and hell you put me through.
I snuck into your room one night, and tried to take your life,
but then I lost my way and then I ******* dropped the knife.

I don't know how I'm feeling now, I don't know what I think.
I want to watch you die here, but instead I'll have a drink.
When my head is filled with fog, maybe I'll try it then?
Or will I lose my nerve, and just **** it up again?

I saw you when you woke up and you looked and smiled at me.
But I still ******* hate you and I want to watch you bleed.

But worst of all, I hate myself because I love you too.
Even after all that hell you ******* put me through.
Sasha Scarr Jan 2018
The last time we met, we gave the worst goodbyes.
I told you terrible things and watched hatred grow in your eyes.
When I began to make amends you were out of reach,
I began to panic, a connection I beseech.

Untimely was your death, unruly were my words.
After so much time, who would've known it would still hurt?

I don't believe in Heaven, but did you die at peace?
Forever will I live my life, asking "Kim, do you still hate me?"
Sasha Scarr Dec 2013
What I can't say to anyone, I've always said to you.
Through rivers of uncertainty, we're always swimming through.
Sometimes when I don't feel alright, and feel I want to die,
you give me every reason why I should still be alive.
Sasha Scarr Sep 2013
Each word she speaks,  lives filled with emotion.
Her body moves, like the flow of the ocean.
A shape which fits her character so.
Her eyes that glisten, all richly aglow.

With her hair so smooth and lips so soft.
It isn't what moves her up to the  top.
The top of the pyramid of lovers.
Who all (at a time) once loved each other.

Inside her, is a love that could never die.
With passion, ***, & fiery eyes.
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