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Michelle May 2020
Sorry, Momma,
I am not coming home tonight.
Not to my wife,
Not to my kids,
Not to the love of life that I hid
In my bedside drawer.

Sorry, Momma,
I am not coming home tonight.
Not to the sun,
Not to the moon,
Not to birds calling morning so soon.

Sorry, Momma,
I am not coming home tonight.
I was shot,
In the spot,
Where the sun meets the ground.
I was homeward bound.
But I am not returning to you,
I am not returning home-
Michelle May 2020
I was so in love
So in love love love
Love falling out of
The emptiness inside my fingers
and chest.
Love in the very fabric of the shirt I wore.
Because I thought it would be...
I was so in love.
Love love love.

"Why are you so cold?"
"because I gave all of my warmth to you, Bee. To you."
Michelle May 2020
Our goal
was to end up together.

I guess the mountain
proved too high for us.
In seven years I will return to you.
In seven years, I shall complain.
Of all the things I thought in vain.
Michelle May 2020
He liked pringles.
So she thought that it would go
Straight to his heart.
What? What is this paper? Maaan, I just wanted pringles.
I see now.
Michelle May 2020
I thought it was over.
But with a big heave,
My internal sailors pull at the intestinal sail
Trying to right the ship.
Gravity becomes stronger
Down down down
I'm over over over.

                         Make it stop.
Man, I am so sorry about this. I hope you can forgive me.
Michelle May 2020
Then I would be the devil
You created.
When you taste me,
I remind you of home.
You used to be to be a devil? Ugh no wonder you're hanging out with me in the middle ****-broken Tennessee.
Michelle May 2020
but mostly sour
i let my heart become tamarind
to protect myself from you.
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